Moving Longueuil – Reliable local and long distance moving company

Once you have chosen your new home, in addition to the joy of the moment, questions about the moving start to appear. Whether you choose to move from a rented space in Longueuil to another or to a house that you have just acquired, choose to be calm throughout the moving process.

Choose Demelina Moving for your moving in Longueuil.

First, our professional movers can help you plan your moving. In addition, they will give you advice on move inexpensively to Longueuil.

If you have to leave your home urgently and you have a last minute moving to make, don’t worry. We have a large number of movers in the team as well as many trucks of different sizes. This allows us to perform several moving services at the same time, whether residential, commercial or long distance.

It is important to note that we have insurance for any damages that may occur. So, embark on the adventure of moving with confidence.

Moving Longueuil

Team of reliable and experienced movers

We believe that a professional moving can only be done with the best movers. And then we are happy to have young movers in our team. And above all, with good experience in small and large moving as well as in the assembly and disassembly of furniture. In other words, they are great people who give the customer respect and security. With them, you will benefit from a quality Longueuil moving service, but also from safe and efficient methods.

The advantages of hiring Demelina Movers:

  1. Providing moving services any day of the week and at any time convenient for you.
  2. Cost optimization for a cheap moving to Longueuil.
  3. Cooperation and teamwork for a quick and hassle-free moving, as you can see by reading our customer reviews on Google Maps.
  4. Skill and professionalism in carrying out moving of different levels of complexity.
  5. Free consultation and affordable prices for each of the moving services.

Our moving services

Demelina Moving is a local and long distance moving, transportation and delivery company legally registered with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec.

At your disposal, several moving services in Longueuil at low prices:

Residential moving – We organize moves of apartments, houses, chalets. We can also organize a turnkey moving offering to pack/unpack things, load, transport furniture, objects and appliances.

Commercial moving – The commercial moving services we offer include both office moving for businesses as well as printer relocations from one business to another, hardwood office moving. But let’s not forget the moving of restaurants, daycares, medical equipment and other heavy equipment.

Moving Heavy and Delicate Objects – Moving heavy objects such as a piano, safe, artwork, pool table is easier if logic is used in the moving process before muscles are used. We are therefore implementing a well-thought-out moving strategy. Thus, we follow a clear plan without risk of injury to people or damage to objects or things around us.

Furniture assembly – IKEA, Brick, Brault & Martineau, Maison Corbeil, Costco, Economax, etc. whether at home or in the office. Indeed, our expert assemblers can assemble your pool table. They can also install your exercise machines, shelters and any other furniture or equipment while respecting the norms and standards of the manufacturer. However, they have all the necessary tools and experience to do everything in the shortest possible time.

At your request, we can offer you moving trucks, with and without movers, as well as packing materials.

Moving Longueuil

Excellent moving price Longueuil

The final cost of a complete moving service to or from Longueuil is calculated based on several factors. For example: moving date, moving volume, floors, number of movers.

Approximate price for a complete moving of a house or apartment in Longueuil:

Moving appartement 2½325 $
Moving appartement 3½450 $
Moving appartement 4½575 $
Moving appartement 5½750 $
Moving appartement 6½850 $
Moving maison et garage1 325 $

It should be noted that the quotes are made taking into account the use of a 20-foot truck and 2 movers. But each additional mover is charged $35/h.

In addition, additional costs must be expected for the transport of heavy objects. For example: for a piano or a safe, for non-standard items or pieces of furniture that cannot be removed from the accommodation in the traditional way.

Long distance moving from or to Longueuil

Are you planning a long distance moving from or to Longueuil or to another city in the province of Quebec or Ontario?

We are able to help you make a long distance moving at low prices.

First of all, being a long distance moving, you will not pay like for a local moving in Montreal. This therefore means that the price will be fixed.

We assure you that your goods will be transported in extraordinary conditions to arrive at their destination in the same condition. This means that the movers drive carefully and responsibly and provide you with the necessary moving equipment to protect your fragile and non-fragile furniture and objects.

Take advantage of the best prices on the market for long distance moving from Longueuil to all cities in Canada.

Moving from Longueuil to Toronto, Ontario, Quebec, Trois-Rivières, Val d’Or, Rimouski, Saguenay, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Gaspésie, Rivière du Loup, Chicoutimi, etc.

It is undeniable that Demelina guarantees you the best inexpensive moving solution in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Brossard and everywhere in Canada.

In short, contact us immediately at 438-989-8639 or ask us for a free quote online.