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Moving is a pivotal life stage, whether due to buying a house, expanding the family, or changing jobs. Finally, it is a step that involves a lot of changes, apart from the fact that you change your address.

Do you currently live in Montreal? Have you decided to move to Laval? Or do you want to move your business to Laval?

There is no denying that Montreal Moving Demelina is the right choice for you. Our movers are attentive to every detail of the moving process as well as all customer needs. They will also ensure that you are satisfied with the service by customizing the furniture moving and adapting it to your wishes.

Even if you haven’t set a moving date yet, we encourage you to call us to discuss your needs. In this way, we can give you advice on a moving at a good price in Laval.

Moving Laval

Residential moving services in Laval

Generally, a residential moving from Montreal to Laval or from Laval to another location in Quebec or Ontario can take from several hours to several days. But it all depends on how you plan and organize your moving.

So if you want to benefit from a quick moving – the same day, and without stress, hiring expert movers is the best option.

Our company, Demelina Moving, will make the process of moving a house or apartment in Laval more efficient and relaxing.

How is the furniture moving process?

  • Packaging of fragile and non-fragile objects.
  • Disassembly of furniture.
  • Handling (loading/unloading) with qualified movers and appropriate equipment.
  • Safe transport to the new address.
  • Unpacking things and storing them in the rooms.
  • Reassembly of previously dismantled furniture.
  • Cleaning the work area.

At Demelina Moving, we do our best to offer you a wonderful moving service in Laval.

Thanks to the fact that we have sufficient resources, but also modern equipment, we can successfully meet all the challenges that we encounter.

In addition, our moving service is not expensive but is accessible to the budget of each client.

Whether you have a small moving or just a few boxes or a last minute moving to make, count on us.

Moving of businesses, offices in Laval

If you are considering moving your office to Laval or storing your furniture or documents in a warehouse in Montreal, then contact Demelina Moving.

Whatever the size of your business, our company’s staff is qualified and specialized to be able to offer professional commercial moving services in Laval, Montreal, Brossard, Longueuil, etc.

In general, the transport will be done with 20 or 22 foot moving trucks, clean, inspected, and equipped with equipment adapted to each type of object.

At your request we can offer you cardboard boxes for packaging but also special hard plastic boxes for computer equipment.

We will therefore be happy to provide you with a detailed price estimate, free of charge.

Our complete commercial moving services in Laval:

  • Complete planning of the entire moving process of your company.
  • Dismantling of massive furniture and also office equipment.
  • Packing and packaging of all objects and documents.
  • Moving of all heavy machinery to Laval, for example: printers, safes, moving of works of art, etc.
  • Furniture assembly in Laval, shelves, offices, etc.
  • Urgent delivery to Laval of any office equipment, appliances or furniture.

Thanks to this wide range of services, including corporate furniture storage and inventory, our professional movers in Laval can move your office in optimal conditions and at a lower cost.

Professional packaging services in Laval

If you want a successful move to or from Laval, start with quality packing.

But as you well know, packing your things is simple when you have the right equipment and tools.

By using Demelina Moving for the packing service, you have the assurance that your fragile or bulky objects will be safe during transport. We have all possible packing materials, as well as qualified packers and movers to serve you throughout the process.

Our packing services are available for both local moves: residential and commercial as well as long distance moves.

Our professional moving and packing services in Laval and surrounding areas provide our customers with a stress-free service option. In addition, Demelina Moving will be responsible for any damage caused to your items by the packing process.

We also offer an unpacking service where our staff will unpack your boxes and arrange the items exactly where you want them.

Get a quote for packing/unpacking services.

Moving price Laval

The price for a moving from/to Laval is variable and depends on: moving volume, floors, number of movers, heavy objects to be moved (piano, safe, pool table) and the date of your moving.

However, for a local moving we charge a minimum of 2 hours of work. On the other hand, for a moving to Montreal, we charge 1 additional hour for travel. It is therefore the round trip, that is 30 minutes to get to your address and 30 minutes to return to the truck park.

Idea of the price of a moving in Laval according to the number of movers

Number of pieces2 movers3 movers
330 $450 $
445 $600 $
500 $700 $
650 $800 $
800 $1000 $
2 story house900 $1300 $
House & garage1000 $1400 $

Long distance moving services from or to Laval

Moving Laval

Are you planning an economical long distance moving to or from Laval or another city in the province of Quebec or Ontario?

We speak of a long-distance moving when it is a journey of 50 km or more between the departure address and the destination address.

The price of a long distance moving will therefore be different from the price of a local moving in Montreal. This is why you will not be billed by the hour.

Prices for a long distance move from Laval to cities in Quebec and Ontario

Destination PriceDistance
Movers from LavalToronto1700$-2500$540km
Moving price from Laval to Ottawa950$-1300$220km
Moving price to Quebec 850$-1700$250km
Moving to Gatineau 9004-1250$180km
Best price to move to Gaspesie from Laval2600$-3850$960km
Moving quote to Moncton2600$-4000$1000km
Moving price LavalHalifax2800$-4800$1180km
Best price movers LavalChibougamau1800$-3600$720km
Moving quote to Rimouski1500$-2900$560km
Moving from Laval to Sherbrooke800$-1500$182km
Moving cost from Laval to Mississauga2650$-3000$580km
Moving price from Laval to London2900$-3500$742km
Moving Laval-Kingston1700$-2200$280km
Moving from Laval to Drumondville700$-1000$137km

First, we use 3 factors to determine the cost of your long distance moving. First, it is the distance to be covered. Second is the total weight of your shipment. Third is the delivery times.

Finally, our professional movers offer you a high quality service, whether it is a small or large moving over short distances or long distances LavalQuebecTorontoMontreal, moving from Laval to Saguenay or Chicoutimi, transporting pallets to Laval and to the Bas-Saint-LaurentRimouskiRiviere-du-Loup or Ontario region. We will provide you with the best moving service. This is also confirmed by our customers on GoogleMaps.

Don’t forget that our schedule is flexible. During the day, in the evening, as well as on weekends, you are guaranteed an unequaled level of service.

We offer the possibility of renting trucks for moving and transport, with teams of movers for the handling, delivery of furniture, appliances, goods, building materials, etc.

In short, find out about the packages for your residential, commercial, local or long distance moving in Laval by filling out this form or by calling us at 438-989-8639 for an immediate response.

Entrust us with your moving and relax!