Professional packing and unpacking service Montreal

Packing service Montreal

Déménagement Demelina offers a wide range of packaging services. We pack all items in a home or business. We take into account your budget as well as the date of the moving or transport. Our experience in packaging allows us to pack all bulky, fragile and delicate items very well so that they are safe. Namely, we will put into practice a good organization and the proper loading method so that your valuables do not often suffer the shocks of the road. We guarantee the best price for the packaging service. Request a free estimate.

Packing and moving material

Déménagement Demelina offers various residential, commercial and long distance moving services that include the packing / unpacking of your items.

Please note that we provide all the necessary equipment for the packaging process. For example:

  • Boxes and supplies – for small and large objects, light and heavy. Either way, one of our packaging specialists can come to your home to assess the number and size of boxes you need.
  • Wrapping paper – used to wrap fragile items and fill in the blanks in the boxes.
  • Medium strength bubble wrap – it’s perfect for light, non-fragile things. It will protect the goods from scratches and destruction.
  • Super strong bubble wrap – suitable for heavy objects which are also very fragile.
  • Sealing tape, permanent markers.
  • Wardrobe boxes – these are used to carry clothes in a hanging position, if you don’t want to fold and pack them. But we also have elongated wardrobe boxes that we use to fold clothes.
  • Blankets – are used to cover furniture, fragile items, such as glass. Their transport, removal and storage will go smoothly, without causing any damage.
  • Mattress cover – the mattress will not get dusty or dirty. Different sizes of cover are available: single, double, large, extra large.

Why use professional packaging services

Many people choose to take advantage of the packaging services of a specialist company because they don’t want to waste time doing it themselves.

Leave this to us and we’ll take care of packing all items quickly and neatly before loading them onto the truck. Besides the fact that we will protect your things very well, we will also pay more attention to the floors and walls in your home.

It is important to know that if you decide to pack all of your items on your own, your packer / mover is not responsible for any damage to your items during transit except in cases of negligence.

Complete packaging for local and long distance moving

Our packing and moving experts will carefully pack everything in your home or apartment. These are the kitchen items, the living room, the bedrooms, the library and all the rest of the furniture in the house.

Note that you can pack all of your belongings by yourself. And you can ask the moving company only to transport them to your new address in Montreal, Laval, North Shore, South Shore or long distance.

Or, go easy and give them both: packing and shipping.

Once at your destination, our expert packers will be able to unpack and store your belongings.

Choose the date of the moving and contact us! We take care of the rest!

Rental of trucks and moving equipment

Whether you need to transport just a few items or a full truck, we’re here to help.

Rent one of our trucks with driver at a good price and benefit from its professionalism in packing and moving.

If you entrust us with the packing and removal, you should know that you will benefit from free packing material.

For example: blankets, wardrobe boxes, mattress covers, etc.

Packing service Montreal

Careful packaging service and safe transport, with us! Contact us immediately at 438 989 8639 or request a free quote.