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You have a move planned in Lasalle and you are looking for a professional and low-cost Lasalle mover?

Depending on your budget, you can choose to benefit from a cheap economic move or an all-inclusive move.

A move, whether local or long distance, residential or commercial, takes a lot of time and drains your energy. But the advantage of contacting a moving company is the saving of time and the absence of stress.

Best Movers in Lasalle: Companies and Individuals

Movers Lasalle

At Demelina Moving, our goals are the quality of work and complete customer satisfaction. That’s why, in our moving company, you will find more than just movers.

It is true that our movers are all specialized in residential, commercial and long distance moving. But besides that, they are also attentive people, honest, punctual and handle client’s goods with great care. They also offer extraordinary customer service, a personalized assessment, and insurance to protect all their personal belongings. Their effectiveness is no longer to be tested. You can also find on Google Maps comments left by people who have already called on them for a move in Montreal and its surroundings.

So if you are looking for a competent mover to move you to Lasalle or from Lasalle to another city in Quebec or Ontario, know that you have found it.

Whether it is a local residential/commercial Lasalle move or a long distance move, our professional movers will accompany you throughout the move. They will offer you the best services, advice and solutions to your least concern.

Low cost moving services in Lasalle tailored to your needs

If you are moving your house or office in the same building but on different floors and you need a Lasalle moving helper, you can also contact us.

To save money during your move, you can take care of small things like boxes, clothes, dishes. You can leave large and heavy items to our experienced movers. They will be happy to help you transport your furniture and appliances to your new home in Lasalle or elsewhere in Quebec.

We also offer other services for all customers in Montreal, South Shore, North Shore and throughout Quebec and Ontario:

  • Packing of goods/unpacking
  • Effective protection of fragile and non-fragile goods
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • Moving piano
  • Transport and assembly of billiard tables
  • Small move
  • Last minute move/emergency move
  • Loading and unloading of trucks
  • Storage in Montreal
  • Crane truck rental

Price of a mover in Lasalle

Residential move Lasalle

Want to know how much it will cost to move a house, apartment or business from or to Lasalle? Indeed, the price of the Lasalle mover will depend on what you need.

So, in order to give you an accurate moving price, please provide us with as much information as possible regarding a local or long distance move in Lasalle. For example :

  1. Exact departure and arrival addresses.
  2. The moving date.
  3. The quantity of items to be moved.
  4. The services you need (packaging, disassembly, reassembly, etc.).
  5. The floors at the departure and destination address (presence or absence of the elevator).
  6. The packing material to be provided.
  7. Special objects to transport (piano, safe, aquarium, quartz or granite table, sculptures, etc.).

First, these elements will determine the size of vehicle to be used. Second, the number of movers you will need. And finally, the time that the operation should last and therefore the cost of moving from or to Lasalle.

Also, keep in mind that for a move to Lasalle and anywhere in Quebec, the most requested period, or also called the high season, is between the months of May – July when there are school holidays. Moving prices will be higher than for the rest of the period. Just like the weekend move.

But if you want to move at a reduced price, we advise you to move between the months of August – April and on weekdays. Moving costs will then be lower.

Opt for an all-inclusive Lasalle move by contacting Lasalle movers near you.

Moving trucks and equipment Lasalle

For a move to be 100% successful, the moving trucks must be varied, very well maintained and specially adapted for the transport of furniture and objects.

This is why we would like to inform you that we have a fleet of 18, 20, 22 foot trucks that we take care to inspect daily and repair regularly. In addition, they meet the safety standards of the Commission des transports du Québec and meet the highest requirements of the trucking industry.

Our movers in Montreal have high-end, clean and disinfected moving materials and equipment. For example: protective covers, covers for mattresses, boxes ($), hand trucks, dollies, adhesive tape, bubble wrap and more.

In addition, we are committed to insuring your goods, whether during the packaging, loading, transport, unloading and unpacking of your goods.

So do not hesitate any longer for your change of residence, opt for the facility!

Take advantage of our fast Lasalle moving service at the best price!

Long distance moving from or to Lasalle

Are you planning to leave Lasalle to move over a long distance at low cost to another city in Quebec or Ontario?

We can offer the best service at a lowest cost for a long distance move in Ottawa, Gatineau, Toronto, Sept-Îles, Rimouski, Chibougamau, New Brunswick, Gaspésie, Manitoba, etc.

Regardless of the type of move (residential long distance, commercial long distance or long distance delivery), the moving formula and the size of the truck chosen, our team of specialized movers will offer you moving services at reduced prices, while maintaining a superior quality.

You will never be disappointed if you choose to call on our long distance movers from/to Lasalle to help you with your move.

Our services include: advice, free estimate, complete or partial preparation of your goods (packing and unpacking, safe storage), specialized transportation and more.

It should be noted that to make a long distance move profitable, it is good to choose to move during the least busy period. Because if you move in high season, the move will cost more because we are busier and we have to find movers through the agency, which considerably increases the bill.

In conclusion, for a quick and safe move, contact us at 438 989 8639 or fill out our online quote form. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed and transparent price estimate for your move from Lasalle or to Lasalle, perfectly suited to your expectations and your budget.