Best price for student moving in 2024

Student moving discounts

Are you a student and want to move to Montreal or from Montreal to a college or university? Are you on a budget and looking for a moving company with prices that suit you? In fact, Demelina moving is exactly the company you need for the small moving. For your student moving to different regions of Montreal, North Shore or South Shore, we provide you with economical and comprehensive solutions.

Moving alone or with professionals?

Moving with friends

If you are moving alone, with the help of friends it will be cheaper than if you turn to a professional moving company. But it is very important to be well organized. Also, you should let your friends know in advance so that they do not plan other projects on your moving day. In addition, you should not ignore the fact that you may have unexpected surprises on moving day. For example, if one or more friends let you know that they can’t help you that day, it will ruin your plans a bit.

Also, remember that moving alone can sometimes be stressful. You have to rent a truck, buy the necessary boxes and packing materials. Do not ignore the parking permit, the difficulty of accessing the building. Be careful to protect your furniture and fragile objects to avoid any risk of breakage.

There are many factors to consider when moving. However, with the right organization, your move can go smoothly.

Moving with professionals

Whether you are moving into a student residence, a studio or a shared apartment, it will be easier for you to turn to moving professionals.

However, we do offer all-inclusive packages that take the hassle out of packing material, or truck rental. Protection during transport is also provided by the movers.

In short, we take care of everything and you will save time and energy for other important things.

Student moving

Long-distance student moving

Are you planning to move from Montreal to Toronto, Quebec or Ottawa? In this case, it is much more beneficial to use professional student movers. They will take care of your moving and get it done quickly. You won’t have to worry about all the logistical and administrative aspects.

Price for student moving

The cost of a residential moving for students depends on several factors:

  • Volume to be moved
  • Distance to travel
  • Floors (presence or absence of the elevator)
  • Additional services: transport of heavy objects such as a piano, etc.

How to reduce your moving costs?

Demelina moving informs you about the different possibilities available to you in order to adopt simple and economical solutions.

  • Help for students

Be aware that you can get help from various organizations to get moving assistance. You can also deduct moving expenses.

Find out in advance if you are eligible for this assistance, how and where you can apply.

  • Choose the date of the moving carefully

You can certainly save money by choosing the right moving date. Between mid-June and mid-September, prices may increase. If you can, be flexible about the month and day of the moving. Choose a date during the week rather than at the weekend as the prices are more affordable.

  • Group moving for students

However, a cost effective solution for a student move is group travel which is easy to organize. Search for people you know or strangers who might move on the same day and in the same direction. The transport costs are thus shared between the customers. So you can save up to 50%.

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