Commercial moving in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore

For a commercial moving in Montreal and its surroundings, it is very important to choose an experienced, efficient, organized and discreet company.

The Demelina commercial moving company has been the specialist in commercial moving for many years. We mainly move offices and institutions located in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore. But above all, we are an honest and duly accredited company that knows how to meet all the expectations of its customers!

Over time, we have acquired strong experience in moving large and small businesses in Montreal. This way, we can easily adapt to all the challenges of a business move. After that, no commercial move is too big or too small for us. Experience, passion and qualified personnel allow us to make your move as easy as possible.

Commercial moving Montreal

Your company is moving to Montreal or another part of the North Shore, South Shore or a long distance anywhere in Canada?

Do you need the help of our truckless movers for handling or assembly, etc.? We are available at all times and meet the needs of businesses in various fields. When we move a business both locally and over long distances, we strive to organize it to the best of our ability.

The moving service we offer to all businesses in Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Gatineau, Toronto, etc. is professional, fast and at the best price.

Commercial moving services offered to companies at the best price:

  • Evaluation on site and free of charge.
  • Complete planning and organization of your move.
  • Packing and unpacking.
  • Uninstallation and installation of workstations.
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting computer systems.
  • Moving of heavy machinery.
  • Transport of electronic equipment.
  • Redevelopment according to your plans.
  • Delivery service.

Packing services for your commercial move at the best price

At your disposal two packaging options for your business:

  1. The customer takes care of packing his belongings and our team arrives on site to collect the boxes.
  2. Our team takes care of packing everything by providing the packing material.

Regardless of the option chosen, loading and transport will only begin after verification, in order to ensure the safety of the customer’s goods. Although rare, a problem can occur during the move. Thus, to cover the risks, full insurance is provided to each client.

We guarantee you services at the best prices on the market and of exceptional quality, even for a last-minute move.

Commercial moving packing help

If you want, you can use your own employees to pack your office supplies. In this case, we can provide you with the necessary packaging equipment.

But, if you don’t want to disrupt the work of your staff, we’ll be happy to do the work for you. We will protect your furniture as much as possible by using covers, blankets, bubble wrap to wrap it and not damage it.

Packing service moving Montreal

Qualified movers for commercial moving in Montreal

Our professional movers are at your disposal for the transport of heavy, bulky and fragile objects. They have unparalleled know-how for moving objects such as: works of art, moving safes, moving pianos, moving archives, moving pool tables, transporting computer equipment and others.

We will also dismantle all furniture and objects that weigh more than the average. This will make transporting them easier and safer. After that, as soon as we reach the new address, we will reassemble the furniture and objects and place them where you want them.

Whether it is for a residential, commercial or industrial move, our expert movers in Montreal know how to handle your belongings with care to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Commercial moving services: Greater Montreal and long distance

Moving services offeredPrice/Hourly rate
School moving in Montreal$120/h-$170/h
Hotel moving in Montreal$110/h-$160/h
Church moving Montreal, North-Shore, South-Shore$110/h-$155/h
Relocations for government institutions$120/h-$170/h
Moving services for festivals & events$110/h-$160/h
Moving restaurants in Montreal$135/h-$180/h
Moving construction equipment$130/h-$180/h
Moving military institutions$130/h-$170/h
Kindergarten moving in Montreal$120/h-1704/h

Commercial moving using special equipment – ​​Window passage

At Demelina Moving our main objective is to find efficient human and technical solutions according to the objects to be lifted but also the possibilities of access.

Our most widely used method of moving heavy and bulky items is through the window.

It is the ideal solution for narrow and difficult to access passages.

For this, we can use a crane truck, a furniture lift, an electric ladder or even mechanical arms.

Your objects will be well protected by special packaging, such as: padded protective covers, special boxes, bubble wrap, moving boxes. In this way, they will arrive at their destination in excellent condition and at the best price.

Save yourself all the management hassle and focus entirely on running your business smoothly.

Request a free quote now.

Commercial moving window passage

Price for commercial moving in Montreal

Moving company Montreal Demelina offers you the lowest moving prices in Montreal and everywhere in Quebec and Ontario. Pricing can be fixed or hourly, depending on your needs. It also depends on some factors. For example: moving period, distance between addresses, floors at both addresses, difficulty entering/exiting the door, number of movers and special equipment used such as crane, lifting tools, etc.

In addition, we will be happy to make you a good price offer for your commercial move. Contact us and we will find a solution adapted to your budget.

Safe moving company in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore
Moving safe Montreal

A safe, whether small or large, must be moved by professional movers in Montreal.

Demelina Moving offers this safe delivery service in Montreal and over long distances. Our movers specializing in safes are very well equipped to lift and transport this type of object. Indeed, they have handling techniques specially adapted to the safe movement of safes in Montreal.

We offer a pretty good rate to move the safe in Montreal. It varies according to several criteria. For example: the size of the safe, its volume, its weight, the number of floors, the number of stairs to climb or descend.

In general, the cost of moving a safe in Montreal ranges between $300 and $550.

Complete relocation of medical clinic: local and long distance
Moving medical clinic

We carry out the secure transport of delicate, heavy and expensive equipment throughout Montreal as well as in Quebec, Ontario, Toronto, New Brunswick, etc.

Our professional and equipped movers have real know-how in the handling and transport of medical equipment for hospitals and private clinics: X-ray scanner, dental equipment, surgical equipment, incubators, aesthetic equipment, veterinary equipment.

The price varies between $300-$600 and includes packaging and protection of medical equipment and utensils, as well as disassembly and assembly.

Small or large commercial move in Montreal – we are trained and equipped to move heavy and expensive objects. In short, we provide quality service at an affordable price.

Professional moving of commercial printers, photocopiers, scanners
printers moving Montreal

First of all, we offer moving services at the best price in Montreal for printers, photocopiers, scanners and any other heavy object.

Our teams of inexpensive movers in Montreal have many years of experience in moving very heavy corporate objects.

Our moving trucks are well equipped to transport printers, copiers, scanners safely locally or over long distances.

We do our best to ensure customer satisfaction. This is why our customers give us an excellent rating for the quality of our services.

You can ask us for a free estimate so that you can draw your own conclusions.

Read here more information on moving printers and copiers.

Complete moving of library, books, documents, archives and other storage systems
moving boxes Montreal

Whether you want to move a small or large library in Montreal, or over a long distance, Demelina Moving can serve you quickly and safely.

If the shelves are very large, our professional movers in Montreal will dismantle them to facilitate transport through the door, up the stairs, etc. Our movers will also be able to reassemble your library.

In addition, we also offer packing and unpacking of books and documents. We will use strong boxes for the transport of books and documents so as not to damage them.

It is also very convenient to move with a professional moving company, as they have insurance in case of damage.

The approximate price to move a library in Montreal varies from $140/h to $200/h depending on the number of movers.

Transport/moving of fridge, commercial freezer, pizza oven

Do you own a restaurant or a pastry shop and have decided to move to Montreal?

Transporting refrigerators, commercial freezers, pizza ovens, etc. – the heaviest items in your business require experience and know-how. Since our customers place complete trust in us, this leads us to offer them professional transport without damage.

Our expert movers in the transport of large refrigerators and large freezers will take care of the dismantling and installation at the best price.

If you are moving your business to Montreal, on the North Shore, in the Lanaudière, the Laurentides, on the South Shore, in Estrie, in Mauricie, we will carry out the move as soon as possible and at the best value for money.

The approximate cost to move restaurant kitchen equipment such as large refrigerators, pizza ovens, deep fryers, grills, etc. is $350-$600, depending on the number of stairs and the number of movers.

Long distance business moving

DestinationMoving priceDistance
Commercial moving price from Monreal to Toronto$2600-$3500540km
Commercial moving Montreal-Quebec$1800-$2700270km
Commercial moving price from Montreal to Sherbrooke$1200-$1800130km
Cost of commercial moving from Montreal to Magog$1200-$1800130km
Commercial moving Montreal – Mont-Tremblant$1250-$1850140km
Commercial movers from Montreal to Saint-Sauveur$800-$120070km
Commercial moving price between Montreal and Matane$2950-$3600641km
Commercial moving price Montreal to Mississauga$2700-3600560km
Commercial moving cost from Montreal to Ottawa$1450-$2000190km
Business moving from Montreal to Gatineau$1400-$1900 188km
Price for company moving from Montreal to Trois-Rivières$1300-$1900152km
Corporate movers between Montreal and Moncton$4600-$60001001km
Commercial moving price from Montreal to Shawinigan$1400-$1900178km
Commercial moving Montreal-Oka$800-$1300 54km
Commercial moving Montreal-Granby$850-$1350 80km
Cheap commercial moving between Montreal and St-Jérôme$600-$1000 45km
Commercial moving Châteauguay at the best price$120/-$175/h

Need more information on the various services related to commercial moving that we offer? Call us at: 438-989-8639 or request a moving quote online.

In short, with us, your commercial move in Montreal is simple, at the best price and successful!