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Information on the price of a moving in Montreal, South Shore, North Shore and throughout Quebec and Canada

Are you looking for a company specializing in residential, commercial or long distance moving services at a good price?

Because it is difficult to determine the exact price of a move in Montreal, we encourage you to call us or fill out the form on our site so that we can identify your needs and the exact price of your move.

In fact, the base price for a local moving service (Montreal) is $ 55 / hour (before May 20 or from July 4, 2021) for a truck (fully equipped) and a driver, no movers.

But for a full moving service (truck and movers), the cost depends on the factors mentioned below.

Our moving rates

There are several nuances to setting a fair price for a moving service in Montreal, Longueuil, Laval, North Shore and South Shore.

The price is calculated based on these factors:

  • The moving date
  • Distance between addresses
  • Effects to be moved
  • The number of movers required for your move
  • The floors (presence or not of the elevator)
  • Heavy objects to be moved (piano moving, pool table moving).

If you call our moving company, you will receive a free consultation to price based on these factors, without having to call our company to do the actual move.

How to easily get the most accurate price estimate

Use the form at the top of the page to request a free residential or commercial moving quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Note: Enter the correct email address where you will receive the price offer and check for spam. Sometimes the offers go in spam.

Billing of working time

Our minimum is two working hours and there is an additional travel time, depending on the distance, but it is usually one hour. This offsets the cost of the company to get to your departure address and to return from the destination address to our parking lot after the work is complete.

Billable time begins when our movers arrive at your home and ends when they leave the destination point.

You will be billed for the first hour per hour and additional time will be billed per quarter hour.

Best price for a moving in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore

Moving periodPrice/hour for 2 movers Price/hour for 3 movers
january 1 – may 14100$ – 125$135$ – 160$
may 15 – may 30125$ – 140$140$ – 170$
june 1 – june 20135$ – 150$150$ – 180$
june 21 – june 26140$ – 180$160$ – 195$
june 27 – june 30160$ – 200$220$ – 250$
july 1240$ – 280$320$ – 370$
july 2200$ – 240$250$ – 280$
july 3 – july 5140$ – 160$180$ – 220$
july 6 – december 31100$ – 130$140$ – 160$

The price of a moving Montreal includes:

  • Insurance (certain conditions apply).
  • Trucks of various sizes – from 16 to 26 feet.
  • Moving equipment: strap, bags for mattresses, 4-street carts, quilted blankets / dollies, wrapping paper, wrapping labels, wrapping tape, bubble wrap and even a marker.
  • Quilted covers to protect your furniture.
  • Covers for the floor.
  • Wardrobe boxes.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of your furniture, such as beds, cradles, porcelain cabinets, etc.
Prix déménagement

Moving insurance

Demelina Moving also offers civil liability coverage. This insurance is used to cover the risk of damage to transported goods.

Well-organized commercial moving

Is your business moving to a new office? We help you with the problem of moving your business so that you can focus on the important things.

Your business move is done quickly so you don’t have to shut down your business.

Are you planning to relocate your business long distances?

Estimate your commercial move. Click here

Long distance moving price from or to Montreal

The price for a long distance moving is different from a local move. So you wouldn’t be billed by the hour. We offer you fixed prices adapted to your situation.

Best price for long distance moving for major cities in Quebec
Moving from Montreal to Quebec 790$-1400$250 km
Moving from Montreal to Gatineau760$-1200$180 km
Moving from Montreal to Trois-Rivières600$-1100$140 km
Moving from Montreal to Sherbrooke600$-1200$160 km
Moving from Montreal to Magog480$-1000$135 km
Moving from Montreal to Chicoutimi1200$-2400$475 km
Moving from Montreal to Saguenay1250$-2450$480 km
Moving from Montreal to Val D’Or1400$-2850$530 km
Moving from Montreal to Rimouski1400$-2850$560 km
Moving from Montreal to Abitibi1600$-3000$620 km
Moving from Montreal to Chibougamau1750$-3500$720 km
Moving from Montreal to Gaspésie2500$-3750$960 km
Moving from Montreal to Sept-Îles2400$-3700$940 km

The best moving price to Ontario’s most important destinations
Moving from Montreal to Ottawa950$-1300$220 km
Moving from Montreal to Toronto1650$-2500$540 km
Moving from Montreal to Mississauga1700$-2750$600 km
Moving from Montreal to London2200$-3000$720 km

The best moving price to the most important destinations in New Brunswick
Moving from Montreal to Moncton2500$-4000$1000 km
Moving from Montreal to Fredericton2200$-3000$840 km
Moving from Montreal to Halifax2750$-4800$1160 km

Price for the delivery of furniture, appliances or pallets to Montreal

Each delivery is made by professional movers with very well equipped 20 foot trucks.

The price does not include the installation, assembly or disassembly of furniture or appliances.

Service offeredNumber of moversPrice
Delivery of a bedroom set in Montreal2 movers 240$-380$
Delivery of a sofa in Montreal2 movers 240$-280$
Delivery of 2 appliances in Montreal2 movers 200$-280$
Delivery of 4 appliances in Montreal2 movers 240$-340$
Pallet moving in Montreal1 mover with 20-foot truck 80$-100$/h

Do not hesitate to contact us for your small or large moving.

Competitive price, maximum quality with professional movers

And finally, forget all the stress that moving can bring and smile as much as possible because by hiring us your move will be in good hands.

For a professional move at the best price, contact us by phone 438 989 8639 or via the quote form.

We will be happy to answer your questions and give you valuable advice that is tailored to your case.

Prix déménagement


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