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Local and long distance moving company in Longueuil

Moving can sometimes prove to be a stressful process, demanding time and meticulous preparation. While some may handle this task on their own without difficulty, others may require the assistance of extra hands.

Whether you’re opting for the relocation of a rental space in Longueuil to another or moving into a newly acquired home, choose to experience this process in a serene manner.

When moving, and furniture assembly is on the agenda in your new place, consider enlisting the help of experienced and affordable movers who also offer assembly services.

Demelina Moving, your guarantee of reliability

Firstly, by choosing the services of Demelina Moving in Longueuil, you can be assured that your move is in good hands. We take care of transporting your belongings and assembling your furniture, thereby alleviating some of the stress associated with this process.

Even in the case of an urgent move from your residence, do not worry. Our experienced team, consisting of numerous movers and trucks of various sizes, allows us to simultaneously carry out multiple moves. We handle a variety of moves, including residential, commercial, or long-distance relocations. So, trust Demelina Moving for professional and efficient service.

Reliable and experienced movers

Moving Longueuil

Immerse yourself in excellence with our reliable team of movers. We firmly believe that professional moves require the expertise of the best movers. We welcome young movers to join our dynamic team, bringing solid experience in moves of all sizes and the expert art of furniture assembly and disassembly. These exceptional individuals not only provide clients with respect and security but also deliver a moving experience in Longueuil characterized by quality and efficient methods.

Explore the exclusive benefits provided by Demelina Moving movers:

  1. Unparalleled flexibility: We ensure moving services any day of the week, at a time that suits you. Your schedule is our priority.
  2. Guaranteed savings: We optimize costs to offer affordable moving in Longueuil without compromising on service quality. Excellence should not be synonymous with exorbitant costs.
  3. Collaboration and efficiency: Our team works cooperatively to ensure a quick and hassle-free move. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the glowing reviews from our clients on Google Maps.
  4. Skill and professionalism: We excel in carrying out moves of varying levels of complexity. Whether it’s a small or large-scale move, we have the necessary resources to exceed your expectations.
  5. Free consultation and price transparency: We offer a free consultation and affordable prices for each of our moving services. You deserve total clarity from the start.

With Demelina Moving, your move in Longueuil becomes an adventure marked by excellence, collaboration, and total customer satisfaction. Choose the difference with our team dedicated to making your move as exceptional as you are.

Our moving services in Longueuil

Dive into the diversity of our moving services. At Demelina Moving, we are more than just a registered business with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec. We are the architects of your transition, offering a comprehensive range of services at competitive prices in Longueuil.

Residential moving in Longueuil

Organize your residential move with ease, whether it’s for an apartment, house, or cottage. Choose our turnkey solution, where we pack/unpack your belongings, load, transport, and unload your furniture, items, and appliances. Enjoy a hassle-free transition.

Commercial moving in Longueuil

In commercial moving, we handle office moves, printer transfers, and the relocation of solid wood office furniture. We also manage moves for restaurants, daycares, medical equipment, and other heavy items.

Packaging and unpacking services

Ready to experience a move in total elegance in Longueuil? Let us make this dream a reality for you!

No more endless packaging worries! Our dedicated team takes care of every detail, from the most delicate glassware to the most massive furniture. With our arsenal of top-quality packaging supplies, every item is wrapped, packed, and protected with care to ensure its arrival in perfect condition at your new address.

But our service doesn’t stop there! We also offer unpacking services once you’ve reached your destination. Imagine it – no need to unpack all those boxes, we’ll take care of it for you, allowing you to settle in quickly and comfortably in your new home.

Our commitment to competitive rates and free estimates allows you to plan your move with confidence, without unpleasant surprises.

Don’t let the stress of packaging spoil your move. Choose peace of mind with Demelina Moving – your reliable partner for a hassle-free move in Longueuil and beyond!

Moving heavy and delicate items in Longueuil

Facilitate the movement of massive items such as pianos, safes, artworks, or pool tables by implementing intelligent planning before physical effort. Our well-thought-out moving strategy relies on a clear plan, minimizing the risks of injuries or damages.

Furniture assembly in Longueuil

Give your furniture a new life with our assembly service. At your home or office, our expert assemblers competently handle renowned brands such as IKEA, Brick, Brault & Martineau, Maison Corbeil, Costco, and Economax. They skillfully assemble everything, from pool tables to exercise equipment, following manufacturer standards for quick and efficient assembly.

Truck rental without movers/movers rental without truck

Our moving services at Demelina Moving offer total flexibility to meet your specific needs. You can choose truck rental without movers if you prefer to handle loading and unloading but need a suitable vehicle. Alternatively, we offer movers rental without a truck, ideal if you have transportation but want professional movers for loading and unloading. Regardless of the option you choose, our goal is to make your move as convenient and personalized as possible.

Moving price in Longueuil

Moving Longueuil

Choose an affordable and transparent moving experience in Longueuil with our excellent prices. Various factors determine the final cost of a full moving service, whether it’s to or from Longueuil. The date, item volume, floors, and required movers all impact the final cost calculation for your move.

Approximate prices for a full move from a house or apartment in Longueuil:

Moving price appartement 2½325$-450$
Moving cost appartement 3½450$-650$
Moving price appartement 4½575$-950$
Moving cost appartement 5½750$-1200$
Movers price appartement 6½850$-1350$
Movers cost house & garage1 325$-1500$

We based these prices on the use of a 20-foot truck and the assistance of 2 movers. It’s important to note that we price each additional mover at $35/hour.

Anticipate extra fees for heavy items like a piano or safe, as well as oversized furniture requiring non-traditional exit methods. We are committed to transparent costs for a smooth, budget-friendly move in Longueuil.

Services offeredMoving prices in Longueuil
Truck rental with moving driver in Longueuil85$/h-100$/h
Longueuil piano moving price350$-750$
Fixed price, local delivery Longueuil275$-450$
Small moving price Longueuil100$/h-110$/h
Urgent moving cost Longueuil110$/h-125$/h
Billiard table moving price Longueuil650$-1000$
Furniture assembly price in Longueuil90$/h-100$/h
Commercial moving cost Longueuil110$/h-150$/h
Residential moving price in Longueuil110$/h-145$/h
Moving of 4 appliances in Longueuil260$-350$
Sofa delivery in Longueuil200$-300$

Long distance moving from or to Longueuil

Are you planning a long-distance move to or from Longueuil, or even to other cities in the provinces of Quebec or Ontario? If so, look no further, as we are a trusted moving company ready to provide exceptional assistance at competitive prices.

First of all, it is essential to point out that unlike a local move in Montreal, our rates for long-distance moves are fixed. This ensures complete transparency regarding costs.

Our dedicated team of professional and experienced movers will take care of your belongings with the utmost care, ensuring safe transport to your new destination. Our experienced drivers drive carefully and responsibly, using the necessary moving equipment to ensure the optimal protection of your furniture and items, whether fragile or not.

Longueuil movers to the largest cities of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick
DestinationMoving priceDistance
Moving Longueuil to Toronto2500$-3000$560km
Moving from Longueuil to Quebec1700$-2500$274km
Moving from Longueuil to Moncton4500$-5500$973km
Moving from Longueuil to Ottawa1350$-1700$215km
Moving from Longueuil to Gatineau1350$-1700$210km
Movers cost from Longueuil to Magog850$-1300$130km
Moving between Longueuil and Rimouski2500$-3000$528km
Moving Longueuil-Sherbrooke950$-1450$156km
Movers from Longueuil to Gaspé4500$-5500$910km
Moving between Longueuil and Saguenay2250$-2700$450km
Moving from Longueuil to Levis1700$-2400$240km
Moving Longueuil to Trois-Rivières1000$-1350$160km
Moving from Longueuil to Halifax5500$-6800$1240km
Movers price from Longueuil to Drumondville850$-1200$104km
Movers cost Longueuil-Terrebonne450$-900$60km
Moving price Longueuil to Matane2700$-3500$618km
Affordable price from Longueuil to Riviere du Loup2000$-2600$418km
Accessible rate from Longueuil to Mont Tremblant850$-1000$146km
Competitive price between Longueuil et Victoriaville900$-1100$149km
Moderate cost from Longueuil to Granby 600$-900$80km

By choosing our services, you benefit from the best prices on the market for long-distance moves from Longueuil to cities across Canada. Whether you are moving to Toronto, Ontario, Quebec, Trois-Rivières, Val d’Or, Rimouski, Saguenay, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Gaspésie, Rivière-du-Loup, Chicoutimi, and many more, we are here for you.

In addition to transportation, we offer a complete range of services, including packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking, to make your long-distance move as seamless as possible.

It is undeniable that Demelina Moving is committed to providing you with the best affordable moving solution in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Brossard, and throughout Canada.

For a move to Longueuil or elsewhere, contact us now at 438-989-8639 or request a free quote online. Choose peace of mind with moving experts who make your satisfaction their top priority.