An efficient moving service Saint-Jérôme

Moving Saint-Jérôme

First, changing a house is one of the most important things in life.

Déménagement Demelina has been moving homes and businesses for 10 years now. Our professional staff is equipped to provide the best services, no matter the size of your move. Benefit from the best services for moving condos, apartments or family homes.

Whatever your next address in Saint-Jérôme, the Demelina moving team will carefully move everything you own, wherever you want.

Contact Us. It will be a great pleasure for us to accompany you throughout the moving process. We will also make you benefit from our experience, giving you wise advice.

Planning and moving – a winning combination for Déménagement Demelina’s clients.

Step 1: Planning the move

First of all, in order to organize yourself optimally, we advise you to make a moving plan in Saint-Jérôme.

For example: take an inventory of your logistics needs.

Then contact the professional mover to take care of your move. He will pack, dismantle, transport and reassemble the furniture to the new address.

2nd step: Price estimate

Depending on your needs, our movers will offer you a good Saint-Jérôme moving price that fits your budget.

If you have heavy objects like a piano, a pool table or a safe, let us know so that we can give you a fair price but also to provide you with the necessary equipment.

Also, if you are considering storing things in a mini warehouse, now is exactly the time to let us know so we can find the warehouse you need.

3rd step: Carrying out the move

The move is carried out by our trusted movers in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore in order to maintain quality control and deadlines.

Déménagement Demelina guarantees you the best cheap moving solution in Montreal.

It should be noted that the team pays special attention to each move so that customers are 100% satisfied.

Déménagement Demelina – your number 1 mover Saint-Jérôme

  • Cost assessment and assistance during the moving process are free.
  • We provide fast, efficient and flexible services.
  • Disassembly / reassembly and packing / unpacking of goods are also included.
  • Discretion and security are guaranteed.
  • The best value for money.
Déménagement Saint-Jérôme

Feel safe with Déménagement Demelina

Due to the unprecedented situation regarding the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we had to review operating procedures to protect our customers and employees from the risk of infection. Our teams benefit from enhanced protection when working inside or near your home. But especially when moving elderly people. This includes the safe use of the mask, frequent hand washing, sanitation of vehicles and the daily washing of uniforms at high temperatures.

Turnkey Saint-Jérôme moving from A to Z

All moving services in one place.

Residential moving Saint-Jérôme

Changing homes is one of the most important things in life. Whatever your future address, with Déménagement Demelina, you have the guarantee that everything will go perfectly.

Complete commercial moving services Saint-Jérôme

Are you expanding your business or moving your business elsewhere? We provide comprehensive relocation services for businesses of all sizes. From the smallest move to the largest and in any city in Quebec, we are the solution for a successful move.

Last minute moving Saint-Jérôme

Whether in the province of Quebec, or in other regions of Canada, our emergency or last minute moving services will be offered to you at the best price on the market.

Student moving

Take advantage of our student moving promotions in Saint-Jérôme. Or hire one of our moving trucks and have a low cost move.

Commercial Moving in Saint-Jérôme: A Seamless Transition!

Are you searching for affordable movers for your commercial move in Saint-Jérôme? Look no further! Our experienced team is here to make your transition smooth and stress-free, whether you’re moving restaurants, schools, daycares, shops, or businesses.

At Demelina Moving, we understand the importance of minimizing disruptions during a commercial move. That’s why we provide a dedicated team of moving professionals who will handle every aspect of your move from start to finish.

Whether you need to relocate heavy and delicate kitchen equipment from a restaurant, specific equipment from a school or daycare, or even fragile items from a shop or business, we are equipped to handle all the challenges of your move.

Our moving process is designed to be efficient and fast, minimizing downtime and allowing you to resume your commercial activities as quickly as possible. Plus, with our affordable rates, you can enjoy superior service without exceeding your budget.

Trust Demelina Moving compagnie for your commercial move in Saint-Jérôme. Contact us today for a free quote and discover how we can facilitate your transition to your new location with professionalism and care.

Long distance moving

For a long distance move, we can offer you hourly and fixed prices. Every week we make trips between Montreal and Toronto, Montreal – Quebec, Montreal – New Brunswick. So contact us and take advantage of an economical long-distance move from Saint-Jérôme to Quebec, Toronto, Moncton, Lévis, Gaspésie. We’ll take care of all the details at every step of the way in the long distance moving process.

Long distance moving from Saint-Jérôme to Quebec City, Ontario and New Brunswick

DestinationPrix déménagementDistance
Moving from St-Jerome to Toronto2700$-3200$575km
Moving price from St-Jérôme to Quebec1850$-2200$293km
Price for moving from Saint-Jérôme to Ottawa1250$-1500$170km
Cheap moving from Saint-Jérôme to Gatineau1250$-1500$165km
Cheap movers from St-Jérôme to Moncton 4800$-5500$1035km
Moving price between Saint-Jérôme and Gaspesie4800$-5400$968km
Moving St-Jérôme-Levis1850$-2200$298km
Moving price from Saint-Jérôme to Mississauga2800$-3300$592km
Moving from St-Jerome to London3700$-4200$762km
Economical moving from St-Jerome to Sherbrooke1000$-1450$215km
Best moving price from St-Jerome to Matane3400$-3900$684km
Moving cost from St-Jerome to Trois-Rivieres950$-1350$168km
Cheap movers from St-Jerome to Riviere-du-Loup2300$-2800$485km
Small moving from St-Jerome to Saguenay2500$-2850$500km
Economical moving from St-Jerome to Jonquiere2500$-2850$505km
Cheaper moving from St-Jerome to Chibougameau3600$-4000$723km
Moving from Saint-Jerome to Magog1200$-1450$184km
Entrust us with your move of piano, pool table, etc.

Delivery and transport of pool table and piano everywhere in Quebec and Ontario. Change the pool table mat at the best price in Montreal. If necessary store your items in one of our warehouses in Montreal or elsewhere.

Whether you are moving to Saint-Jérôme or Montreal we will simplify the stressful tasks of moving and turn your move into a simple process.

Déménagement Saint-Jérôme

Cheap movers from Saint-Jérôme to neighboring cities

DestinationPrice for 2 moversPrice for 3 movers
Moving from St–Jérôme to Sainte-Sophie$110-135/h$145-175/h
Moving from St–Jérôme to Saint-Colomban $110-135/h$145-175/h
Moving from St–Jérôme to Prévost$120-135/h$150-175/h
Moving from St–Jérôme to Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs$120-135/h$150-175/h
Cheap movers from St–Jérôme to Morin-Heights$120-135/h$150-175/h
Prices for movers from St–Jérôme to Saint-Sauveur$120-135/h$150-175/h
Price for moving from St–Jérôme to Mont-Gabriel$125-135/h$150-175/h
Cheap movers from St–Jérôme to Sainte-Adèle$125-135/h$150-175/h
Small move between St–Jérôme and Val-Morin$125-135/h$150-175/h
Best price for a move from St–Jérôme to Val-David$125-135/h$150-175/h
Economical moving between St–Jérôme and Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts $125-135/h $150-175/h
Cheap moving from St–Jérôme to Mont-Tremblant $950-$1200$1250-$1400

The price for travel time is not included, it is added depending on the distance.

Complete our online quote form or contact us directly at 438-989-8639.