Moving company Montreal – Chibougamau

Moving Montreal – Chibougamau

Have you decided to move to Chibougamau for a new job or to start a new stage in life?

We, Demelina Moving, are a local moving company in Greater Montreal, and long distance across Quebec and Ontario and will be happy to help you and offer you competitive prices. Due to the fact that we make frequent moving services in Northern Quebec, we can offer you our regrouping service (group moving) in order to reduce the costs of your moving to Chibougamau.

Residential moving Montreal – Chibougamau

To meet the needs of our customers, we offer economic moving and turnkey moving services.

When you turn to a turnkey residential moving, it means that our reliable movers will take care of all stages of the moving, such as:

– Complete or partial packing and unpacking of things.
– Loading into the truck and unloading.
– Transport to the new address.
– Storage of personal effects in the bedrooms.
– Assembly and disassembly of furniture.
– Storage of things in one of our warehouses in Montreal (if necessary).

In addition, to help you save money when moving to Chibougamau, Déménagement Demelina offers you the economic moving formula. This formula is specially adapted for a cheap but at the same time professional and quality moving.

By using this service, you will have to take care of this certain tasks. For example: taking charge of the packing and unpacking of furniture and objects.

But we must not forget about the disassembly and assembly of bulky furniture, in order to facilitate transport.

The team of movers will only take care of loading and unloading the goods but also transporting them by truck from one address to another.

Finally, this formula will allow you to move at the best price.

Commercial moving Montreal – Chibougamau

A long distance business moving can be stressful and often difficult! But we’ll make sure it’s easy, stress-free and hassle-free.

We will take care of all your belongings by adequately protecting your furniture and appliances. In this way we can prevent their deterioration during the long journey.

We are therefore the right team to serve you at the highest level.

Long distance business moving services :

– Montreal to Chibougamau
– Chibougamau to Montreal
– Quebec to Chibougamau
– Brossard to Chibougamau
– Longueuil to Chibougamau
– Pointe-Claire to Chibougamau, etc.

We offer the most special commercial moving prices, both fixed rates and prices charged by the hour:

– Transport of pallets to Chibougamau, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, etc.
– Company relocation
– Office and workstation moving
– Transport of heavy equipment
– Restaurant moving
– Daycare moving
– Transportation and moving of commercial equipment, including: printer, computer equipment, commercial oven and refrigerator, commercial fryer, etc.

Best moving price Montreal – Chibougamau

It is not easy to assess the price of a long distance moving, precisely because it depends on certain factors. For example: volume of goods to be moved, distance between addresses, floors and presence of the elevator, specific objects to be moved (piano, safe, pool table, fireplace, etc.).

To be more precise about the cost of the moving, it is best to contact us. Likewise, you can ask us for a written estimate where you will write down the exact details of the moving.

We can also send one of our representatives to your home for an accurate estimate. Please note that this is free and without any obligation on your part. Once our representative has established a quote and given a fixed price for your moving to Chibougamau, it will remain unchanged until you change the conditions of your moving. So trust the price of a moving company such as Demelina Moving.

The best movers in Montreal and all regions of Quebec will be at your disposal to answer all your questions but above all they will give you moving advice for which you will be grateful. Whether it’s a light or heavy moving, our meticulous movers will serve you every day and at any time.

Moving discounts

We offer 5 to 10% discount on moving:

Moving Montreal-Chibougamau

We also offer professional long distance moving services to:

Ottawa; Gatineau; Sherbrooke; long distance moving Montreal – Chibougamau – Montreal; Chibougamau-Montreal; Gaspe; Moncton; New Brunswick; Trois-Rivieres; Rimouski; Chicoutimi; Levis; Rivers-du-Loup; etc.

Contact us to learn more about our moving services. We will be happy to provide you with all the information you need for a pleasant and peaceful moving.