Moving Montreal – Sherbrooke – Best price in 2024

Moving Montreal – Sherbrooke

Do you live in Montreal, North Shore or South Shore and want to move to Sherbrooke? Surely you expect the move to go quickly without causing you any stress or worry.

Indeed, every move that seems small requires good planning and organization, if it is to be a success. It is therefore essential to turn to a specialized moving company.

Demelina Moving is the company that offers its customers residential moving, commercial and industrial short and long distance movings in Sherbrooke.

Take advantage of our best moving rates.

Movers for residential moving Montreal-Sherbrooke

Finding a mover is a very important step. That’s why it’s a good idea to start the search some time in advance. Because we all know that good moving specialists are caught very quickly.

Our company has a team of competent, fast and honest movers who will take care of your business as if it were their own.

We also have a large number of employees and trucks in order to be able to offer our service in Sherbrooke and throughout Quebec to as many customers as possible at the same time.

Our moving equipment is adapted to all your needs. Whether it’s moving a piano, a safe, moving a pool table, a treadmill or any other heavy and fragile object, our professional Sherbrooke movers will do the job with great care. Because your property is important to us. This is why our moving company and the movers who work there seek to offer a moving service that combines thoroughness and efficiency.

And even if there are small accidents, know that we offer you a complete insurance service.

Finally, by doing business with our professional movers, you will have peace of mind and your belongings will be safe.

Moving Montreal - Sherbrooke

All-inclusive services for your moving from Montreal to Sherbrooke

  • Free long distance moving estimate between Montreal and Sherbrooke.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture.
  • Complete or partial packing and unpacking of objects and personal effects.
  • Loading, safe transport with well-equipped trucks and unloading.
  • Adequate moving equipment.
  • Assembly of furniture and offices.
  • Safe short or long term storage.
  • Moving piano, safe and pool table.

Commercial moving from Montreal to Sherbrooke

We are always at your disposal for business moving services between Sherbrooke and Montreal, Sherbrooke and Quebec, Sherbrooke-Toronto, Sherbrooke-Ottawa.

We can quickly and safely move heavy and fragile objects and equipment at the same time. For this, we will use equipment adapted to each object and situation.

Given the current pandemic situation, many restaurants, bars, pastry shops, boutiques and other businesses are closing their activities and thus freeing up the rented space. We have a moving like this every week. We have solutions for all heavy objects and equipment such as large restaurant refrigerators, refrigerated display cases, grills and ovens.

Also, our movers have the technique and knowledge to move a photocopier to Montreal or Sherbrooke, moving a printer to a company, move marble, granite or quartz.

Finally, we have experience in industrial moving. When the object is very heavy and bulky and the manual force is not enough, it is necessary to use a crane truck. So, as you can see, nothing is impossible for Demelina Moving.

How much does a moving from Montreal to Sherbrooke cost?

Our movers offer you all-inclusive fixed prices for your long-distance moving from Montreal to Sherbrooke.

The price for a moving from Montreal to Sherbrooke varies between $750-$1500.

Of course, the price is influenced by some factors, such as:

  • Moving date and time of year
  • Distance between addresses
  • The volume of things to move
  • Number of movers required
  • The floors and the presence or absence of the elevator
  • Special items to be moved, for example: piano, pool table, safe.

Moving to the greater Sherbrooke region

Destinations/Basic priceDestinations/Basic price
Moving Montreal to Waterloo – 1100$Moving Montreal to Kingsbury – 1350$
Moving Montreal to Melbourne – 1250$Moving Montreal to Compton – 1360$
Moving Montreal to Maricourt – 1100$Moving Montreal to Lennoxville – 1300$
Moving Montreal to Racine – 1100$Moving Montreal to Fleurimont – 1300$
Moving Montreal to Valcourt – 1100$Moving Montreal to Katevale – 1200$
Moving Montreal to Coaticook – 1100$Moving Montreal to Hatley – 1250$
Moving Montreal to Marbleton – 1450$Moving Montreal to Ascot Corner – 1300$
Moving Montreal to Saint-Camille – 1450$Moving Montreal to Cookshire-Eaton – 1380$
Moving Montreal to Val-Joli – 1300$Moving Montreal to East Angus – 1350$
Moving Montreal to Hall – 1450$Montreal movers to Bonsecours – 1100$
Moving Montreal to Lawrenceville – 1000$Moving Montreal to Bishopton – 1450$
Moving Montreal to Frost Village – 950$Moving Montreal to Windsor – 1350$

Long distance moving price from Sherbrooke to other cities

DestinationsPrice for moving from/to Sherbrooke
Moving price from Sherbrooke to Moncton4850$-6000$
Moving price between Sherbrooke and Toronto2650$-3500$
Sherbrooke-Ottawa moving cost1600$-2400$
Moving from Sherbrooke to Matane2750$-3500$
Moving Sherbrooke-Quebec1700$-2000$
Moving price from Sherbrooke to Rimouski2600$-3200$
Moving price between Sherbrooke and Gaspé3600$-5200$
Moving cost Sherbrooke-Saguenay2500$-2900$
Movers from Sherbrooke to Halifax4850$-7000$
Prices for movers from Sherbrooke to Chicoutimi2500$-2800$
Moving between Sherbrooke and Rivière-du-Loup2450$-2800$
Moving price from Sherbrooke to Fredericton2950$-3200$
Moving cost Sherbrooke-Mississauga2950$-3200$

To receive the best price estimate for your moving to Sherbrooke or from Sherbrooke, please contact us by phone at 438 989 8639 or by using the free quote form.

We guarantee a safe, fast, well-organized moving service and above all a transparent price, which exceeds your expectations.