Moving price Montreal

Moving price Montreal

Best moving prices in Montreal, South Shore, North Shore

How much does a move in Montreal cost in 2024?

Welcome to our company, where every move is handled with the utmost care and attention it deserves. Our commitment is to provide our customers with affordable local and long-distance moving services in Montreal while upholding the highest standards of quality and safety. Through our continuous improvements, we take pride in being a leader in Montreal moving, offering the best value for money. To discover what our customers say about us, click here.

Are you looking for the best moving price in Montreal, on the South Shore, or the North Shore? You’ve come to the right place. In 2024, we are committed to delivering superior quality services at competitive rates.

But how much does a move in Montreal actually cost in 2024? We’re here to provide you with clear answers and personalized solutions.

Our affordable Montreal movers guarantee you a stress-free experience at an affordable price. Moreover, our prices are among the best in Montreal, with transparency and honesty in our rates. Get a clear and detailed estimate of your moving costs with Demelina Moving, with no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises.

Best moving price for movers in Montreal, Quebec

Are you searching for reliable and affordable Montreal movers? With us, you’ll find the best moving prices and the best services in Montreal. Our competitive prices do not compromise the quality of our service. We are committed to impeccable performance, professionalism, and attention to every detail.

Factors affecting moving prices

The rates of our movers in Montreal, Quebec, in 2024 vary depending on many factors, including:

1.Moving date: Peak demand periods may result in higher rates, while less busy times may offer more affordable prices.

2.Moving package: We offer a variety of packages, from economical moving (where you handle packing and unpacking) to full-service (where our team takes care of everything).

3.Duration of the move: The longer the move takes, the higher the costs may increase due to additional labor expenses.

4.Number of movers required for the move: We adjust our rates based on the number of movers needed to efficiently complete the task.

movers in Montreal
best movers price in Montreal

5.The distance between the departure and destination addresses: Local moves will generally be less expensive than long-distance moves.

6.The quantity and volume of items to be transported: The more items there are to move, the higher the costs may increase due to the need for more labor and materials.

7.The presence of heavy or bulky items: Moving special items may require additional equipment and therefore incur additional costs.

8.The number of floors and the presence of elevators or stairs: Moves to higher floors or without elevators may require more effort and thus increase costs.

On average, a local move in Montreal costs from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on specific circumstances. We recommend requesting a personalized quote to obtain an accurate estimate of costs for your particular situation.

Average hourly rates for moving in Montreal, Quebec, and its surroundings
Moving periodPrice/hour for 2 movers Price/hour for 3 movers
january 1 – may 14105$ – 125$135$ – 160$
may 15 – may 30125$ – 140$140$ – 170$
june 1 – june 20135$ – 150$150$ – 180$
june 21 – june 26140$ – 180$160$ – 195$
june 27 – june 30160$ – 200$220$ – 250$
july 1240$ – 280$320$ – 370$
july 2200$ – 240$250$ – 280$
july 3 – july 5140$ – 160$180$ – 220$
july 6 – december 31105$ – 130$140$ – 160$

For a more precise price estimate for your move, fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request a quote.

How does our time billing work?

Our billing for moves in Montreal is straightforward, transparent, and offers excellent value to our customers. Here’s how it works:

1.Clear hourly rates for the move:

We set clear hourly rates based on the number of movers required for your move. These rates are communicated upfront, with no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises.

2.Accurate time tracking:

We calculate the working time from the arrival of our movers at the departure location to the completion of the move at your new address. This period includes loading and unloading trucks, as well as any additional time required for furniture disassembly and reassembly, if necessary.

best moving rates in Montreal
best rates movers in Montreal
3.Minimum billing:

The minimum billed hours for a move in Montreal are 2 hours. Additionally, additional travel fees equivalent to one hour are also charged if the move takes place in Montreal, on the North Shore, or on the South Shore. This covers the travel expenses of our team to and from the location of your move.

4.Total transparency during the move:

We believe in total transparency when it comes to billing. Before the move, we discuss our rates with you and answer all your questions to ensure a clear understanding of the expected costs. Whether it’s for a few hours or a whole day, our team of movers is here to assist you.

In summary, our time billing for moves in Montreal and throughout the Quebec and Ontario region is based on transparency, accuracy, and quality of service. It’s important to understand our billing terms, including hourly rates, travel fees, and any potential additional charges. We recommend requesting a detailed quote before booking our services to avoid surprises and ensure a good understanding of associated costs.

Fixed-price moving in Montreal, South Shore, North Shore

Our Montreal moving company not only offers hourly rates but also fixed prices.

Hourly rates are tailored to residential, commercial, last-minute moves in Montreal, as well as furniture assembly. Our fixed prices are perfect for long-distance moves and the transportation of heavy items such as pianos, safes, pool tables, and deliveries. Opting for a fixed-price mover ensures peace of mind by avoiding surprise additional fees.

Furthermore, whatever your requirements, we assure you competitive pricing and quality service in Montreal, on the South Shore, the North Shore, or even for long distances. Every move is unique, justifying a tailored approach. We thus offer a variety of pricing options to meet your specific needs.

We offer special discounts for seniors and students move at certain times of the year. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we offer moving solutions tailored to all budgets and situations. With our movers without hidden fees, you can move with confidence.

Fixed moving price in Montreal for different types of services
Fixed price for upright and grand piano moving $350-$900
Professional pool table moving rate $450-$1000
Cost-effective small studio moving $325-$450
Moving price in Montreal for 10 packed boxes $185
Moving statue pricing $225-$450
Fixed price for electric bed moving $340-$500
Competitive fixed rate for marble table moving $280-$450
Fixed price for swing transport $300-$450
Cost for delivering gun safe $260-$400
Fixed price for photocopier moving $300-$450
Moving large printer $300-$450
Affordable fixed price for fireplace moving $280-$450
Competitive price for treadmill transport $280-$400
Affordable rate for spa moving $450-$800
Moving price for furniture, appliances, or pallets delivery in Montreal
Service offeredNumber of moversPrice
Delivery of a bedroom set in Montreal2 movers 240$-380$
Delivery of a sofa in Montreal2 movers 240$-280$
Delivery of 2 appliances in Montreal2 movers 200$-280$
Delivery of 4 appliances in Montreal2 movers 240$-340$
Pallet moving in Montreal1 mover with 20-foot truck 80$-100$/h

These rates are provided as estimates and may vary depending on the difficulty of access to the residence, narrow or very steep stairs, the distance between addresses, and the number of movers. Please note that the mentioned price does not include furniture, object, or appliance installation, assembly, or disassembly.

Every delivery or small move is carried out by professional and qualified movers, with well-equipped trucks ranging from 20 to 22 feet.

When scheduling your move in Montreal or elsewhere with our team, it’s important that you inform us of any unusual items requiring transportation. This will enable us to dispatch competent personnel to handle these items safely on the day of the move.

Furthermore, if you wish to store your belongings temporarily or for a longer period, know that we can offer you storage services in Montreal. The price depends on the size of the warehouse, as well as security and other additional features.

Moving services: Economy, Value, and Luxury

price big items Montreal

Given that each client has specific requirements when it comes to moving, we offer a variety of services: affordable moves, options with added value, and also high-end moves offering full support. Explore below the details of each service offered:

1.Economical moving (Budget moving)

Our economical moving option is designed for clients seeking an affordable solution without compromising on service quality. This service includes:

  • Transportation of items from point A to point B.
  • Use of basic packing materials (blankets, bubble wrap, adhesive tape).
  • Loading and unloading of items into the truck.

Price: Starting from $300 for a standard move.

2.Value moving (Standard moving)

Our value moving option offers a balance between an affordable price and superior quality services. This service includes:

  • Transportation of items from point A to point B.
  • Use of quality packing materials (reinforced cardboard boxes ($), mattress covers, carpets, protective blankets, additional protection materials).
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly service.
  • Careful handling of fragile items.
  • Basic insurance included for property protection.

Price: Starting from $500 for a standard move.

3.Luxury moving (Full-service)

Our full-service luxury moving is designed for clients seeking superior quality and stress-free moving. This comprehensive service includes:

  • Personalized assessment of moving needs.
  • Complete packing of items by our team.
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly, including complex items.
  • Transportation from point A to point B.
  • Special handling of valuable or fragile items.
  • Full insurance included for maximum property protection.
  • Post-move cleaning service to leave your old home spotless.

Price: Upon personalized quote based on specific client needs.

Fixed price for long-distance moves to or from Montreal

Best moving price Montreal

The price of a long-distance move can differ significantly from that of a local move, as it can be more complex and costly. This depends not only on the distance between the departure and destination addresses but also on the need to use a larger truck, or even multiple trucks. However, with our fixed rates for long-distance moves to and from Montreal, you can confidently plan your move without worrying about unexpected costs.

For more information about our prices for long-distance moves, please click here.

Cost estimate for a long-distance move for major cities in Quebec
Moving from Montreal to Quebec 790$-1700$250 km
Moving from Montreal to Gatineau760$-1200$180 km
Moving from Montreal to Trois-Rivières600$-1200$140 km
Moving from Montreal to Sherbrooke600$-1200$160 km
Moving from Montreal to Magog480$-1000$135 km
Moving from Montreal to Chicoutimi1200$-2400$475 km
Moving from Montreal to Saguenay1250$-2450$480 km
Moving from Montreal to Val D’Or1400$-3000$530 km
Moving from Montreal to Rimouski1400$-2850$560 km
Moving from Montreal to Abitibi1600$-3000$620 km
Moving from Montreal to Chibougamau1750$-3800$720 km
Moving from Montreal to Gaspésie2500$-4500$960 km
Moving from Montreal to Sept-Îles2400$-4000$940 km
The best long distance moving price to Ontario’s most important destinations
Moving from Montreal to Ottawa950$-1400$220 km
Moving from Montreal to Toronto1650$-2500$540 km
Moving from Montreal to Mississauga1700$-2750$600 km
Moving from Montreal to London2200$-3000$720 km
Best long distance moving price to the most important destinations in New-Brunswick
Moving from Montreal to Moncton2500$-4500$1000 km
Moving from Montreal to Fredericton2200$-3000$840 km
Moving from Montreal to Halifax2750$-5500$1160 km
Moving from Montreal to Saint-John2300$-3200$743km
Montreal movers to Dieppe2500$-4500$1011km

Payment terms and deposit for all types of moves

When you move with us, enjoy flexible payment terms tailored to your residential or commercial needs, whether local or long-distance. Here’s an overview of the payment terms and deposits required:

  • Payment terms: We accept payments by credit card, Interac e-transfer, or cash. Payment is typically made on the day of the move, once the services have been rendered. Payments for long-distance moves are usually made in multiple installments, with a deposit due at booking and the balance due upon delivery.

  • Deposit required: An initial deposit is often required to secure the availability of our services on the scheduled date of the move. The amount of the deposit may be fixed or calculated as a percentage of the total cost of the move.
moving boxes in Montreal

If you’d like to discover some tips for moving on a small budget in Montreal, on the North Shore, and on the South Shore, click here.

To get the best moving price in Montreal or anywhere else in Quebec or Ontario, request a quote online or contact us at 438-989-8639.


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