Moving price Montreal

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Best moving price in Montreal, South Shore, North Shore and everywhere in Quebec and Canada

Moving price Montreal

Our company, Demelina Moving has 11 years of experience in moving services, across Canada. Our commitment is to provide our customers with inexpensive local moving in Montreal and long-distance moving services that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Thus, thanks to the measures adopted to improve moving services, we can now say that our company is a leader in moving in Montreal and offers the best value for money.

Our new and modern equipment allows us to offer you safe transport so that furniture and fragile objects are not damaged during transport.

For all these reasons, we receive thanks for our quality work. Customers come back to us again and again, but they also recommend us to their family and friends. That is why we are very happy. And to thank them we offer additional discounts. Check on Google Maps what customers are saying about us.

Cheap and reliable Montreal movers

First of all, it must be said that our expert movers are ambitious, courageous and flexible. They will serve you quickly and efficiently, always keeping in mind the requirements of our customers. In addition, they will strictly respect the quotes established. Thus, no additional costs will be charged to you without your agreement.

Moving price Montreal

Our moving rates in Montreal, North-Shore, South-Shore 2024

Wondering how much it costs to move in Montreal? Or how to easily get the most accurate price estimate?

First of all, moving has a cost, whether it is done alone or through professionals. Estimating its approximate price is not at all obvious.

In order to give you an exact price for your move to Montreal, Longueuil, Laval, Brossard, North Shore and South Shore, we must consider certain factors. For example:

  • The moving date.
  • The distance between addresses.
  • Items to be moved.
  • The number of movers required for your move.
  • The floors (presence or not of the elevator).
  • Heavy objects to be moved (moving piano, moving pool table).

The base price for a local moving service in Montreal, Brossard, Laval, Longueuil is $80/hour (before May 20 or from July 4, 2024 for a truck (fully equipped) and a driver, no movers. But for a complete moving service (truck and movers), the cost depends on the factors mentioned above.

Excellent price for a moving in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore

Here you will find a table with the approximate prices of movers in Montreal and its surroundings.

Moving periodPrice/hour for 2 movers Price/hour for 3 movers
january 1 – may 14105$ – 125$135$ – 160$
may 15 – may 30125$ – 140$140$ – 170$
june 1 – june 20135$ – 150$150$ – 180$
june 21 – june 26140$ – 180$160$ – 195$
june 27 – june 30160$ – 200$220$ – 250$
july 1240$ – 280$320$ – 370$
july 2200$ – 240$250$ – 280$
july 3 – july 5140$ – 160$180$ – 220$
july 6 – december 31105$ – 130$140$ – 160$

How our working time billing works?

Movers prices in Montreal

  • Billable moving time begins when our movers arrive at your location and ends when they leave the destination point.
  • For a move in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore we charge a minimum of 2 hours of work.
  • The first hour is charged to you by the hour but the additional time will be charged to you by quarter of an hour.
  • Travel costs are charged, depending on the distance. For a moving in Montreal, the travel time is generally one hour. This offsets the costs of the company to travel to your departure address and to return from the destination address to our car park once the work is completed.

The price of a moving in Montreal includes:

  • Professional moving services Montreal.
  • Insurance (certain conditions apply).
  • Trucks of various sizes – from 16 to 22 feet.
  • Experienced, young, as well as well-prepared movers for any degree of difficulty in moving furniture and personal effects.
  • Moving equipment: bags for mattresses, blankets to protect the floor, wardrobe boxes, packing paper, quilted blankets to protect your furniture, packing labels, packing tape, bubble wrap and even a marker.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of your furniture, such as beds, offices, etc.

Moving Price Montreal

Rate for packaging and storage in Montreal and surrounding areas

If you are moving to Montreal or from Montreal to anywhere in Quebec or Ontario and need moving service including packing, give us a call.

We generally value the packing service as well as the moving service. So if you have a 1-2 bedroom apartment, 2 packers can do the job in about 4 hours. Each additional piece could take 1.5h – 2h packing work.

It should be noted that we charge extra for packing materials, such as boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape and other packing materials you need.

If you want to store your goods, temporarily or for a longer period, know that we can offer you this storage service in Montreal.

The price depends on the size of the warehouse, as well as security and other additional features.

Save on moving prices in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore

There are a few days in the calendar when people prefer to move, these are school holidays, public holidays, the beginning and the end of the month.

But if you want to save a little money on the move, we recommend that you schedule your move as much as possible on weekdays and avoid vacations and holidays.

Specifically, if you want to have an economical moving, keep in mind a few important things that will reduce the price of the moving.

For example: packing boxes and objects yourself, dismantling and reassembling heavy and bulky furniture without the help of a professional mover. Then it will be the duty of the mover to load, unload and transport the things where you need them.

Well-organized commercial moving – Company relocation, office transfer

Is your business moving to a new office?

We can help you with your business and office relocation so you can focus on the important things. Your commercial moving will therefore be done quickly so that you do not have to stop your activities.

Our knowledgeable movers have special techniques for commercial moving, moving government institutions, embassies, medical clinics and other large and small businesses.

In addition, our specialized staff are experienced in moving heavy commercial objects, especially objects weighing more than 100 kilograms, such as safes, printers, server racks, file cabinets, archives, etc.

Choose the moving option that best suits your needs: economy, standard, or luxury VIP. Contact us for the best commercial moving price offer.

Best moving price Montreal

Long distance moving price from or to Montreal in 2024

The price of a long distance moving is different from a moving within the same city, so it may be more expensive. And it depends on the distance between the addresses but also on the use of a larger truck or even several trucks. However, we offer fixed prices adapted to your situation.

Estimated price of long distance moving for major cities in Quebec
Moving from Montreal to Quebec 790$-1700$250 km
Moving from Montreal to Gatineau760$-1200$180 km
Moving from Montreal to Trois-Rivières600$-1200$140 km
Moving from Montreal to Sherbrooke600$-1200$160 km
Moving from Montreal to Magog480$-1000$135 km
Moving from Montreal to Chicoutimi1200$-2400$475 km
Moving from Montreal to Saguenay1250$-2450$480 km
Moving from Montreal to Val D’Or1400$-3000$530 km
Moving from Montreal to Rimouski1400$-2850$560 km
Moving from Montreal to Abitibi1600$-3000$620 km
Moving from Montreal to Chibougamau1750$-3800$720 km
Moving from Montreal to Gaspésie2500$-4500$960 km
Moving from Montreal to Sept-Îles2400$-4000$940 km
The best long distance moving price to Ontario’s most important destinations
Moving from Montreal to Ottawa950$-1400$220 km
Moving from Montreal to Toronto1650$-2500$540 km
Moving from Montreal to Mississauga1700$-2750$600 km
Moving from Montreal to London2200$-3000$720 km
Best long distance moving price to the most important destinations in New Brunswick
Moving from Montreal to Moncton2500$-4500$1000 km
Moving from Montreal to Fredericton2200$-3000$840 km
Moving from Montreal to Halifax2750$-5500$1160 km

Price for the delivery of furniture, appliances or pallets in Montreal

Service offeredNumber of moversPrice
Delivery of a bedroom set in Montreal2 movers 240$-380$
Delivery of a sofa in Montreal2 movers 240$-280$
Delivery of 2 appliances in Montreal2 movers 200$-280$
Delivery of 4 appliances in Montreal2 movers 240$-340$
Pallet moving in Montreal1 mover with 20-foot truck 80$-100$/h

Each delivery or small moving is carried out by professional movers, with very well equipped 20, 22-foot trucks.

But note that the price mentioned above does not include the installation, assembly or disassembly of furniture or appliances.

Enjoy a competitive price and maximum quality with qualified movers!

Price for moving heavy objects

We bring to your attention some of the heavy objects that our movers move/carry:

  • piano
  • statue
  • gym equipment
  • foyer
  • printer
  • photocopier
  • marble table
  • safe
  • antique furniture
  • pool table

As these things must be moved by people specialized in the field, it is important to indicate to us from the moment of the request for estimate all the heavy objects which you wish to move, in order to send you the right specialists. The price of moving special objects varies according to several criteria. For example: the difficulty of access to the house, narrow or very steep stairs, the distance between addresses and the number of movers.

Best price movers in Montreal

Competitive price, maximum quality with professional and fast movers

To obtain an exact price for a quality moving in Montreal or elsewhere, please contact our moving company in Montreal and you will receive a free consultation. To do this, you can use the form at the bottom of the page to request a free moving quote for a residential or commercial moving and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also contact us directly at 438-989-8639 for an immediate response. To conclude, we assure you that our moving prices are low, specifically for everyone’s budget. So in addition to the fact that the move will cost less, it will also be of high quality.


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