Tips for packing the kitchen

Tips for packing the kitchen

Are you worried about the moving period? First, for some, moving means cleaning the house. This way we eliminate the things we use less. In addition, we make room for new things.

One of the most important parts of a move is packing all personal belongings. Indeed, good packaging guarantees maximum protection of things. However, packing the kitchen is one of the hardest steps. This is due to the number of items and, more importantly, the level of care and packaging it requires due to its fragility. It is therefore one of the tasks that consumes us the most time when we move. That’s why it’s better and easier to start with this bedroom.

In fact, in the kitchen we have a lot of glass. This is the reason why you must have enough care and caution when packing. And if time is of the essence, contact a moving team for a turnkey service.

The necessary equipment for packing the kitchen in anticipation of a move

When it comes to packing kitchen utensils, small appliances, and food from refrigerators and cabinets, you can never have too much packing equipment!

1. Small and large boxes

2. Wrapping paper and bubble wrap

3. Transparent bags for small items

4. Strong adhesive tape

5. Protective covers

6. A marker

By using our solutions, your goods will arrive in excellent condition, and all this at an optimal cost.

Kitchen packaging tips – fast, economical and efficient

1. Get organized as best you can.

2. Make a plan for your move as well as for packing kitchen things and other rooms.

3. Host a garage sale or donate old kitchen items and old appliances that you no longer need.

4. Take the time to compost expired foods.

5. Prepare the materials for packing.

6. Seek out boxes from those who have recently moved.

7. Start by packing heavy and bulky items.

8. Don’t overfill moving bags and boxes.

9. Write the content on the boxes.

10. Reinforce the bottom of each box with more high quality packing tape. This will help eliminate the risk of accidental breakage.

11. Fill in the blanks of the boxes using filling and padding inside the boxes. Thus the objects will be immobilized and will hardly be damaged.

Use professional packers

If you need more time to pack a single kitchen, a packing company can do it in record time. It should be mentioned that the time you spend packing not only adds stress but also some mistakes which can then cost you dearly. Therefore, our advice would be to contact a professional packing company. Whether it is a move to Montreal, delivery or storage, the packers from Déménagement Demelina know the art of packaging very well and will provide you with meticulous and inexpensive service. They have the tools and equipment to make sure your kitchen and fragile items are packed safely for your move. In addition, they have extensive experience and are committed to providing you with a service that exceeds your expectations. By the way, movers are not responsible for items packed by their owner.

Personalized services for your fragile kitchen items

Before starting the packaging process, professional packers will analyze with you the list of fragile and less fragile items. For example: glass objects, porcelain objects, aluminum, etc. It should be noted that the packaging of kitchen effects deserves special attention. All objects must be very well protected from the impact of the road. A specialized team will pack each glass and each plate one by one. He will then place them carefully in the moving truck and transport them safely to the new address or warehouse if necessary. When they arrive at the new house, they will carefully unpack and place all the items exactly where you want them. Still hesitating to take advantage of the services of a professional packer for your move?

Déménagement Demelina offers its moving, packing and unpacking services in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore and throughout Quebec. You just have to choose the date. They’ll take care of the rest.

Kitchen items and their correct packaging

Glasses – Use cardboard boxes with dividers to safely pack your regular or stemmed glasses.

Plates – When wrapping plates, put something between each plate such as a kitchen towel or tea towel.

Frying pan / saucepan – Pack your pots and pans with smaller, lighter items. It is also advisable to pack bottles of oil, vinegar, and other liquids that may leak during transport in your pots and pans. If there is a leak, the liquid will not spill and you can clean everything easily.

Small household appliance: toasters, coffee makers, deep fryers, blenders, etc. – You can also decide to get rid of the old blender or toaster that you have always had! If so, don’t wrap it, don’t throw it away either, give it away especially if it’s still functional and still looks great. There are many organizations that accumulate second hand products in order to give back to those in need.

Plastic containers, Kitchen utensils, etc.

Do not put too many heavy items in boxes.

If necessary, fill the top of the box with pillows, towels, etc. so that it is not too heavy.

Cartons should be completely filled so as not to collapse under the weight of other cartons that are placed on them during transport.

Tips for packing the kitchen

Pack the kitchen for a long distance move

When planning a long-distance move to Quebec, Toronto, New Brunswick or elsewhere, consider packing well so that nothing in the dishes breaks. If you use a packing and transport company, you don’t have to worry about this aspect. Because you will benefit from quality packaging that will help you avoid small accidents that can occur during loading, transport and unloading. Besides the fact that everything will go faster, in case of breakage, the company has insurance and you will be compensated. In addition, if you wish to store dishes and all kitchen utensils for a short or long time, contact Déménagement Demelina. They have the solution for secure storage at a good price. Everything is thought out and designed for you, so that your move takes place in the best possible conditions.

Tips for packing the kitchen
Well-packaged goods are well-received goods

We hope the “Tips for packing the kitchen” we’ve given you will make the process of packing your kitchen items easier on your next move. A move is not easy to organize. But if you take into account the steps we gave you above, such as: preparing the packing and moving plan, purchasing all the necessary materials, you should be fine. Besides, if you call Demelina’s packers, all you have to do is rest in front of the TV.

So entrust them with packaging of the kitchen and protect yourself from unpleasant surprises that may arise during the move, delivery or storage. In addition to packing and unpacking, various moving services are available in Montreal and throughout Quebec. For example: small move, residential and commercial move, piano and pool table move, move and promotions for students and seniors, etc.

In short, don’t leave the packing and moving to the last minute. Contact us immediately. We will be happy to discuss with you, establish your needs and offer you personalized solutions.