Why many residential movings take place on July 1st?

Moving on July 1st in Montreal

July 1st, which should be the reason to celebrate Canada Day, many celebrate moving day. Several hundred thousand people decide to change their domicile in Quebec on or around July 1. You should know that in Quebec the duration of the housing contract is 1 year. Prior to 1975, the movings were scheduled for May 1st. But then a law was passed that changed the date of the move to July 1st. The government wanted to prevent families with children from moving during the school year. From this point of view, it was decided that the residential moving would take place on July 1st. However, there is no law that would require landlords and tenants to sign the lease on a specific date. But the custom has remained until now.

What are the advantages of moving in Montreal on July 1st?

Firstly, the date of July 1 was chosen to make it easier to move from one residence to another. Secondly, being Canada’s National Day, everyone has a day off. So they don’t have to waste a day’s work to move. Thirdly, traffic is less congested on the streets of Montreal. This makes trips faster and customers who pay by the hour will pay less.

Another advantage, important in fact, is the supply of housing. As many contracts expire on May 30, there are many vacant apartment offers on the market. This allows you to rent an apartment in the neighborhood and at the desired price.

To conclude, a final advantage of moving on July 1 is the fact that you can equip yourself with furniture and appliances at low cost or even for free.

A lot of people sort and get rid of things they no longer use. On the advertising platforms, you can find very good offers. Also, walking in the streets of Montreal, you can equip yourself, for free, with all kinds of things.

Disadvantages of moving to Montreal on July 1st

Of course, moving to Quebec on a specific date also has its drawbacks. One of them would be the financial part. The demand is high and the price is increasing dramatically. If on a normal summer day, the price is 100 – 125 $ / hour for 2 movers and 135 – 155 $ / hour for 3 movers then a move on July 1st costs 225 – 280 $ / hour for 2 movers and 285 – 325 $ / hour for 3 movers.

The price is increased due to additional expenses incurred by the moving company.

Namely, because you have to rent more trucks and hire more movers. Trucks are often unavailable and even if they are, the rental price is double or even triple.

In order to hire more movers, an appeal is made to a recruitment agency, which also offers additional rates.

Another downside to the July 1 move in Montreal is the temperature and humidity, which can be quite high. It takes lots of breaks and lots of fluids to keep up.

At Déménagement Demelina, over time, every month of the year has started to get busy. Some people are flexible precisely to get a better price for a move. However, the months of March to September remain the most popular. In addition, the agenda is quite full in December, when the holidays are on. People prefer to organize their move, especially since they don’t waste their working days.

Moving with a professional moving company

To be sure that the move in large cities such as Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Brossard will be done in the best conditions, it is advisable to use professional movers. Because you can’t always count on the help of friends. Unpredictable changes can occur at any time. Pay attention! During this period, many amateur movers appear, who are not insured against damage or theft. To have peace of mind on moving day, entrust your move to Déménagement Demelina, which is a registered and insured company. Movers will offer you impeccable professional service.

The services of Demelina movers in Montreal and throughout Quebec are at one of the best rates and of the highest quality.

The advantages of contacting Montreal Demelina Moving professionals:
  • Quality work offered by specialized and reliable movers
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Complete equipment for the protection of property
  • Packing / unpacking service
  • Furniture assembly

Different local and long distance moving services

Demelina movers can also handle long distance movings. Such as: moving from Montreal to Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, New Brunswick, Moncton etc.

Déménagement Demelina offers moving services for students and seniors. You will benefit from rates adapted to all budgets.

Discounts are available for moving students in Montreal. Contact us for more details.

To conclude, if you are planning a July 1 moving in Montreal, try to contact a moving company as soon as possible. Just to ensure your reservation and the best moving price in Montreal.

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