Warehousing service in Montreal – Secure warehouses at low prices

Warehousing service Montreal

Planning a move and need temporary storage for furniture and personal effects? Déménagement Demelina offers, in addition to moving, storage services in the Montreal, North Shore and South Shore regions.

When do we store things?

Residential Storage in Montreal and throughout Quebec

There are different causes that can involve short or long term storage. Are you an individual and you need to store goods to move? Or do you want to make repairs around the house? Or even travel? The more important is to choose the size of the mini-warehouse and its location according to your needs. For all these reasons, we offer secure mini-warehouses for all types of furniture, objects and appliances at the lowest price.

Commercial storage

Are you a business that wants to free up office space and needs storage in a mini warehouse? Or are you a restorer and want to tidy up your terraces in winter? In short, know that we have the solution for a quality storage service in the Montreal area and throughout Quebec.

It should be noted that we work with companies that take care of post-disaster renovations and with insurers. We therefore offer a rapid storage service. So the disaster restoration company can start work immediately.

Items prohibited in a storage room:

Fire arms; Explosive objects; Important acts; Jewelry and precious objects; Food; Money in cash.

How to find things more easily in the warehouse?

First, to better find your items, remember to identify your boxes. Write the contents on a piece of paper that you will later glue onto the box. Or all you have to do is number the boxes. Then write the content on a sheet that you will keep.

Finally, make sure that all the important things that you will use often are placed by the door.

Packing and storage service with Déménagement Demelina

Do you need our help? Our team, Déménagement Demelina, can come to your home to take charge of the entire process, from packaging to storage in a secure warehouse. We will arrange the boxes in the storage space to save space. Also, we will use moving blankets to wrap and protect furniture and appliances. Likewise, we will provide you with wardrobe boxes to store clothes so that they do not wrinkle. Fragile objects, such as dishes, we will wrap them with paper or even blankets so as not to damage them. So if you need urgent storage, contact us immediately. We will be ready to schedule your furniture storage as soon as possible.

Delivery service, moving

Treat yourself and take advantage of our quality packing, delivery and moving services in Montreal.

Déménagement Demelina works with the best warehouses in Montreal. When we chose them, we considered the most important criteria. For example :

Service warehousing Montreal
  • Warehouse security
  • Spacious, affordable and well-maintained storage units
  • Storage with insurance
  • Easy access to storage space
  • Self-storage
  • Friendly customer service
  • Easy access for moving trucks
  • Material handling available
  • Flexible warehouse opening hours

The best warehouses in Montreal to store your goods:

To conclude, remember that when booking the warehouse, specify that Déménagement Demelina is the one who recommended you. Finally, enjoy easy and stress-free storage.

Need help with your move? Save time and don’t worry!

Contact us immediately and find out the price and availability.