Moving at a fixed price

Moving at a fixed price in Montreal, South Shore, and North Shore

Demelina Moving is a company that offers fixed-price moving services in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore, as well as throughout the Quebec and Ontario regions.

Whether you need a small move in Montreal, the transport of heavy items such as pianos, safes, sculptures, pool tables, or a long-distance move, our fixed-rate movers are here to offer you tailor-made solutions adapted to your specific needs.

Our all-inclusive fixed prices eliminate any potential financial surprises, simplifying the planning process for your move. Choosing our flat-rate fixed price formula ensures total peace of mind, free from worries about unforeseen fees or additional costs. This option is beneficial not just for individuals but also for budget-conscious business owners looking to save money.

Transparency is at the heart of our commitment to our customers. With our fixed-rate movers, you’ll know your exact cost even before the moving process begins. Whether you are moving to Laval, Brossard, Longueuil, Anjou, Blainville, Beaconsfield, Boucherville, Boisbriand, Mascouche, etc., no hidden fees or additional costs will disrupt your budget. We believe in open and sincere communication to establish a relationship of trust with our customers.

Choosing our fixed-price moving company means opting for serenity, reliability, and the certainty of a quality service.

Fixed-price delivery of furniture or appliances

Fixed-price delivery

Fixed price delivery of a few pieces or appliances is a practical and transparent solution. Our trustworthy delivery personnel are equipped with everything necessary: packing supplies, blankets, mattress covers, transport straps, four-wheeled dollies, wardrobe boxes, and many other tools. Whatever your requirements, our delivery company in Montreal has all the necessary means to facilitate the process to ensure customer satisfaction. By opting for fixed-rate delivery or moving, you eliminate a source of concern because the service cost will be assessed based on your actual needs, depending on the items you plan to transport.

The fixed delivery price depends on key variables like the scheduled delivery date, travel distance, number of floors, movers, and the nature and quantity of items. This personalized pricing method ensures an accurate and fair assessment of the costs associated with your delivery.

To enhance transparency, we offer a detailed table outlining prices and included services for various items and appliances. Whether it’s a sofa, refrigerator or any other item, our fixed-rate for local delivery in Montreal, North Shore, and South Shore provides a clear overview of associated costs. This table aids in precise move planning and ensures a tailored delivery solution for your specific needs.

Prices for delivery service in Montreal, North Shore, and South Shore
ItemPrice 2 moversPrice 3 moversServices included
Sofa240$ – 350$Not availablePacking, secure transport, unloading at the destination
Refrigerator240$ – 350$Not availablePacking, secure transport, unloading at the destination
Dishwasher200$ – 300$Not availablePacking, secure transport, unloading at the destination
Washer and dryer280$ – 350$Not availablePacking, secure transport, unloading at the destination
Treadmill300$ – 400$Not availablePacking, secure transport, unloading at the destination
Granite, marble, or solid wood table350$ – 400$430$ – 500$Packing, secure transport, unloading at the destination
Upright piano380$ – 500$600$ – 800$Specialized transport, unloading at the destination
Grand piano480$ – 600$700$ – 850$Dismantling and assembling, specialized transport, unloading at the destination
Safe300$ – 400$400$ – 500$Specialized transport, secure handling, unloading at the destination
Commercial printer350$ – 450$500$ – 650$Specialized packaging, secure transport, unloading at the destination
Commercial refrigerator/freezer400$ – 600$600$ – 750$Special preparation for commercial appliances, secure transport, unloading at the destination
Pool table600$ – 750$900$ – 1 200$Dismantling, assembling, leveling, secure transport
Other specific itemsCustomized pricingCustomized pricingServices adapted to the item’s characteristics and customer needs
  1. Prices are indicative and may vary depending on the exact distance, accessibility difficulties, and other specific moving factors.
  2. Rates include transport from the starting point to the destination but do not cover possible parking or toll costs.
  3. Included services vary depending on the nature of the item, aiming to ensure a safe and efficient move.

Choose fixed-rate delivery in Montreal for a transparent and practical move. We ensure cost-effective delivery of all your goods, simplifying your transition with precision, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

Small fixed-rate move

Small fixed-rate move

A “small move” typically involves relocating a limited quantity of goods and furniture, achievable in 2 to 3 hours. It is characterized by several specific elements:

  1. Limited quantity of items: Involves a restricted number of furniture, boxes, and other personal items.
  2. Property size: Can involve apartments, studios, student rooms, or situations where the volume to move is relatively small.
  3. Distance: Although variable, small moves are often associated with shorter distances, even though it’s not a strict rule.
  4. Limited service needs: Individuals undertaking a small move may require basic services such as loading, transport, and unloading, without opting for additional services like professional packing or disassembly of complex furniture.
  5. Smaller moving trucks: Smaller-sized moving trucks are generally preferred for small moves.
Pricing and transparency for small moves

For residential or commercial small moves with a fixed price, we determine rates based on client-provided information. It is imperative that this information accurately reflects reality to avoid unforeseen additional costs. With our fixed-rate moving services, our team is ready to adjust rates if the client modifies the moving items without notice. We prioritize transparency and expect reciprocal transparency when a client seeks our services.

However, certain elements can lead to additional costs, such as distant parking from the entrance, lack of elevator reservation for delivery with an extended waiting period, and disassembly and reassembly of furniture. We cannot offer fixed prices in such circumstances, but we strive to maintain transparency and inform our clients of any potential cost implications.

Approximate fixed price for a small move
Type of itemsPrice (2 Movers)
Bed and mattress280$-350$
Bedroom set (3-5 pieces)330$-450$
Bedroom set, washer, and dryer400$ – 500$
30-50 boxes350$-450$
Living room set (2-3 sofas and 1 armchair)300$-400$
Kitchen set (tables and chairs)250$-350$
Desk and accessories250$-300$

Fixed price for long-distance move – All-inclusive price

Fixed price moving

For all moves, whether small or large, over long distances, typically exceeding 200 km between the two addresses, our fixed-price moving company offers fixed rates. This way, you will know the final price upfront, all-inclusive, unlike an hourly rate. Of course, various factors such as the quantity of items to move, the exact distance between the two locations, and potentially additional services like specialized packing will determine the total cost of a long-distance move.

Long-distance moving requires more complex logistics and careful planning. Opting for fixed-rate movers will significantly simplify the process. Our experienced team is committed to ensuring seamless coordination, guaranteeing the safety of your belongings throughout the journey.

To meet your specific needs, we offer last-minute moving at a fixed price. Similarly, we provide fixed rates for senior moving. These options aim to make your moving experience more flexible and tailored to your particular circumstances.

According to customer feedback, we continue to offer the best prices in the market for long-distance moves. Our commitment: reliable and affordable service. We aim to provide you with a stress-free moving experience, with cost transparency.

Competitive fixed prices for long-distance moves from Montreal to various destinations
DestinationBase fixed price 1 driver-moverBase fixed price 2 movers
Moving Montreal – Quebec1400$-1600$1700$-2300$
Moving Montreal – Ottawa800$-1000$1250$-1500$
Moving Montreal – Gatineau800$-1000$1250$-1500$
Moving Montreal – Toronto2200$-2400$2500$-2900$
Moving Montreal – Sherbrooke700$-800$1000$-1200$
Moving Montreal – Trois-Rivières2200$-2400$2500$-2900$
Moving Montreal – Rimouski2000$-2300$2500$-2900$
Moving Montreal – Rivière du Loup2000$-2300$2500$-2900$
Moving Montreal – Magog800$-1000$1000$-1300$
Moving Montreal – Matane2500$-2700$2700$-3000$
Moving Montreal – Moncton3500$-4000$4500$-5000$
Moving Montreal – Saguenay2000$-2300$2500$-2700$
Moving Montreal – Lac Saint-Jean2000$-2300$2500$-2700$
Moving Montreal – New-Brunswick2000$-3500$4500$-5000$
Moving Montreal – Mississauga2200$-2400$2600$-3000$
Moving Montreal – London2500$-2600$2700$-3200$
Moving Montreal – Gaspé2500$-2900$3000$-3500$

*Note that our service covers extensive and varied areas.

In conclusion, rely on our fixed-price moving company to simplify your planning and ensure competitive rates. Whether for a last-minute move, a senior citizen move, or any other specific need, we are here for you. With our professional fixed-rate movers, moving to Montreal or over long distances has never been easier.


A fixed-price move provides the certainty of a pre-agreed cost, eliminating financial surprises and offering better budget planning. Moreover, it helps avoid additional fees that may arise in case of delays or complications during the move.
Prices for delivery service can vary depending on the distance, size, and weight of the items to be delivered, as well as any additional services required. For example, delivery of a dining room furniture set could cost between $280 and $350, while delivery of a washer and dryer set could cost between $180 and $350, depending on the circumstances.
The fixed price for a small move can vary depending on the quantity of items to be moved, the distance to be traveled, and the services included. For instance, a move from a studio or small apartment could cost between $300 and $600 for a short distance, and between $600 and $1000 for a longer distance, depending on the specific details of the move.
The fixed price for a long-distance move with all inclusive services can vary depending on the distance, size of the load, and additional services required. For example, a move from a medium-sized house over a long distance could cost between $2000 and $5000, while a move from a large house with specific packaging and handling needs could cost between $5000 and $10,000, depending on the client's needs and the services included.