Moving Montreal – New Brunswick – Reliable movers in 2022

Moving from Montreal to New Brunswick

Are you planning to move to New Brunswick or from N.B. to Montreal?

Our team of professional movers will be happy to help you at all stages of your moving.

Demelina movers are chosen with care based on their experience in moving and the quality of the services they offer. You can therefore give them complete confidence and be sure that your move will be a success.

If you are a professional and planning to move your business to Montreal or another city in New Brunswick, we suggest you to contact us as we are a moving company specializing in commercial moving. We transport your machinery and equipment at the last minute if needed, just as quickly and safely.

Moving New-Brunswick

Complete moving services from Montreal to New Brunswick

We are a registered and insured moving company that organizes full or partial movings to New Brunswick or from N.B. to any other city of Montreal or Quebec. We also offer a wide range of moving services, such as: residential moving, elderly moving, student moving, last minute moving, billiard moving, piano moving, and all heavy object moving, as well as assembly of all types of furniture and appliances. All moving services also include packing / unpacking of goods, their transport and dismantling / reassembly of furniture.

• Benefit from a complete and good quality moving equipment as well as competitive prices.

• Take advantage of tailor-made moving solutions and turnkey packages tailored to your needs.

Because the goal of Demelina moving movers is the complete satisfaction of its customers.

The price of moving from Montreal to New Brunswick

To move to New Brunswick, it is very fair that you are primarily interested in the price of the moving. As you know, the price varies depending on some factors. Those are:

  1. distance between the addresses
  2. volume of goods to be transported
  3. number of floors (with or without elevator)
  4. moving options (group moving / grouping, packing / unpacking and assembly by the mover, etc.).
Moving New-Brunswick

Best price for long distance moving to the most important destinations in New Brunswick

Moving from Montreal to Moncton2500$-4000$1000 km
Moving from Montreal to Fredericton2200$-3000$840 km
Moving from Montreal to Saint-John2300$-3500$916 km

What we offer you are only price estimates. We recommend that you contact us for a more precise rate for a moving to New Brunswick.

For an economical moving Montreal-New Brunswick

Try to take different initiatives to minimize the cost of your moving. Especially:

• Book the professional mover as soon as you have confirmed the moving date. This way, you won’t get a high rate like a last minute moving.

• Try to sort the goods so that you have with you only the things you need. The less you carry, the less you pay for the moving.

Here is a first step that you have successfully taken. We hope this information has helped you, or who knows, maybe it has disturbed you more? Whatever situation you find yourself in, you can 100% count on Demelina moving to accompany you throughout your moving to New Brunswick.

For a moving without stress or fear, trust our professionals. We assure you that you will not regret it, and that you will recommend your experience to others around you.

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