How to move inexpensively in Montreal

How much does a move in Montreal cost and how to move inexpensively?

First of all, there are different opinions about cheap moving in Montreal.

Then some recommend hiring a cheap mover, others advise moving alone. Finally, in order to organize a cheaper move, you must take into account certain criteria. For example:

  • Estimate the volume to move
  • Separate yourself from things you haven’t used for a while
  • Collect free boxes
  • Compare several moving offers
  • Move during the week
  • Don’t move in the summer or on weekends
  • Don’t go at the last minute
  • Rent or borrow a truck at a lower cost
  • Borrow whatever you can
  • Benefit from financial assistance to relocate
  • Enlist the help of friends

How to move inexpensively in Montreal and Quebec

Benefit from indemnities

In fact, a special removal allowance may be granted to a social assistance or social solidarity provider for reasons of health, sanitation or separation. It can go up to $ 200. But please note that before submitting your service request, you must add certain supporting documents. Such as a report attesting to the unsanitary condition of the accommodation or a medical report in the event of a move for health reasons. Then if you want to know the exact amount of the benefit, go to the site and you will find everything you need.

Financial assistance for the move

You may be entitled to financial assistance depending on your situation. Indeed, if you are retired, you can check with the pension fund if help is possible in your case. You can also ask your employer to finance your move in the event of a professional move.

Moving assistance for newcomers

On another note, are you a newcomer to Canada? So know that some organizations in Montreal have the mission to help you. Particularly in the reception plan, integration, access to employment, etc.

For all these reasons, the ALPA organization will offer you support and assistance for settling in the region. It is the same with PROMIS or LE COLLECTIF. All you have to do is learn more to see what works best for you.

Get help preparing for the move

It must be recognized that the citizens of Montreal can benefit from the help of organizations in the process of preparing a move. Finally, these services can be free or at a reduced rate and include help with the preparation of boxes, small repairs in the apartment.

Collection of used furniture or objects

Donation of used items in Montreal – home collection

Among other things, you have surely collected a lot of things that you no longer use. And you have to decide what to do with them so that you don’t have to transport them to the new address. Firstly, so as not to complicate your move if you decide to move alone or with the help of friends. Secondly, you will reduce the price of the move in case you turn to a moving company.

In addition, a lot of people have the desire to do good to someone and give things that they no longer use. But sometimes these people do not always have access to a truck or are not able to transport heavy equipment or things. This is why there are different organizations that collect various used items from you. For example: furniture, clothing, appliances, computers, etc. in Montreal, Laval and the South Shore, or even outside of Montreal. Ultimately your donation will serve others well, whether it is given or resold to fund community services.

However, many organisms have limited storage capacity. Therefore, you should contact the agency to make sure they will accept your donation. It should be noted that for certain types of donations, mainly clothing and small household items, organizations have donation boxes all over the cities.

However, I should point out that due to the current consumption being so high, the collection companies are very busy and the waiting time may be longer.

But you can find out more by visiting the websites of these organizations:

However, it would be advisable to contact the 211 number where you will be directed to the service you need.

Why you should contact professional movers in Montreal

Finally you are still wondering if you should turn to a moving company to move to Montreal, or do it yourself? Let’s start by examining why you should contact residential moving professionals. First, imagine that by moving alone, you are causing damage to things of special value to you. At that point, you will feel remorse for trying to move on your own. Of course, such mistakes happen even with moving professionals. But at least they have insurance and they can compensate you for any damage. So don’t wait too long. In conclusion, the sooner you contact them, the better for you. So you will be able to choose the desired date and a good price.

Price of movers in Montreal and everywhere in Quebec

The price of the move is calculated based on:

  • moving date
  • volume of work and the number of movers involved
  • floors (presence or absence of elevator)
  • distance between the departure addresses and the arrival address
  • additional services (piano move, pool table, assembly service, etc.)
  • special moving equipment.

Thus, for a local move, a minimum of 2 hours of work is invoiced. Then add 1 additional hour for moving the truck (30 minutes to reach your address and 30 minutes to return to the car park).

Estimate of the price of a local move in Montreal

Moving period2 movers without truck 3 movers without truck 2 movers with truck 3 movers with truck
january 1 – april 3095$/h 125$/h100 – 135$/h135 – 160$/h
may 1 – june 25   110$/h 135$/h  125 – 150$/h 150 – 180$/h
june 26, 27, 28 130$/h 150$/h 150 – 170$/h 170 – 225$/h
june 29, 30130$/h 170$/h  170 – 200$/h  200 – 245$/h
july 1st 175$/h 200$/h  275 – 300$/h  300 – 335$/h

Long distance moving rate

Indeed, long distance moves have another pricing. After a detailed quote, you can get a fixed price.

Moving Montreal – Toronto1750$ – 2250$
Moving Montreal – Quebec1250$ – 1500$
Moving Montreal – Ottawa950$ – 1300$
Moving Montreal – New Brunswick2400$ – 4000$
Moving Montreal – Halifax3800$ – 5000$
Moving Montreal – Val D’Or   1550$ – 2150$
Moving Montreal – Chicoutimi  1600$ – 2000$

It should be noted that Déménagement Demelina is a reliable company based in Montreal that offers a multitude of moving services at an affordable rate for all. Whether you are a student, senior citizen, business enterprise, or individual, for example, you will receive high quality service at a promotional price. So you can trust Demelina movers 100%. Because they are punctual and responsible people who pay maximum attention to work and do not take a break to smoke or have a coffee. In fact, only if they have worked hard for many straight hours are they allowed to take a break to regain their strength and continue.

What is included in the price of Demelina movers:

  • 16 to 22 foot moving trucks.
  • Moving equipment: moving blankets, moving carts, straps, wardrobe boxes (4 per truck), bubble wrap, moving boxes ($), mattress covers (various sizes), floor covers, etc.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture.
  • Assembly.
How to move inexpensively in Montreal

Now you know how to move inexpensively in Montreal.

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