Moving Montreal-Saint-John (New Brunswick)

Moving Montreal-Saint-John

Planning a move from Montreal to Saint-John (Saint-Jean), N-B.?

Demelina Moving can help you move at low cost in Saint-John.

Many people decide to move to Saint John, the second largest city in New Brunswick, the first being Moncton. Natural parks and stunning ocean views make Saint-John the perfect place to live. The cost of living is also very affordable compared to other parts of the country. We are therefore certain that you will enjoy living in Saint-John.

Best price long distance moving company from Montreal to Saint-John, NB

Are you looking for reliable movers for a Montreal-Saint-John, NB moving?

First of all, Déménagement Demelina is a company that offers you a great service for moving to Saint-John and in all regions of Canada, and more particularly in Quebec and Ontario. Our moving company offers safe residential and commercial moving services at low prices. We will be at your disposal from the moment of acceptance of the price offer until the end of the move. Also, we can plan in detail the entire move to Saint John.

We will also provide you with a quality service for the packaging, dismantling and reassembly of your furniture.

Do you need a warehouse to keep your goods safe? Carefree! We have everything you need.

Trusted movers to move safely in Saint John

First of all, it must be said that our movers are qualified and will carry out the local moving and long distance moving without any problem or damage. They have the necessary equipment to move apartments and houses of all sizes. Regarding the protection of goods during transport, our movers will carry out the handling work with great care and professionalism.

If you have to move fragile and heavy objects like a piano, a safe or a pool table, don’t worry. In any case, by choosing our responsible movers, you ensure excellent service.

It should be noted that our movers are available to work at night and on holidays. They are also at your disposal even for a last minute moving to Montreal, Saint-John or anywhere in Canada.

Save money for your long distance moving between Montreal and Saint John

Moving Montreal-Saint-John

We know that you are looking for the price of best movers for your move in Saint-John. So, we want to give you some tips on how to save on your long-distance Montreal-Saint-John moving.

Low cost moving Montreal-Saint-John

First of all, getting organized and planning ahead can lower the price of the move. Indeed, to have an economical moving, that is to say to pay less for the moving from Montreal to Saint-John, your involvement in the moving process is very necessary.

You can pack your own things. In addition, it will be a good opportunity to clean up and sort things out. In the end, you will take only the necessary things. Because fewer items to move equals a smaller moving bill.

To save, you can also hire one of our trucks and a driver. In this case, you need to find someone to help you load and unload furniture and objects.

Another option for a low cost moving would be to use the groupage formula. This consists of grouping 2 or 3 small moving in the same truck and having almost the same departure and arrival addresses.

Generally, moving in a less busy period would also be a good opportunity to save money on the move. Namely, at the beginning and at the end of the month the move will cost more than on other days. Also, particularly in Quebec, the busiest moving period is in June. This is when the cost of moving is higher. But especially on July 1st, the price per hour of moving is very high. This is why we advise you to book your moving date in advance and you will benefit from advantageous rates.

Although, our professional and cheap movers could completely take care of your economical moving. They will be able to pack and unpack, dismantle the furniture, load the truck, transport correctly, unload things at the final address and reassemble the furniture. The best price is guaranteed!

The regions served for a long-distance moving to or from Saint-John:

Moving from Laval to Saint-John; Brossard-Saint-John; Beloeil-Saint-John; moving from Longueuil to Saint-John; Repentigny-Saint-John; Mirabel-Saint-John; Kingston-St. John; Gatineau-Saint-John; moving from Quebec to Saint-John; Ottawa to Saint John; Magog-Saint-John; moving from Sherbrooke to Saint-John; moving from Trois-Rivières to Saint-John, etc.

Contact us at 438-989-8639. We will give you all the details about our services and the price of moving Saint-John. You can also complete the moving quote online. Then you will get a quick response.