Reliable moving in Longueuil – local and long distance

If you are interested in a Longueuil Moving at the BEST PRICE, you have come to the right place!

Demelina Moving – is the best choice for you. First of all it must be said that we offer the best quality-price service. In addition, we have teams of young boys with years of experience in the moving business. In other words, our team of experienced movers will offer you peace of mind and safe and efficient methods.

So, we are the Longueuil Moving company you can trust!

In addition, the professional mover also has insurance coverage for any damage that may occur. That’s why it’s important to hire a moving professional.

However, it is always recommended to use professional movers even when it comes to a small moving or a local moving.

You also have the option of using full moving services in Longueuil.


  • Disassembly of furniture
  • Packaging
  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Unpacking
  • Reassembly of furniture.

We cover the entire territory of the province of Quebec, whether for short or long distance moving. Being a member of the Commission des Transports du Québec, Demelina moving can travel with its trucks in peace on all roads in Quebec.

Regarding our trucks, different sizes are offered to you: 22, 20 and 18 feet, clean and above all, well equipped.

Moving from or to Longueuil -Longueuil Movers at the BEST PRICE

Indeed, the price for a move from / to Longueuil is variable and therefore depends on:

  1. moving volume
  2. floors
  3. the number of movers
  4. heavy objects to move
  5. the date of your move.

Our prices include:
  • A moving truck
  • Our movers
  • Gasoline
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Mattress covers
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Clean blankets, cleaned regularly
  • Belts, tools and carriages …
Moving Longueuil

Of course the prices you see are approximate prices. Remember that every moving is different and there are several details that need to be taken into account. In order to find out the total price of a Longueuil moving, we strongly recommend that you contact us directly at 438 989 8639 or complete an online estimate form.

At your disposal, several moving services in Longueuil at low prices:

The Longueuil Demelina moving company is registered and insured with its head office in Montreal and 2 attachment points for trucks: on the South Shore and on the North Shore. So our services cover the 3 major regions.

Long-distance moving from Longueuil at the best price

Are you planning a long-distance moving from or to Longueuil or to another city in the province of Quebec or Ontario?

We talk about a long-distance moving when it comes to traveling 50 km or more between the starting address and the destination address.

About the price for a long distance moving, be aware that it is different from a local move, so you would not be billed by the hour.

Whether it’s a small or big moving over short or long distances, our company will undertake to do everything from A to Z!

Professional assembly and moving in Longueuil

We also offer IKEA furniture assembly service, whether at your home or office. Indeed, our expert assemblers will be able to assemble your exercise equipment, shelters and garden items and all kinds while respecting the norms and standards of the manufacturer. However, we have all the tools and experience to do it all in the shortest possible time.

So to conclude, let’s say that opting for a professional removal is opting for maximum security for you and your belongings.

Like our many visitors and customers who trust us, ask us for a free quote online or contact us 438 989 8639 so that you can compare and select the most suitable and efficient mover for your moving.

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