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A move from Montreal to Toronto is considered a long-distance moving. Moving between Montreal and Toronto is challenging, but the right company simplifies it. Whether you are planning a residential or commercial move over a long distance, it is crucial to find affordable long-distance movers with no hidden fees to ensure a stress-free experience.

Demelina Moving: Trusted long-distance moving company

Demelina Moving, a registered and insured company, offers reputable short and long-distance moving services at a competitive price. We understand the importance of reducing the cost of long-distance moving without compromising reliability or service quality. Thus, with our long-distance movers, who are professional, competent, and transparent about fees, we are the ideal solution for your move from Montreal to Toronto or vice versa.

Our moving prices Montreal-Toronto are affordable and flexible, tailored to your needs, whether you are an individual or a business. We recognize the need to resume activities as soon as possible after the move. Our qualified team has the expertise to ensure efficient coordination, guaranteeing a timely Montreal-Toronto relocation.

Furthermore, we offer a free quote, allowing our clients to plan their budget with transparency. Our commitment to our clients, whether individuals or businesses, translates into high-quality moving and assembly services at advantageous prices. Unlike some of our competitors, we avoid hidden fees in the total cost, prioritizing transparency for maximum customer satisfaction.

Experienced movers Montreal-Toronto

Experienced movers Montreal-Toronto

Our competent, trained, and experienced movers contribute to the success of our company through their dedication, professionalism, and efficiency. Whether you are moving from Montreal to Toronto or from Toronto to Montreal, our teams are at your doorstep early in the day. This ensures a hassle-free move within the same day.

In summary, with Demelina Moving, you benefit from high-quality services, professional and fast movers, a free quote, transparent and advantageous prices, complete moving equipment, as well as insurance to ensure the safety of your belongings throughout the process.

Choose peace of mind for your next move with the reputable long-distance moving company, Demelina Moving.

Residential and commercial moving Montreal-Toronto

residential moving Montreal-Toronto

Choose a worry-free Montreal-Toronto move by selecting our company, specializing in residential and commercial relocations. Whether you’re moving to Montreal, Toronto, or need long-distance piano moving services, we’re here to meet your needs.

Our experienced long-distance movers ensure the secure transport of your belongings. With a special emphasis on protecting fragile items during residential moves, we ensure maximum safety. For commercial relocations, our meticulous planning aims to minimize downtime, ensuring a smooth transition for your business.

In addition to moving, we offer comprehensive services, including professional assembly of pool tables and other furniture. Whether you need professional assembly or last-minute moving, our affordable movers are here to meet all your requirements.

The safety of your belongings remains our top priority. As the best moving company in Montreal, insured and equipped with top-notch protective gear, we offer free insurance in case of damage. Thus, your belongings are in good hands throughout the moving process.

Furthermore, we facilitate heavy commercial equipment delivery from Montreal to Toronto and pallet deliveries between the two cities. As the best long-distance movers in Quebec, we are committed to providing affordable long-distance moving services from Montreal or its surroundings. Choose peace of mind and quality for your next move with Demelina Moving.

Moving costs 2024 from Montreal to Toronto

moving truck Montréal-Toronto

In the year 2024, the costs associated with a long-distance move between Montreal and Toronto range from $1650 to $3000.

This variation is explained by various factors such as the number of floors at both addresses, the dimensions of the residence, the weight of the items to be transported, and the size of the required moving team. To optimize your expenses, it is advantageous to plan your move between the 10th and the 20th of each month.

With over 10 years of experience in the moving industry across Canada, Demelina Moving offers competitive services for moves between Montreal-Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Vaughan, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Burlington, Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax, etc.

Montreal-Toronto moving price2450$-3000$540km
Best movers from Montreal to Oshawa2400$-2800$481km
Good moving price from Montreal to Richmond Hill2450$-3000$539km
Best moving rate from Montreal to Markham2450$-3000$528km
Cost for a move from Montreal to Vaughan2450$-3000$543km
Small move from Montreal to Brampton2650$-3200$573km
Moving price from Montreal to Mississauga2750$-3350$577km
Price for a big move from Montreal to Oakville2800$-3600$587km
Best moving price Montreal to Hamilton2950$-3700$625km
Cheap movers from Montreal to Kitchener2950$-3800$641km
Prices for movers from Montreal to Guelph2950$-3700$627km

Commitment to excellence in 2024

In 2024, our movers are known for competitive rates in long-distance moves, ensuring quality service at a favorable cost to Toronto. Our commitment to professionalism is seen in quick and efficient services. We use modern equipment and high-quality trucks for all moves. Proudly recognized as one of the best moving companies in 2024, we offer affordable moving services to Toronto.

Considering the quality of our work as our best reference, we encourage you to entrust us with the entire process. In doing so, we will ensure your complete satisfaction, making your moving experience an undeniable success.

Move with confidence to Toronto in 2024

Choose Déménagement Demelina, your trusted partner for a successful move to Toronto, with the best movers in 2024 and the best long-distance moving prices.

For any inquiries or to obtain a written quote, feel free to contact us now at 438 989 8639.

Main directions for a long-distance move:

Long-distance moving Montréal-Toronto-Montréal; Laval-Toronto; Mont-Tremblant-Toronto; Québec-Toronto; Brossard-Toronto; Longueuil-Toronto; Saint-Sauveur-Toronto; etc.