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Are you planning a moving to Châteauguay? The city has a lot to offer you.

First, Chateauguay is an affordable municipality just 25 km from the entrance to the island of Montreal. Secondly, it is a beautiful multicultural mix, which is part of the charm of Châteauguay! Moreover, Châteauguay is by far more affordable as a city than many others on the South Shore of Montreal.

On this page, we have gathered as much essential information as possible for a successful moving in Châteauguay.

Moving Chateauguay

Cheap Movers in Chateauguay

Movers Chateauguay

Thinking of moving to Châteauguay? First, for everything to go well, it is best to consult a moving company with years of experience in local and long distance moving. So, do not hesitate to contact us. We have everything you need:

  1. Certified, well-trained, well-equipped and qualified expert movers.
  2. Well-maintained moving trucks equipped with quality moving equipment to transport your belongings from one place to another without damage.

Moving Services in Chateauguay

We offer a wide range of services to meet all customer needs. For example:

Châteauguay residential moving whether it is a big or a small moving in Châteauguay, our movers will offer you an economical moving service of impeccable quality.
Moving commercial Châteauguay – professional services for complete, local and long distance moving for businesses, corporate offices, restaurants, medical clinics, daycares, beauty salons, etc. We have solutions for all heavy commercial cargo.
Moving piano Châteauguay – professional movers specializing in the transport of upright and grand pianos throughout Montreal, North Shore and South Shore. Safe and damage-free piano delivery guaranteed.
Châteauguay billiard table movingbilliard table transport with dismantling, packing and installation, carpet change and leveling.
Last minute moving Châteauguay – fast, efficient movers at the right price for emergency moving.
Châteauguay furniture assembly our furniture and desk assemblers are equipped with all the necessary tools at all times. They can assemble any type of furniture at home or at your business.

Demelina Moving is constantly looking to improve its moving services.

We are also always looking for solutions so that the client spends as little as possible for the moving to Châteauguay and is ultimately very satisfied with the service.

Moving prices in Châteauguay – no hidden costs

Since the price of your moving will vary depending on the moving date, the volume to be moved, the distance between addresses, floors, here is an idea of ​​the price of a moving in Montreal, South Shore and North Shore between September and April. The price for 2 movers and a 20-foot truck is $100 – $130. But for 2 movers without a truck is $80 – $100. It should be noted that for each additional mover we charge $30 more per hour. For more information on the price see here or contact us at 438-989-8639.

But beware! Expect additional charges for heavy items such as piano, cast iron bath and heater, pool table, marble and granite countertops, fireplace, medical equipment and other heavy, fragile and bulky items. Additional charges also apply for moving furniture or objects through the balcony or through the window.

We also always try to adapt the moving prices to the budget of our customers, while offering them the lowest moving prices. You can therefore be sure to benefit from one of the best moving services and prices on the market! And all this thanks to the professionalism and experience of our movers in the transport of heavy and fragile objects as well as the appropriate and high quality equipment.

Long distance moving from or to Châteauguay

A long distance moving is a more complicated operation. Precisely because it requires more time, more kilometers and more attention. But we provide you with the best movers in Montreal. They have the expertise and knowledge to meet all your expectations.

Do you want to pay less for your long distance moving? So try as much as possible not to move between May 10 and July 10. Because during this period the demand is high and the price increases.

Our movers carry out moving projects at the best price from Châteauguay to any city in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Gaspésie, Halifax, Val D’Or, Moncton, Toronto, Trois-Rivières, Saguenay, etc.

Ask for a completely free and non-binding quote! You will receive a response immediately. The estimate will include: the date and time of the moving, the number of movers who will work in the moving team, the number and size of trucks involved in the moving, the cost of moving furniture and heavy objects, as well as additional charges.

Entrust your project to the best movers!