Last minute moving services in Montreal

Emergency moves – Local and long-distance

There are many different situations that can lead to an urgent moving that we were not prepared for. So, stress will also appear. Therefore, it is necessary to turn to professionals. You will be more psychologically calm which is very important to resume all activities. A professional mover will be able to organize and carry out your moving quickly and in the best conditions thanks to the knowledge and habits in this situation!

Movers for a last-minute moving anywhere in Quebec

Whether you are in Montreal or Laval (including South Shore, North Shore and Laurentides), Déménagement Montreal Demelina has the solution for your last minute moving. We are specialized in urgent moving interventions. Also, we are always available for customers and we tend to meet all their expectations 7 days a week. You can entrust your goods to our professional movers, while benefiting from the best quality-price ratio.

Please note that all moving services apply to last minute movings. Especially :

More importantly, we have teams of young movers who are well balanced between experience, handling and physical abilities. In addition, we assure you that you will have the best service with the best movers.

In conclusion, they will offer you very professional service at very affordable prices.

Same day emergency moving price

The estimate of the price of an emergency moving is based on several factors:

  • Floor where the address is located
  • Distance between the starting address and the destination address
  • Time of the year of your moving
  • Quantity of objects to be transported
  • Type of services requested (economic or turnkey).

Prices are also obviously influenced by the amount of work the movers have to do, including packing, disassembling and assembling furniture.

All-inclusive last-minute moving company

Last minute moving

We provide the client with the highest quality moving equipment: blankets, cart, boxes, mattress bags, bubble wrap, etc.

The same goes for trucks of different sizes: 18, 20, 22 feet which correspond to the trucking industry in Quebec. They are well maintained and disinfected regularly.

In addition, Demelina movers offer you a complete turnkey moving service. This service includes the loading, transport and unloading of all personal effects that arrive immediately at their destination. It should be noted that our services are not limited to the transport of your goods to your new address. We can also organize the technical part of your change of address, or of the office in the case of a commercial moving.

Emergency movers in the greater Montreal area

DestinationPrice for 2 moversPrice for 3 movers
Low price for a last minute move to Laval$105-$125/h$140-$175/h
Price for last minute delivery to Montreal$190-$450$345-$600
Cost for a last minute furniture assembly in Montreal$80/h-$95/h$120-$145/h
Emergency pool table assembly in Montreal$100-$125/h$140-$160/h
Last minute long distance transportation to Montreal$1000-$4500$2400-$6000
Low price for emergency Piano transport$300-$500$450-$900
Last minute movers from Montreal to Toronto$2000-$2500$2750-$3300
Emergency movers for transporting a commercial printer in Montreal$280-$360$420-$600
Loading and unloading emergency containers in Montreal$100-$125/h$140-$175/h
Last minute commercial moving services in Montreal$125-$145/h$150-$175/h
Last minute movers from Montréal to Quebec$1550-$1750$1850-$2400
Emergency move from Montréal to Trois-Rivieres$850-$1200$1450-$1700
Emergency moving from Montréal to Ottawa $1200-$1400$1500-$1700
Emergency moving from Montreal to Sherbrooke$1000-$1300$1350-$1600

Since damage may occur, our company has insurance coverage. Above all, it is a guarantee of a professional and reliable moving.

You don’t have to worry. All you have to do is say all your wishes and they will be strictly observed.

We are at your disposal if you need to install or assemble your residential or commercial office furniture: furniture for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, furniture for the garage and more.

Choose an economical moving, but also a quality one! Avoid unpleasant surprises and hidden costs.


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