Moving Montreal-New Brunswick

Moving from Montreal to New Brunswick – Competent movers at affordable prices

Are you considering a move between these regions? Our team of professional movers is here to support you at every stage of your transition.

At Moving Demelina, we place particular importance on customer satisfaction, as evidenced by numerous positive testimonials we have received over the years. It is thanks to our dedicated team of qualified movers, carefully selected for their experience and professionalism, that we can guarantee the success of your local and long-distance moves.

We also provide you with complete, quality moving equipment while ensuring competitive prices.

Our range of services is designed to meet all your moving needs. Whether you require a turnkey service, personalized packaging, or the transportation of valuable items such as pianos or safes, we have the expertise to accommodate your requirements.

If you are a professional considering moving your business to Montreal or another city in New Brunswick, know that we specialize in commercial moves. We can transport your machines and equipment quickly and safely, even at the last minute.

At Moving Demelina, we are proud of our history as a reputable moving company. We have evolved over the years to become a leader in our industry, thanks to our commitment to excellent customer service and adherence to the highest standards.

Complete moving services in New Brunswick

Moving New-Brunswick

We are a registered and insured company specializing in complete or partial moves between New-Brunswick and the cities of Montreal or Quebec. Our range of moving services is extensive and includes:

All our moving services include packing/unpacking of goods, transportation, as well as furniture dismantling/reassembly.

Pricing for moving from Montreal to New Brunswick

When considering a move to New Brunswick, it is natural to first consider the cost of the move. As you know, the price varies depending on several factors, including:

  1. The distance between the start and end addresses.
  2. The volume of goods to be transported.
  3. The number of floors involved (with or without elevator).
  4. The moving options offered, such as group moving, packing/unpacking, assembly by movers, etc.
Moving New-Brunswick

Best long distance moving price for the most important destinations in New Brunswick

DestinationMoving PriceDistance
Moving from Montreal to Moncton2500$-4000$1000 km
Moving from Montreal to Fredericton2200$-3000$840 km
Moving from Montreal to Saint-John2300$-3500$916 km
Moving price from Montreal to Edmundston2500$-3000$558km
Moving cost from Montreal to Dieppe 4500$-5500$1001km
Montreal moving price to Bathurst4000$-5500$803km
Moving cost from Montreal to Campbellton4000$-5000$755km
Moving price from Montreal – Sackville4800$-6000$1044km
Moving cost from Montreal to Woodstock2700$-3500$674km
Moving from Montreal to Miramichi4000$-5500$829km
Moving price from Montreal to Tracadie-Sheila4250$-5700$877km
Moving from Montreal to Oromocto4200$-5500$842km
Movers from Montreal to Shediac4550$-5600$1022km
Moving cost from Montreal to Acadian Peninsula4200$-5500$850km
Moving cost from Montreal to Kings Rural District4500$-5500$958km
Movers from Montreal to St Stephen2700$-3400$625km

We can provide you with pricing estimates. However, we strongly recommend that you contact us to obtain an accurate quote for your move to New Brunswick.

Economical moving from Montreal to New Brunswick

For an economical move from Montreal to New Brunswick, here are some tips to reduce your costs:

Early planning:

Plan your move with enough time to avoid last-minute costs. Book our professional movers as soon as the date is confirmed.

Lighten your load:

Before moving, sort your belongings and keep only what you truly need. Fewer items to transport means lower moving costs.

Pack yourself:

If you have the time and skills, consider packing your belongings yourself. This can reduce costs compared to professional packaging.

Use free cardboard:

Look for free boxes from supermarkets, stores or online sources. This can save you from buying new boxes.

Choose the right period:

Long distance moving costs may vary depending on the season. If possible, plan your move during less busy times to get better rates.

Help with loading/unloading:

If you are able to assist with loading and unloading your belongings, it can reduce the total cost of the long-distance move.

Explore bundling options:

If you have a small amount of belongings to move over a long distance, consider sharing a moving truck with other customers to reduce costs.

Proper insurance:

Ensure you have appropriate insurance coverage for your belongings during the move. This can prevent unexpected costs in case of damage.

By following these tips, you can save money while ensuring an efficient move from Montreal to New Brunswick.


We hope that our information on moving between Montreal and New Brunswick has been useful to you. Regardless of your situation, whether you are planning to move your home or business from Montreal to destinations such as Moncton, Fredericton, or Saint-John, we are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you have specific needs such as packing, moving pianos, pool tables, safes, or moving pallets, you can have complete confidence in Moving Demelina.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a free, no-obligation quote or to discuss your specific moving needs. Our goal is to make the transition simple for you, ensuring your move is hassle-free and stress-free. The trust you place in us is precious, and we constantly strive to earn it at every stage of your move.