Moving Montreal – Halifax – Long-distance moving

Moving Montreal – Halifax

Have you finally decided to leave Montreal to move to Halifax? Of course, this change of location is quite exciting, but don’t forget to plan this move well.

Long-distance moving professionals in Halifax

First, choosing a professional mover for your Montreal – Halifax moving is the best idea. Demelina movers make thousands of movings a year, so you can trust them. They will also guarantee you a certain peace of mind and above all better organization and much less pressure.

Plus, with the right equipment for any situation, moving to Halifax will be quick and easy.

The situations are different, for example, a piece of furniture or an appliance that is too large and an entrance that is too narrow seems impossible to make to enter the house. First, we have the right gear for these types of circumstances. But also experience moving through the window or the balcony. Second, if necessary, we can use a crane truck to lower or raise a heavy and fragile object.

The price of a moving Montreal – Halifax

If you are wondering how much moving from Montreal to Halifax could cost you, here is the answer.

We can give you an average estimate of moving from Montreal or another city in Quebec to Halifax.

First of all, it should be mentioned that the price of a moving to Halifax depends on several factors. And the most important are:

  • Moving date.
  • Distance from old to the new address in Halifax.
  • Moving Volume – If desired, we can send one of our evaluators to evaluate the exact volume of items to be moved to Halifax. In addition, this service is completely free and without any commitment on your part.
  • The number of movers required for your move.
  • The floors (presence or not of the elevator).

Below we provide a table with the estimated price for a move to Halifax from other major cities in Canada:

Moving Montreal – Halifax 2750$-5500$ 
Moving Longueuil – Halifax 2750$-5500$ 
Moving Laval – Halifax 2800$-5550$
Moving Brossard – Halifax 2750$-5500$
Moving Quebec – Halifax 2400$-4500$
Moving Sherbrooke – Halifax 2600$-4700$
Moving Trois-Rivieres – Halifax 2600$-4750$
Moving Gatineau – Halifax 2900$-6200$

Attention! This table gives a simple price estimate. There are other factors that would influence the price of a move to Halifax. For example, heavy objects to be moved (moving piano, moving pool table).

Moving Montreal-Halifax

How to move inexpensively to Halifax

If you find that moving to Halifax will cost you more than you thought, consider some tips to lower your moving bill.

Reduce your travel volume

As I said above, the price of a move depends on the volume of things to be moved. So, reduce the moving volume and the moving price by sorting things. You certainly have a lot of things that you haven’t used in a while. So it’s not worth transporting them to your new home. Don’t throw them away, think of the planet! But get rid of them by selling them or giving them away.

Move as a group to save 50%

Choosing a groupage move is also a low-cost moving strategy. So, after you have successfully reduced the moving volume, you may want to think about a group move to Halifax. Moving in a group is when movers group the movings of different customers, in the same truck, on the same route, or on a similar route in order to reduce costs. So a planned moving to Halifax will not go hand in hand with a moving to New Brunswick, for example. Ultimately, a cheap move to Halifax is guaranteed!

Choose the least busy period

Obviously, we don’t always have the freedom to choose the day of our short or long-distance moving. But if you have the chance, know that there are times of the year that are more favorable than others to move houses. It should be noted that long-distance moving can cost you less. And that’s only if you avoid the period between May 27 and July 5. But if you have no other choice and still need to move during this time, follow our advice. For example:

  • Book the moving company as soon as possible.
  • Choose a professional and recognized moving company. Because improvised movers could waste more time and money.
Moving Montreal-Halifax

Small moving from Montreal to Halifax

Do you want to organize a small moving carrying certain furniture, to Halifax or from Halifax, such as boxes, appliances, or heavy objects? So call on our reliable and experienced movers. As a result, you will avoid headaches. Since our movers are always on the road, this gives them the ability to intervene for an emergency long-distance moving, at any time, without requiring a plan in advance. Therefore, our movers are always at your disposal, ready to intervene urgently for the last-minute moving to Halifax, Quebec, Toronto, or anywhere in Canada.

We offer various moving services, delivery, assembly, and furniture storage services for individuals and businesses.

In conclusion, for a safe and efficient service, trust the professionals of Demelina Moving.

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