Montreal pool table moving at the best price. Pool table installation

The Demelina Moving Company offers you a professional service for moving and installing a pool table at low prices in all regions of Montreal, South Shore and North Shore.

Move a pool table is not easy! Besides, if you’re only moving it around inside your house, you only need a few good pairs of arms. But if you want to transport her to another house, you’ll need a lot more help!

First and foremost, we provide you with the best pool table moving workers of the year 2024. So we are sure they will win you over with the professionalism they demonstrate. Because good physical shape, a sense of organization and good management of time and priorities are one of their assets.

Services offered for pool tables:

  • Upgrade – the level is checked and adjusted.
  • Replacement of rubbers on the bands.
  • Complete disassembly and assembly of the pool table.
  • Carpet change.
  • Delivery and moving.
pool table moving

Pool table moving with professional movers

However, the best way to move a pool table is to hire our professional technicians. They are a highly skilled team who are ready to meet all of your pool table move or repair needs. Regardless of the dimensions, our technicians will install it with care and professionalism.

They also have all the necessary tools. Everything to ensure the safe movement of your precious objects. For example: pool table, piano, antiques, marble things.

Demelina movers take care of disassembling, packing, transporting, reassembling and upgrading your billiard table with confidence.

There are 3 steps to move the pool table:
  1. Complete disassembly – Thorough disassembly and assembly offered for all types of pool tables.

2. Transportation – Secure transportation of the pool table in a closed trailer.

3. Installation – The structure is assembled and all parts of the table are installed.

* We have civil liability insurance for the goods transported.

What is the price for a pool table moving?

The price of moving a pool table depends on the region. Also, its size and the distance to travel. It costs around $ 500 to $ 900 for a move carried out by our professionals. The price to replace a pool table mat can vary between $ 200 and $ 400, depending on the color and quality of the material.

How much does it cost to move a pool table in Montreal, North Shore or South Shore

DestinationMoving cost
Moving a pool table in Laval$500-$750
Pool table moving price in Terrebonne$650-$900
Price for moving pool table in Longueuil$550-$800
Cost of relocating pool table in Brossard$550-$800
Moving a pool table Boucherville$650-$900
Pool table relocating price in Saint-Lambert$600-$850
Cost of moving pool table in Saint-Eustache$650-$900
Pool table moving price in Rawdon$850-$1100
Assembly a pool table in Oka$900-$1200
Pool table assembly price in Beloeil$750-$1000
Cost of assembly and moving pool table in Châteauguay$500-$750
Price for assembly and moving pool table to Magog$950-$1350
Relocating a pool table in Sherbrooke$950-$1400
Moving pool table in Westmount$550-$800
Pool table moving in Mont-Tremblant950$-1200$
Relocate a pool table in Repentigny850$-1100$

Storage of your pool table

We offer short or long term storage for your pool table.

It will be stored in a secure, temperature-controlled warehouse (while your home or house becomes available).

If you wish to book our services for a furniture move and / or storage, contact us.

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How to move a pool table by yourself?

It will take a lot of effort to move a pool table on your own. If you move it around the house, it’s easier to get there by asking for help from muscular friends who work in unison.

If you want to move it to a new home or storage space, you are also going to need your friends as well as some tools and a lot of patience.

  • Disassemble the pool table – You should start by removing the side pockets from the pool table. Then you need to separate the bands.
  • Detach the rails – Take out each of the rails. If the rails are fastened together, you will need help turning them all over at the same time and taking them apart.
  • Take out the felt – This is one of the trickiest steps in the process, because if you mess up the felt you will regret it. Use a special tool to remove them so as not to damage it.
  • Remove the slate – You need to separate the slate from the table with a screwdriver on which you have installed the correct type of bit. Then remove the legs from your pool table.
  • Evaluate the new location – You need to take steps to make sure the pool table fits properly where you want to set it up. But more importantly, you need to clear the area and the road from your vehicle to it. If you stumble over a mat while wearing slate, you’ll destroy an expensive, quality pool table.
  • Reassemble your pool table – You have to be extra careful while reassembling it. If you get it wrong it might not be level anymore which will affect your play. Start with the frame and legs, then reassemble everything else.

Tips for move your pool table in Montreal:

For best results when reassembling the pool table, you should regularly check whether it is level.

Once you’ve reassembled it, you can level the entire cabinet, but by making small adjustments as you go, you can save yourself unnecessary effort at the end of assembly.


Know that you are taking risks by moving the pool table yourself. If you damage it during the process, you will have to repair it or even change some parts.

Pool tables are very heavy. If you try to move it yourself or move it while injured, you could be in danger.

pool table moving

Whether for an installation, a repair, a move or a carpet change, contact us!

We are available at all times if you would like more information on our pool table moving service. Our experienced team is always on time and working hard to make your move a success.

Ask us for a free quote by providing us, if possible, the dimensions of your pool table so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Our company is the most specialized in the installation of pool tables in all regions of Montreal, North Shore and South Shore and is ready to offer you the best service at the best price.