Piano moving in Montreal, North Shore, and South Shore

Experienced piano movers

The relocation or transport of a piano is a delicate task that requires special expertise. Indeed, the instrument, both massive and fragile, demands appropriate technique and proven experience. Without these elements, handling the piano can risk both you and your instrument’s integrity, potentially damaging your residence as well.

This is where our team of experienced piano movers comes into play. Our Montreal piano moving company has years of experience relocating all types of pianos, from keyboards to grand pianos. We provide services across Montreal, Montérégie, Laurentides, and throughout Quebec.

Our experienced team of piano movers is ready to handle every aspect of this complex task. Thus, we implement specialized techniques to ensure the safety of your piano throughout the process. Whether you are moving to Montreal, the North Shore, or the South Shore, we are ready to offer you quality piano moving services at the best prices.

Affordable piano moving in Montreal

By opting for our affordable piano moving services, you choose peace of mind. We value your instrument and recognize the risks of mishandled moves. That’s why we implement rigorous protocols to minimize any risk of damage, even in the case of urgent piano moves.

Entrust your piano move to the experts, whether you are a passionate amateur or a music professional. Our Montreal piano moving company ensures meticulous handling at every step, including piano delivery in Montreal. Contact us today to ensure a safe and stress-free piano move.

Piano moving prices in Montreal in 2024

Piano moving prices in Montreal

In 2024, we are adjusting our piano moving rates in Montreal based on several factors. As pianos come in various types, associated costs can also vary. Therefore, when requesting a quote for piano moving, it is essential to consider certain determining criteria. These criteria include:

  • Type of piano: The moving cost may fluctuate depending on the type of piano, whether it’s an upright piano, grand piano, or organ.
  • Departure and destination addresses: The locations of departure and arrival influence costs, and specifying these addresses is crucial for an accurate estimate.
  • Level of difficulty: The features of the route, such as floors, curves, or tight turns, are factors that impact the moving price.
  • Number of movers required: Depending on the level of difficulty, the number of movers needed may vary, affecting the total cost of the service.

Here’s an estimated price scale for piano moving in Montreal and its surrounding areas in 2024:

Piano typePrice
Moving upright piano300$ – 500$
Moving grand piano450$ – 700$
Organ transport350$ – 500$

It is crucial to note that these prices are indicative and may vary based on the specifics of each move. For a precise estimate, we advise reaching out to our professional piano moving company in Montreal. We take into account all relevant factors to offer a customized quote for your specific requirements.

Piano moving with a crane truck

As stated before, our Montreal team specializes in piano transport, offering exceptional service at competitive prices. Whether for piano delivery in Montreal or affordable piano moving, we commit to providing quality service.

Sometimes, moving a piano or a heavy object becomes a complex task through spiral stairs or very narrow spaces. In such situations, the optimal solution is to use a crane truck through the balcony. This is where our piano movers come in with the use of a crane truck.

Furthermore, our experienced professionals ensure to move your piano with the utmost care and precision. The cost of this service varies based on factors like piano type, departure and destination addresses, difficulty level, and required number of movers.

Moving and transport of heavy objects

Over the years, our company has become a trusted leader in Montreal for moving heavy objects. Our commitment to exceptional service at affordable prices has earned us recognition as the number one moving company in Montreal, the South Shore, and the North Shore.

We excel in moving a variety of heavy and fragile objects. This includes transporting pool tables, marble, granite, quartz countertops, commercial equipment, gym equipment, laboratory equipment, and much more. Our absolute commitment is to ensure the safety of your belongings throughout the entire process.

Our experienced team excels in moving and assembling pool tables. Additionally, we handle commercial refrigerators, gym equipment, medical clinic devices, and hospital beds. Our priority is ensuring optimal protection, achieved through the use of quality packing materials. Rest assured, your heavy and fragile items will arrive undamaged.

With us, the cost of moving heavy objects never compromises the exceptional quality of our services. Choose peace of mind by selecting the number one moving company in Montreal. Trust us to handle all your heavy object moving needs, and we assure you a reliable and professional experience at every step of the process.

Long-distance piano moving

piano moving Montreal with Demelina movers

Moving a piano over a long distance can be a manageable task, but it requires careful planning and the assistance of experienced professionals in musical instrument transportation. Choosing the best piano moving company, equipped with proven expertise, suitable equipment, and trained professionals, is key to ensuring meticulous handling of the piano throughout the process.

Reliable services at competitive prices

Our team of movers has undergone specialized training to provide reliable piano moving services, whether it’s from Montreal to destinations such as Quebec, Ontario, Toronto, Mont-Tremblant, Saint-Côme, Rigaud, Rimouski, Sept-Îles, and many other distant cities. We strive to make piano moving both affordable and high-quality, with competitive rates.

Our piano moving company offers an advantageous group moving option for long-distance piano moves. By choosing this option, customers have the opportunity to share the truck with other moves, resulting in a 50% reduced rate. This cost-effective opportunity applies to both long distances across Canada and short distances in Montreal, South Shore, and North Shore.

How much does it cost to move a piano in Montreal, North Shore or South Shore?

DestinationMoving cost
Moving a piano in Laval$500-$750
Piano moving price in Terrebonne$650-$900
Price for moving piano in Longueuil$550-$800
Cost of moving piano in Brossard$550-$800
Moving a piano Boucherville$650-$900
Piano moving price in Saint-Lambert$600-$850
Cost of moving piano in Saint-Eustache$650-$900
Piano moving price in Rawdon$850-$1100
Moving a piano in Oka$900-$1200
Piano moving price in Beloeil$750-$1000
Cost of moving piano in Châteauguay$500-$750
Price for piano to Magog$950-$1350
Moving a piano in Sherbrooke$950-$1400
Moving piano in Westmount$550-$800
Piano moving in Mont-Tremblant950$-1200$
Packing and preparation for long-distance moves

The process of moving a piano over a long distance begins with meticulous packing, similar to that of a short-distance move in Montreal. Our movers use specific materials to protect each component of the instrument from shocks, vibrations, and temperature variations during transport. In some cases, we disassemble the piano, especially if it is an upright or grand model, to facilitate loading and ensure optimal stability during transport.

Route planning and secure transport

Planning the route is crucial to minimize risks related to road and weather conditions. Our experienced long-distance movers select the best route based on distance, road conditions, and specific piano requirements. Our moving trucks equipped with special suspensions and securing devices ensure maximum protection throughout the transport.

Upon reaching the destination, our professional movers carefully unload the piano and install it according to the owner’s preferences. They ensure the correct reassembly of the instrument, tune it if necessary, and securely place it in its new environment.

Move your piano in Montreal and beyond with specialized experts, comprehensive insurance, and competitive rates!

Entrust us with the transportation of your piano in Montreal and fully benefit from the expertise of our specialized movers, accompanied by comprehensive insurance covering any potential damages. We offer competitive rates for a diverse range of services, including piano transportation, residential and commercial item moves, long-distance relocations, as well as services tailored to students, seniors, and assembly needs.

For any inquiries regarding your piano move or to obtain a no-obligation quote, feel free to contact us directly at 438-989-8639. Take advantage of our advantageous rates, even in the case of last-minute moves, ensuring a peaceful delivery of your piano to its destination.