Transport of pallets in the greater Montreal area – Fast and efficient delivery

Transport and delivery of pallets in Montreal

To begin with, let’s give a little explanation of what a transport pallet means. These are wooden, plastic or stainless steel load supports. They are used in local and long-distance transport, storage, stacking and handling of goods.

Our company, Demelina Moving, specializes in the delivery and transport of goods on pallets, but also the transport of things without pallets to your home or business in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore and everywhere in Quebec and Canada.

We have more than 10 years of experience in moving and transporting furniture, household appliances, bulky and very heavy objects, medical devices. So you can be sure that your goods will be handled, loaded, transported and unloaded with the utmost care and above all in complete safety. There will be no risk of damage to both objects and your property.

Transport of commercial goods on pallets

Most of the time, those who use our pallet delivery services are commercial companies. For example: construction companies, furniture stores, grocery stores, educational institutions, museums, medical clinics, theaters.

We take care of the delivery of furniture and the transport of goods on pallets the same day in Montreal, Laval, Brossard, Longueuil, etc. for your business and your customers, at an affordable price.

The advantages of transporting pallets with Demelina Moving:

– Reduction of truck loading/unloading operations for short or long distance transport and therefore saving money for labour.
– Increase in the speed of circulation of goods, between the place of production and the place of use, storage or consumption.
– Reduction of the risk of accidents and destruction of goods by reducing the number of manipulations.
– Optimization of storage conditions.
– Simplification of reception, delivery and sorting operations.

The use of palletized transport is also of particular interest since the pallets are prepared for shipment directly in the manufacturing process and the goods can remain grouped on pallets throughout the transport process to the point of distribution or consumption.

Palletization is most often suitable for objects and goods weighing more than 50 kg. For loading and moving we use forklifts and pallet trucks.

Through our service, we aim to satisfy all those interested in a personalized moving offer, adapted to their needs and budget.

How do our movers prepare the goods for transport on pallets?

Are you looking for reliable and available professionals for a low-cost move in Montreal or a transportation service of any kind?

In our team, we do not have simple movers who move furniture from point A to point B. They are experts in packing goods of any type to be transported on pallets.

1. For packing, our movers use strong boxes. This allows increased protection of the goods but also organized storage.
2. In addition, in order to ensure greater stability in the case of transporting pallets, our movers ensure that the edges of the boxes with goods that are placed on top of each other do not protrude beyond the edges of the pallets.
3. For fixing or wrapping the pallets with goods, a strong and suitable material is used. In this way, the pallet is tied with plastic wrap or plastic/metal strapping to create a compact body that will be difficult to overturn and obviously damaged during loading and unloading.
4. If the delivery of the pallets is dedicated to several recipients, then our team of movers takes care of the labeling and the methodical storage of each pallet in the truck in order to facilitate the delivery.

What is the price of pallet moving service in Montreal?

Each move is unique, no matter how simple or complex it is.

The price of transporting pallets in Montreal or outside is calculated according to the delivery distance, the quantity of pallets, the weight, the volume, the size and of course the need for handling service. We can offer hourly rates or fixed prices.

Approximate price for moving and transporting pallets in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore

Service Price
Transport of pallets – 16-22-foot truck and driver (WITHOUT handling service)75$/h-85$/h
Transport/delivery of pallets – truck and driver (WITH handling service)85$/h-100$/h
Delivery/transportation of pallets – truck and 2 movers + handling100$/h-140$/h

In the greater Montreal area, North Shore and South Shore, we charge a minimum of 2 hours of work. We add 1 additional hour for the trip (30 minutes to reach your departure address and 30 minutes to return to the garage).

Thanks to our experienced team and our specialized equipment, we can offer you a high quality heavy and bulky equipment handling service at an affordable price.

Using a crane truck for commercial and residential moves

Crane truck move in Montreal

In the case of a commercial move such as a company move, certain difficulties can obviously arise. Depending on the type and complexity of the move, the need for specialized moving services may arise, but more specifically, the need for crane services.

With a lifting capacity and great power, cranes can efficiently lift loads that weigh tons.

Rarely, but there are situations when, during a residential move, we have extremely heavy objects that can only be moved with the help of a crane truck through a window or a balcony.

Examples of situations where we use a crane truck:

  • Lifting heavy objects like pianos, sculptures, antique furniture, large sofas, cabinets, saunas and others (due to some narrow stairs and spiral staircases).
  • Lifting heavy loads such as building materials.
  • Lifting and transporting manufacturing machinery, industrial equipment.
  • Lift and move heavy equipment in places with difficult access (balcony, roof).
Crane truck move in Montreal

Contact us at 438-989-8639 for more information on our crane rental service in Montreal and an estimate for commercial moving in Montreal/pallet transport/delivery, etc. We will exceed all your expectations and we will offer you a very competitive rate, whether it is for the transport of pallets, parcels, residential or commercial moving or any type of service.