Elderly / Senior Moving – BEST PRICE MOVERS!!

After a certain age, it is unfortunately common for the elderly to have to move.

Whether for a specialized establishment (retirement home, nursing home for the elderly) or for a new more suitable apartment.

Such a situation can be emotionally stressful and can seem overwhelming if the person who is moving has not had time to prepare for it. In other words, it is recommended that the elderly person surround themselves with friends and family during the process.

Find a serious mover who will always listen to your needs! Firstly, to carry out your moving, we advise you to favor a quality mover. Moving an elderly person is already a real ordeal, so much so if it goes well. Secondly, one of the benefits of using our professional movers is knowing you’re in good hands.

More importantly, they are very organized with a lot of experience in moving of all kinds which allows them to understand your situation and adapt to it. In conclusion, you can leave with confidence, knowing that you and your assets are safe.

A turnkey move for seniors at an EXCELLENT PRICE

Demelina Moving offers you turnkey services that can be useful to those who want to minimize their physical involvement.

This is a high-end service in which Demelina’s movers can take care of all stages of your move:

  • Packing and unpacking of non-fragile objects, for example: kitchen utensils, books, CDs and DVDs, clothes, linens, toys …
  • Putting clothes on hangers in wardrobes
  • Packing and unpacking of fragile objects, for example: glasses, plates, paintings, mirrors …
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • Protection of furniture with mattress covers
  • Covering sofas and mattresses
  • Installation of furniture in your new residence.

Even if everything is done to ensure that no untoward accident occurs, it is humanly possible that one of your property will be damaged. Consequently, Demelina Moving has good insurance covering this potential risk.

Likewise, we cover the entire territory of the province of Quebec, whether for short or long distance moves. Being a member of the Commission des Transports du Québec, Demelina Moving Company can travel with its trucks in complete peace of mind on all roads in Quebec.

However, we provide you with trucks of different sizes: 22, 20 and 18 feet, clean and well equipped with everything you need for a successful move:

  • cardboard box (for mirror, crockery, etc.)
  • wardrobe box (storage for clothes)
  • packaging plastic; tape
  • mattress bag (different sizes)
  • wrapping paper
  • bubble wrap
  • blankets …

Price for senior moving

The pricing for a move is variable and depends on: volume of move; floors; the number of movers; heavy objects to be moved; the date of your move.

In addition, customer involvement, such as packing some furniture by themselves, can reduce the cost of the move.

Our rate for the moving service (local) is $ 55 / hour (before May 20 or from July 4, 2021) for a fully equipped truck and driver (without movers).

However, if you need a full moving service (a truck and movers), be aware that the cost depends on the distance between the addresses and the number of movers desired.

We charge a minimum of two hours of work plus travel time, which depends on the distance, but usually it is one hour.

So the billable time starts when our movers arrive at your home and ends when they leave the destination point.

Idea of the price of a move for old people according to the number of movers

Number of rooms2 movers3 movers
3½ 360$450$
4½ 450$560$
5½ 575$650$
6½ 750$900$
Two-storey house1000$1250$
House & garage 1100$1300$

 DEMELINA moving offers several moving services for the elderly / senior at low prices:

Moving can be a little less expensive at age 60.

In conclusion, even if you are in Montreal, South Shore, North Shore, you can benefit from discounts of 5% – 10%, between the 10 – 20 of each month, except during busy periods (May 25 – July 5) .

Long-distance moving for the Elderly / Senior Moving – BEST PRICE MOVERS!!

Are you planning a long distance move to a city in the province of Quebec or Ontario?

We talk about a long-distance moving when it comes to traveling 50 km or more between the starting address and the destination address.

The price for a long distance move is different from a local move, so you wouldn’t be charged by the hour.

3 factors are used to determine the cost of your long distance move:

  • 1. the distance to be traveled.
  • 2. the total weight of your shipment.
  • 3. delivery times.

Therefore, from booking and planning your move, to relocating to your new home, we facilitate and simplify this emotional transition.

In other words, with great experience in this field, we can offer professional, skilled, honest and smooth service to you. Specialized especially with seniors and retirees, we are able to provide you with a service that meets your expectations.

In short, we are an honest and duly accredited company that knows how to meet all your expectations!