Office furniture assembly services in Montreal

To begin, we all know that assembling furniture means a lot of hassle. Whether it’s a desk, walk-in closet, or bookshelf, furniture assembly can be a complex, time-consuming process.

In general, office furniture is the most important piece of furniture in the company’s head office. It must therefore be useful and restful. In the end, it must be very well ridden. Usually, customers blame the quality of the furniture. But they also don’t think much about the quality of a desk or cabinet installation.

For example, an office table that is not assembled correctly will be unstable and deteriorate to the point of being impossible to use.

In addition, a professional furniture assembly service means not only the quality of the assembly. But also the speed with which your furniture assembly request is answered. Likewise, the way the assembly is carried out and the ability to find a solution when the piece of furniture needs to be modified.

Office furniture assemblers in Montreal, North Shore, and South Shore

Our company, Demelina Moving, in addition to commercial and residential moving, also offers professional furniture assembly and office installation services as quickly as possible.

Our team of furniture installers installs and assembles all types of furniture in commercial buildings, office spaces in Montreal. For example:

  • installation of office cabinets
  • Montreal office assembly
  • assembly of conference tables, receptions, cabinets, chairs
  • installation and assembly of storage / archive furniture
  • installation of supermarket furniture
  • assembly / installation of fitting rooms
  • installation of glass showcases in commercial spaces and stores
  • assembly of restaurant tables and terraces in Montreal, Laval, Brossard, etc.
  • installation of fitness centers and other public or residential spaces.
Office assembly Montreal

We try to minimize any unpleasant effects when assembling the furniture. In fact, we are referring to noise during installation, unintentional scratches on walls, parquet or even furniture to be assembled.

At the end of the assembly, our teams remove the packaging and waste resulting from the assembly of the furniture.

Areas served:

We serve companies located in any city, such as: Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto, Trois-Rivières, Rimouski, Moncton, etc.

Save time and enjoy your furniture quickly

Many traders or manufacturers of office furniture or customers who buy office furniture, request the furniture assembly service for new office furniture. It should be noted that this is one of the best decisions. This way you can relax until the furniture is ready instead of making it difficult for you to read the instruction manual.

Demelina’s team of office assemblers offer office furniture assembly services to manufacturers or sellers, as well as to companies that purchase their own office furniture.

From furniture purchased in-store or ordered online to custom-made furniture, our experts will provide you with top-of-the-range service at the best price.

Comprehensive office furniture solutions in Montreal:

  • Assembly services in the office or at home
  • Disassembly and reassembly of office furniture
  • Office furniture moving services
  • Furniture delivery services in Montreal
  • Last minute assembly and move
  • Furniture storage
  • Competitive prices
  • Professional and serious technicians
  • Neat work
  • Turnkey service
Assemblage bureaux Montréal

In addition, Demelina installers are the best experts in the assembly of residential home furniture. Such as: kitchen cabinet assembly, living room furniture assembly, bedroom furniture assembly, bathroom furniture assembly, playground assembly, gazebo assembly and installation, barbecue assembly, snowblower assembly, shelters sun, sheds, children’s playground, assembly and changing of pool table mats, etc.

Whether it’s delivering and assembling newly purchased furniture or disassemble furniture to move to another room, Assembly Demelina has the right solution for it. The team will also make sure that your furniture is assembled according to the manufacturer’s specifications. To avoid any accident caused by hasty installation / assembly, we recommend that you use the specialized furniture assembly service. In addition to the fact that Demelina’s teams are assembly experts in Montreal, they also offer fast and safe services.

We offer professional furniture installation services from any manufacturer or furniture store in Montreal and across Canada:

Furniture assembly from IKEA, Brault and Martineau, Brick, Jysk, Léon, Maison Corbeil, Structube, Casa Vogue, Bureau en gros, etc.

Office furniture assembly prices

In addition to the assembly and installation of office furniture, our team of professionals can also offer you delivery and moving services. Call on the Demelina team for the complete service. The total price will therefore be lower than the price of a piece of furniture delivered and assembled by the furniture store.

Choosing our office furniture assembly services in Montreal will make your life easier. And will ensure your own comfort as well as the assembly guarantee.

In short, contact us immediately for an estimate of assembly of office furniture in Montreal or elsewhere.

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