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Moving company in Repentigny

When it comes time to move to Repentigny, choose a moving company that combines experience and reliability to offer you unparalleled quality service.

Demelina Moving: Your guarantee of safety and serenity

Demelina Moving is a registered and fully insured moving company based in Montreal. We are your trusted partner, dedicated to providing you with professional moving and assembly services of undeniable quality. Whether your destination is Repentigny or any other city in Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or Manitoba, we are here for you.

Courteous and attentive movers

Experienced movers Repentigny

It is essential to note that our movers in Repentigny, whether it’s a residential or commercial move, stand out not only for their professionalism but also for their exemplary courtesy. Furthermore, they are specially trained to pay attention to every detail of your move.

Moreover, they attach particular importance to precisely meeting your specific expectations for residential or commercial moving. As a result, they are always ready to adjust their approach to ensure that every aspect of your move is carried out according to your wishes, whether it’s a long-distance or local move.

Furthermore, our budget-friendly movers understand the importance of creating an atmosphere of trust and comfort during this sometimes stressful period of moving to Repentigny. Thus, their courteous and attentive attitude contributes to establishing a trusting relationship with our clients, guaranteeing an affordable and hassle-free move. In the end, choosing courteous and attentive movers means opting for a smooth move with a team that places great importance on your needs and concerns while offering competitive rates for quality moving.

Residential/commercial moving in Repentigny

Whether you are planning a move to a spacious house, a more modest apartment, or even a small apartment, our team of professional movers is at your disposal. We are committed to providing you with superior quality and economical moving, whether it’s piano moving or pool table moving.

Business and office moving: Your trusted partner

For businesses, our business and office moving service is designed to minimize disruptions. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, our commercial moving and assembly team is ready to serve you. We understand that last-minute moves can happen, which is why we are flexible and responsive to your needs while offering affordable moving rates.

In the end, whether it’s a residential or commercial move, local or long-distance to or from Repentigny, our dedicated team ensures a serene experience. We perform daily moves in Montreal, South Shore, North Shore, as well as long distances to Québec, Toronto, Gaspé, New Brunswick, and across Canada.

We take care of disassembling and reassembling your furniture, as well as loading and unloading your belongings, including heavy and fragile items. Your peace of mind remains our top priority.

Affordable moving services in Repentigny

Discover our wide range of moving services in Repentigny, perfectly tailored to your specific needs:

  • Residential move in Repentigny (apartments, houses, studios, etc.).
  • Commercial move in Repentigny (restaurant, medical clinic, daycare, school, beauty salon, conference room, installation of office furniture, etc.).
  • Small move in Repentigny (boxes, clothing bags, washers/dryers, refrigerators, stoves, etc.).
  • Emergency move/last minute move from/to Repentigny.
  • Moving piano (horizontal or grand piano, vertical piano or upright piano, digital piano).
  • Moving billiard tables (dismantling billiard tables, installation, replace pool table rail cushion rubbers and cloth change, leveling).
  • Deliveries in Montreal, South Shore, North Shore.
  • Fast and efficient assembly of furniture in Repentigny (IKEA, Brault & Martineau, Léon, Brick, Costco, Economax, Structube, Meuble RD, etc.).
  • Moving very heavy and large objects (solid wood conference room, safes, large printers, commercial refrigerators and freezers, gym equipment, aquarium, jacuzzi, etc.).
  • Short or long term storage (Montreal, Quebec, Toronto).
  • Long-distance moving (moving to Quebec, Gatineau, Ontario, Toronto, Kingston, Sherbrooke, Rimouski, Rivière-du-Loup, Sept-Îles, Trois-Rivières, Gaspésie, Moncton, Halifax, New Brunswick, etc.).

Idea of ​​the price of a move in Repentigny according to the number of movers:

Number of rooms2 movers3 movers
Moving 2½ apartment Repentigny$ 345   $ 475
Moving 3½ apartment Repentigny$ 425$ 525
Moving 4½ apartment Repentigny$ 575$ 775
Moving 5½ apartment Repentigny$ 675$ 875
Moving 6½ apartment Repentigny$ 725$ 925
Moving Two-story house Repentigny$ 875$ 1200
Moving House & garage Repentigny$ 950 $ 1325

All-inclusive moving services

Discover our all-inclusive packages for residential and commercial moves, whether it’s for a short or long distance in Repentigny. Our experienced movers based in Montreal offer you a comprehensive solution for your move.

During your move to or from Repentigny, our Montreal movers take care of every step with professionalism.

Here’s what our all-inclusive moving services include:

Moving planning and preparation: Our experienced Repentigny movers take care of meticulous planning for your move, whether it’s short or long-distance.

Furniture disassembly and reassembly: Our experts take care of safely disassembling and reassembling your furniture.

Careful packing and unpacking: We meticulously pack all your fragile belongings and unpack them once they arrive at their destination.

Thorough protection: Each of your items and furniture also receives meticulous protection to prevent damage during transport.

Loading into our trucks: Your belongings are carefully loaded into our equipped trucks to ensure their safety.

Safe transport: We ensure smooth transport to your new residence or workplace.

Unloading and installation: Upon arrival, we unload your belongings and place them in the rooms of your choice, saving you the hassle of rearranging.

If you are looking for exceptionally high-quality moving services at an affordable rate, do not hesitate to contact us. You will benefit from high-quality advice at very advantageous all-inclusive moving rates. With our team of movers in Repentigny, your transition will be stress-free while staying within your competitive budget.

Long-distance moving from/to Repentigny

Moving services Repentigny

Are you considering a long-distance move between Repentigny and another city in Quebec, Ontario, or elsewhere? In this regard, whether it’s a residential or commercial move, specific planning for long-distance moving is essential.

Our long-distance movers are undoubtedly the best movers in Montreal. They guarantee you professional service at a competitive rate. Furthermore, the cost is determined based on the distance between addresses and the volume of your belongings to be transported. So rest assured, your personal effects will be carefully protected throughout the journey.

Long distance moving price

DestinationMoving price from/to Repentigny
Moving price from Repentigny to Toronto2600-3000$
Repentigny-Québec moving price1700-2000$
Cost of moving between Repentigny and Ottawa1250-1500$
Moving Repentigny-Gaspé3700-5400$
Moving from Repentigny to Halifax4900-6500$
Moving price from Repentigny to Moncton4500-5500$
Moving price between Repentigny and Matane3200-3600$
Moving cost Repentigny-Saguenay2500-2900$
Moving from Repentigny to Rivière-du-Loup2400-2700$
Movers from Repentigny to Sherbrooke800$-1000$
Best price from Repentigny to Magog900$-1100$
Moving cost from Repentigny to Granby850$-1000$
Best movers from Repentigny to Trois-Riviéres800$-1000$

Regarding the price of long-distance moving, we prioritize transparency. In other words, we offer a competitive base rate for long-distance moves. This rate includes the distance between addresses, as well as 1.5 hours of loading and 1.5 hours of unloading. Consequently, we highly recommend that all our clients prepare their move carefully to save money.

If you are looking for high-end moving, we strongly suggest requesting an in-home estimate. This allows detailed discussion of your move with our team for an accurate estimate.

To prevent stress from taking over your move, we strongly encourage you to contact our company. You will not only benefit from maximum satisfaction but also from a more than reasonable rate.

Request a free Repentigny moving quote now or contact us at 438-989-8639.