Tips for organizing a move

Organize your home

Is your move planned and are you ready to pack your boxes? Then it’s time to empty your house. To avoid stressing too much, eliminate as many unused, or little used, possessions as possible.

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Why prioritize sorting before your move?

When it comes to orchestrating a successful move, the secret often lies in minimizing the number of belongings you carry. It might sound simplistic, but it’s a vital key to a hassle-free transition.

The benefits of streamlining your belongings

We all do it – accumulate possessions over time, whether with the hope of future use or the intention to provide for those in need. However, a new living space signifies a fresh start, an opportunity to streamline your belongings.

It’s important to recognize that the cost of your move hinges on both the volume you intend to transport and the chosen package from your moving company. Consequently, if you endeavor to move with as few items as possible, you’ll reap benefits on multiple fronts.

First and foremost, you’ll experience a noticeable reduction in the volume to be transported, which, in turn, will directly translate to a lower overall moving cost.

Moreover, this approach considerably cuts down the time required for the arduous task of packing and boxing up your possessions. Fewer boxes to move means a quicker and smoother transition into your new home, which undoubtedly adds an element of comfort and efficiency to your moving experience.

Tips for organizing a move

As an additional advantage, the need for renting storage space is virtually eliminated, saving both time and money. Furthermore, this results in more free space within your new residence, offering you the potential for a more spacious and organized living environment.

In order to facilitate the process and make your move not only cost-effective but also more efficient, we strongly recommend initiating the sorting of your belongings several days in advance. This should be done before making contact with the moving company and discussing rates. By doing so, you can ensure that every aspect of your move is well-prepared, making for a smoother and more stress-free experience overall.

Sorting – to get a clear idea of ​​the things we have

Tips for organizing a move

1. Start by sorting out the hidden objects in the closet or basement.

This is exactly where we store things that we later forget. You can categorize things as follows:

For sale – like new or undamaged clothes or shoes that we have not been able to wear, which can be used by others. Also, books, school supplies for children. Selling them on the internet or organizing a garage sale can make us money.

To give away – If you have electronic items that you no longer use, you can take them to an eco-center. You can donate the clothes to acquaintances or take them to organizations such as Renaissance.

Throw away – the rest of the defective items will go directly to recycling or the trash.

2. Continue to sort the books, documents

In general, the most common things in a home are books, DVDs / video games, and clothing. All of these are heavy and bulky. In order not to collect so much in the future, you can purchase books in digital format. As for the movies, you can watch them on sites like Netflix. And there are plenty of video games available on platforms like Steam. When it comes to financial documents, for example old invoices or letters from old auto insurance, they should be thrown away or recycled. If you start with this category, you can be sure that the sorting will be successful.

3. Sort the clothes

As said above, clothes are one of the things that fill the boxes pretty quickly. So, only keep the clothes that you are sure to wear and that are suitable for you. On moving day, ask the movers to provide you with wardrobes. Thus, they will stay on hangers and take up less space than in boxes.

4. Put seasonal items in boxes

When the moving date has already been chosen, then you can already put all the seasonal things in the boxes.

5. Furniture and old objects

We tend to keep the furniture we are attached to. But we must not be afraid or regret to part with the oldest mobiles. Also, items that we no longer use (microwaves, kettles, etc.) will only clutter us up, so it’s not worth taking them with you.

The items we keep unused are:

– Glasses and plates.

– Magazines (you will certainly not recite them, but you will keep them in boxes).

– Sheets and towels.

– Recipe books.

– Candles, small samples of creams, perfumes, shampoos.

– Plastic tableware.

– Stylish clothes (every time we go to an event, we still buy something new).

– DIY supplies.

Tips for organizing a move

You certainly recognize yourself. If it hadn’t been for the move, we could have gathered a lot of things without realizing it.

We hope you find our tips for organizing a move useful. If you need help sorting out unnecessary things as well as with a move, don’t hesitate to call Demelina Moving services. The professionalism of the team will help you as quickly as possible and reduce the level of stress.

For a move with minimal stress

It’s true that moving is impressive when you see the mountain of things to do. But in the end, taking these points one by one helps a lot.

The most important thing in sorting out before moving is not to leave everything at the last minute. Also, don’t try to do them all on the same day. The secret to a successful move lies in the organization!

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