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Moving Terrebonne

Do you yearn for a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of a big city?

First of all, living in Terrebonne, on the North Shore of Montreal is the ideal place!

We, the Montreal Demelina Moving team, are responsible for your peace of mind regarding the move.

It should be noted that we can offer you the best price for a moving in Terrebonne. Whether you are in Quebec (South-Shore or North-Shore), in the greater Montreal area (Laval, Longueuil). Long distance moves are also successful if done by us. Whether you are moving to Gatineau or Ottawa, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivieres or another city in the province of Quebec, Ontario or Canada. No matter the type of move: small moving, a commercial moving, furniture assembly, piano move, pool table, move in the Montreal area or long distance, our professionals will be there to offer you a pleasant move thanks to their skills and their experience.

We are committed to offering you inexpensive but at the same time professional moving services in Terrebonne. In addition, we support you from the reservation, during the move and after the move, to meet all your expectations. In addition, our working methods, our complete equipment, respect for plans and working hours make us the best and reliable moving company in Montreal and the surrounding area.

Moving price in Terrebonne

Idea of ​​the price of a move in Terrebonne according to the number of movers:

Number of rooms 2 movers 3 movers
$ 345    $ 475
$ 425 $ 525
$ 575 $ 775
$ 675 $ 875
$ 725 $ 925
Two-story house $ 875 $ 1200
House & garage $ 950  $ 1325

If you opt for the services of professional movers, for example, in low season (before mid-May and after mid-July) the rates vary between $ 90 to $ 105 per hour for 2 movers and between $ 125 to $ 145 per hour for 3 movers.

We must not forget that our minimum is two hours of work. There is also the travel time, which depends on the distance, but usually it is an hour. Then the total price of your moveing will be evaluated according to your real needs.

In fact, customer involvement, such as packing some furniture by themselves, can reduce the cost of the move.

The parameters that vary the price of a move to Terrebonne:

  • volume
  • distance
  • number of floors
  • presence or absence of elevator
  • number of movers
  • packing or not of your belongings
  • assembly / disassembly of your furniture
  • heavy objects to move
  • cardboard boxes and protective material
  • date of your move.
Packing equipment and supplies needed for a successful move:

  • Cardboard box (for mirror, dishes etc.)
  • Wardrobe box (storage for clothes)
  • Packaging plastic
  • Tape
  • Mattress bag (various sizes)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Blankets
  • Heavy-duty equipment
  • Moving belts
  • Hand trucks and four-wheeled carts.

We provide you with 22, 20 and 18 foot moving trucks, inspected daily and repaired regularly. In addition, which comply with the standards of the Commission des transports du Québec. Also, which meet the highest demands of the trucking industry.

You also have the possibility of using complete moving services in Terrebonne, such as: dismantling of furniture, packing / unpacking, reassembly of furniture, storage.

We also offer discounts for student and senior moving.

Professional services for long distance moving

If you need to relocate outside of Terrebonne, you can count on our competent movers to move and transport your furniture and appliances.

The price for a long distance moving is different from a local moving, so you wouldn’t be billed by the hour.

Ultimately, what will influence the price of a long-distance moving is: the distance to be covered, the total weight of your shipment, the delivery times.

Moving Terrebonne

For professional service, trust the qualified and experienced staff!

Treat yourself to the services of our movers so that you can get back to your routine quickly.

Moving from Terrebonne to Quebec City, Ontario and New Brunswick

DestinationMoving costDistance
Movers from Terrebonne to Toronto2700$570km
Moving price Terrebonne to Ottawa1400$220km
Moving price Terrebonne to Quebec1800$270km
Best moving price from Terrebonne to Gatineau1250$190km
Best rate from Terrebonne to Gaspésie4300$950km
Best price from Terrebonne to Moncton4600$1040km
Moving price Terrebonne – Halifax5500$1200km
Moving price Terrebonne to Rimouski2900$560km
Moving from Terrebonne to Sherbrooke1300$182km
Price for moving from Terrebonne to Drummondville1000$114km
Moving Terrebonne – Kingston1900$290km
Small moving from Terrebonne to Trois-Rivieres1000$124km
Big move from Terrebonne to Riviere-du-Loup2450$437km
Cheap movers from Terrebonne to Saguenay2550$456km
Good price from Terrebonne to Mont-Tremblant950$124km
Economical moving Terrebonne – Victoriaville1200$169km
Moving price from Terrebonne to Chibougamau3700$710km

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