Luxury moving – Prestige / VIP moving at the best price

The luxury moving formula, also called high-end move or all-inclusive move, is the perfect solution for those who do not want or have no time to take care of their move.

Luxury mover Montréal for a confidential and secure move

First, an all-inclusive move has many advantages. Such as: reducing the stress that could be caused by travel, reducing the risk of accidents and more. Finally, the fact that one provider takes care of everything greatly facilitates communication.

Déménagement Demelina is the company that offers you a luxury move fully adapted to your needs and requirements. We specialize in high-end moving for individuals and businesses.

On the day of the luxury move, all you have to do is give us the key to the house or business to be moved. If you have things to do, no problem. Your presence is not necessary. We take care of the entire move. On the security side, we guarantee you a perfect service but also maximum confidentiality.

Luxury moving

Cleaning your old and/or your new home

Besides all that to know that the old location or your luxury shops will be very well cleaned. All thanks to our cleaning and maintenance specialists. Normally, they have the right products to remove all kinds of dirt from walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, etc. Very important, they only use cleaning products that are more environmentally friendly.

You can therefore entrust, without any hesitation, the luxury move to our qualified movers. Also, take advantage of all the advantages of our company specializing in all types of removals, cleaning and cleanliness.

Temporary or long-term safe storage

If required, the luxury moving service offers the option of storing your belongings in a safe and clean warehouse.

The responsibilities of our qualified movers for luxury moving

Our moving professionals will then take care of:

  • Organizing your move.
  • The packing and unpacking of your fragile items (dishes, glassware, chandeliers and other objects).
  • The packaging of your non-fragile items (clothes, books, and other items).
  • Protection of furniture with high quality equipment.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of your furniture.
  • Loading the truck.
  • Transportation.
  • Unloading from the truck.
  • The replacement of your furniture and personal effects.

Also included in the price of the all-inclusive move:

  • Moving boxes, adhesive and all the necessary equipment for a good move.
  • Wardrobe boxes for your clothes on hangers.
  • Complete insurance for a turnkey move.

Even in a luxury service our movers do not offer the following services:

  1. Mounting the TV on a wall bracket.
  2. Fixing wall bed, wall shelves, chandeliers, picture frames, mirrors, etc.
  3. Connection of electrical and electronic devices after the move.

Prestige and turnkey mover for the elderly

Moving Demelina has experience and moves the elderly every day. This all-inclusive formula therefore makes it possible to leave the management of the moving of the elderly in good hands. What we will do is deliver the packing boxes and other necessary equipment to be able to start packing for the move. We’ll take care of the rest.

Specialized service for heavy and fragile items

It should be noted that our movers have the knowledge and skills necessary for the specific packaging and transport of all heavy and fragile valuables in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore. For example: works of art, pianos, safes, aquariums, sculptures, chandeliers as well as other heavy objects like a pool table, gym equipment.

Businesses in Montreal and across Quebec and Ontario can also count on our movers to transport large and heavy printers, computer cabinets, archives and safes.

Regarding restaurants, know that we move all types of furniture in the best conditions and with the greatest care. For example: large refrigerators and freezers, large grills, large ranges and more.

When moving heavy objects, we try as much as possible not to scratch the wooden floors. It is precisely for this reason that we offer increased care and protection to protect surfaces and make it easier to move heavy objects.

Economical moving – an alternative to all-inclusive moving

In addition, an economical move does not mean less qualitative and uninsured. But that does mean you’ll be doing some of the tasks a mover might do in a turnkey move. Such as: planning, packing, disassembly, reassembly.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial move, a team of evaluators can come to your home for free to provide you with the most accurate quote based on your needs and concerns. Our experts will be able to answer all your questions and guide you through the local or long distance moving process.

However, for maximum comfort, treat yourself to a luxury move with Déménagement Demelina.

Whatever your moving needs in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore, our high-end movers can handle them successfully. Request a free quote for a top quality move.