Moving Montreal – Moncton – best price for long distance moving

Moving Montreal – Moncton

Have you found a house or a job in Moncton and want to move there? Or maybe you are in Moncton and want to move to Montreal, to experience a different life?

First, a long-distance moving involves good preparation. In addition, don’t neglect the security of your belongings to save on your moving to Moncton or Montreal. Don’t take any risks and choose a company with movers specializing in long distance movings. Choose Déménagement Demelina – registered and insured company. In fact, more than 10 years of experience in residential, commercial, and long distance moving make us a reliable company.

Choosing a Montreal – Moncton mover – Top-of-the-range service

The most important step in a moving process is, of course, choosing the right moving company. You will not make mistakes in choosing us to serve you.

Over the years, we have learned to be better at it. In fact, we have improved the quality of services. Specially to help you move comfortably.

Among other things, the equipment used for the moving is more efficient. We have implemented a truck maintenance / disinfection program immediately after each order. We have developed online tools.

So our customers can organize a long distance moving. The online submission form is free. Then it allows you to enter all the information about your moving.

For example: list of things to move, access to the building, floors (with or without elevator), etc.

The quote will be based only on those declared. Please give the mover all the details of the moving. Including heavy objects that need to be moved. That is to say: piano moving, pool table moving.

Optimal period for a long distance moving

When planning a move from Montreal to Moncton or Moncton to Montreal, the first thing to do is set the date. There are times that are requested more often than others. The price is therefore different. The busiest time for moving is summer, during school holidays. It starts in June and lasts until September. Our agenda is filling up quickly for this period. So give us a call ahead and book a date that’s convenient for you.

Fewer people are moving from February through May. So it’s a quieter time. This is why you can more easily find availability and advantageous rates. The low season is considered for the movers the period from September to January. This means you have a greater choice of dates and the moving rate is better.

Moving Montreal - Moncton

How much does a move from Montreal to Moncton cost?

The price of a long distance move is different from the price of a local move. Namely, the price of moving services from Montreal to Moncton or Moncton – Montreal is influenced by certain factors. In particular:

  • Moving date
  • Volume of things to transport
  • Floors where the two addresses are located, as well as the presence or absence of the elevator.

A move from Montreal to Moncton costs between $ 2,500 and $ 4,000.

For a more precise estimate, please contact us at 438 989 8639 or complete the free quote form.

Furniture assembly throughout New Brunswick; Quebec

Déménagement Demelina offers its home furniture assembly services at the best price. Our competent assemblers provide you with their expertise in residential furniture assembly, billiard table installation, patio furniture, BBQ. They are equipped with all the special tools needed to install the furniture. Competitive prices for the assembly of furniture from different stores. These would be: Ikea, Costco, Brick, Structube, Brault & Martineau.

Save up to 50% on the cost of the move – best value for money

Groupage service for moving Montreal-Moncton or Moncton-Montreal

An last minute and long-distance moving costs more. But you can save money by moving as a group. In short, the groupage move is perfect if you want to make an economical moving. Two or three customers traveling in the same direction as you using the same truck could share the moving costs. In addition, moving in a group reduces CO2 emissions.

It would be great if you were flexible on the moving date. This allows us to offer you a good moving price. Contact us to find out the date of the next order and the possibility of sharing the truck for a move to Moncton or from Moncton to Montreal.