Moving Montreal – Gatineau – Long Distance Moving

Demelina Moving Montreal-Gatineau is a company with undisputed experience in moving, accumulated over 11 years of activity. Our success is mainly due to our involvement in training teams of movers. Secondly, thanks to our investments in professional and quality moving equipment.

In order to make your moving from Montreal to Gatineau or from Gatineau to Montreal a success without the slightest accident, we advise you to call on our expert movers in all types of moving. Whether it is a simple delivery, a residential or commercial moving or a moving of heavy objects, you will benefit from a moving service with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Mover Montreal to Gatineau at the best price

Our moving company trains dozens of movers every year. The purpose of training a mover is to provide each customer with the safest and most professional moving services in Montreal and across Quebec and Ontario. And also to protect the furniture and personal belongings of customers.

The sincerity, dedication and professionalism of Demelina’s movers make it possible to serve thousands of customers annually. They offer them a wide range of services:

  • Residential and commercial moving services in Montreal, Laval, Brossard, Longueuil, etc.
  • Local and long distance moving services, everywhere in Quebec and Ontario.
  • Assembly of furniture and desks.
  • Short or long term safe storage.
Moving Montreal-Gatineau

By calling our movers, you will get:

  • Free estimate and advice
  • Personalized moving service
  • Well-organized moving
  • Competitive price
  • Moving specials
  • Quality equipment

Residential moving to Gatineau

We know that every Montreal-Gatineau residential moving or any other type of moving is unique. That’s why we try to meet your every need. From packing items and dismantling furniture, to unpacking and rearranging, we will professionally take care of all stages of your home moving. Besides the fact that we will offer you all the support you need, the best and transparent price will win you over. Whatever your new destination in Quebec, we have the technology and equipment to move even a piano or a safe to the 14th floor of the building. Our movers pay attention to every detail, from loading into the truck to protecting the walls, doors or floor.

Demelina Moving guarantees the quality of the services offered.

Commercial moving from Montreal to Gatineau

Demelina Moving faces all the challenges even in the case of large-scale relocations. For example, for businesses in Montreal or Gatineau, clinics (medical equipment), restaurants, daycares, schools, gyms or industrial moving. Precisely because of the experience acquired during the activity, our team has the qualification and training in the field of these types of moving.

Depending on the complexity of the moving operation, we provide our customers with moving equipment, such as: dollies, hand trucks, trolleys for heavy machinery, but also other devices and machines such as cranes, forklifts.

Any commercial moving is sometimes a difficult and stressful process that can disrupt normal business operations.

This is why our goal is to complete the moving quickly so that employees and the company can resume their regular work schedule as soon as possible.

Note that industrial moving is not included in the standard prices, so for a free quote, please contact us.

Moving Montreal-Gatineau

Moving price from Montreal to Gatineau

Indeed, our company offers reasonable prices respecting the budget of each client.

It should be noted that the price of a moving from Montreal to Gatineau is influenced by certain factors. For example: the volume of things to be moved, the floors at the departure address and at the arrival address, the distance between the truck and the house, the number of movers and the number of furniture to dismantle and reassemble.

The price for a moving from Montreal to Gatineau varies between $950 and $1600. To get an exact price, please contact us and provide as much detail as possible about your long distance moving to Gatineau or Montreal.

Moving price from Montreal to cities neighboring Gatineau

DestinationMoving priceDistance
Moving from Montreal to Chelsea1350$-1600$212km
Moving cost from Montreal to Hawkesbury800$-1200$92km
Moving from Montreal to Prescott 1300$-1500$180km
Moving price from Montreal to Perkins1350$-1550$199km
Moving from Montreal to Val-des-Monts1450$-1700$220km
Moving cost from Montreal to Renfrew1800$-2350$283km
Moving from Montreal to Perth1700$-2200$275km
Moving price from Montreal to Shawville1700$-2200$270km
Professional movers from Montreal to Smiths Falls1500$-1700$234km
Best movers from Montreal to Saint-André-Avellin1000$-1500$142km
Cheap moving from Montreal to Papineauville1000$-1500$140km
Professional movers from Montreal to Arnprior 1500$-2000$255km
Best movers from Montreal to Carleton Place1400$-1850$242km
Cheap moving from Montreal to Casselman1000$-1400$139km

Save money for a moving from Montreal to Gatineau

A long distance moving can be expensive. We want to give you some tips to reduce the price of the moving.

1. Choose your moving date carefully

The price of a moving is not the same every day and every month of the year. Also, it is not always possible to choose the date of the moving that suits us.

If you have the ability to be flexible, you could save some money.

Indeed, the price of the moving can be lower between the months of September and May.

June and July are very busy months and fill up quite quickly. Prices are therefore higher during this period.

2. Ask your family and friends for help

One of the biggest ways to save money on a long distance moving is to do some or all of it yourself and with the help of family and friends. Since packing things is a big part of the bill, why not do it yourself or with the help of family?

You can let the movers pack and transport heavy and fragile items. You can also take care of dismantling and reassembling furniture. But be aware that if you do the packing yourself then our movers will not be responsible for any breakage except in the event of an accident caused by them.

3. Move only the things you really need

A moving is the perfect opportunity to do a good cleaning and get rid of all the things you no longer use. Lots of people transport everything to the new address and then they start throwing things away.

Sorting before the moving saves you from paying for unnecessary moving hours. You can even earn extra money by selling things.

4. Find free moving boxes

Some stores throw away boxes and other wrapping paper. Try to collect them. This will allow you to pack your things without buying boxes or protective gear.

This way you will reuse and the planet will thank you.

You can also save money by using your suitcases or plastic storage bins.

Demelina Moving is the perfect solution for your moving to Montreal or anywhere in Quebec and Ontario.

Request a free quote now or contact us at 438-989-8639.