5 steps to choosing the best moving services

Choosing the best moving services in Montreal

First of all, it must be said that a moving is not an easy step in life. In most cases, this causes stress and worry. If this is your first time looking for a moving company and you want to make the right choice, you’ve come to the right place.

Déménagement Demelina has prepared the best tips and tricks for you to choose the best movers for your move.

In fact, in this blog post, we intend to help you choose the best moving company or the most experienced movers.

Tips for choosing reliable movers

First of all, these tips apply to both residential, commercial and long distance moving.

1. Make an inventory of things that need to be moved

This way you will know what services you need. Do you have a piano or a safe that you no longer need? Sell ​​it or give it to someone in need. But if you still decide to move it to the new address, let the movers know. Do you want to move a large closet from the bedroom? Or maybe you want to take it apart and put it back together in the new apartment or house? Contact us and we will guide you to quality service at a competitive price.

2. Don’t fall for the ghost moving company

These businesses appear exactly when the season is busiest. Especially during the summer and during the holidays, when most people move houses. These companies include transport companies that specialize in moving only during the busy period. The risk with these companies is that most of the time they don’t have professionals or all the necessary insurance. Also, avoid companies that post ads where only a phone number is listed and require payment to be made in cash. A serious moving company always has a website and offers several payment methods.

3. Choose a safe and quality move

Firstly, if you want to reduce unpleasant surprises, turn to experienced movers. Secondly, check that the moving company is registered with the Commission des transports du Québec and make sure it has all the necessary insurance.

4. Estimate your move

The price of a move is different from compagny to compagny. There are providers who offer fixed prices and hourly prices. In addition, the price of moving your apartment may vary. It depends on the size of the apartment and the volume to be transported, the distance between the addresses and the additional services desired. The price of moving heavy things like the piano or the pool table is calculated separately. We recommend that you request quotes from multiple companies and choose the best one. Note, however, that the best deal does not always have the lowest price.

5. Request a detailed written quote.

You can also ask a professional mover to come to your home. So the mover will take stock of the things to be moved and will provide you with a detailed estimate. Most often, the home visit is made when it comes to a long-distance move.

6. Check the company’s reputation on the Internet

To ensure the quality and professionalism of the movers, check out the company’s reviews on Google Maps and Facebook. Then this will give you an idea about the chosen movers. Plus, recommendations from family or friends work great. So ask around if you know someone or if they have benefited from the services of a specialist.

7. Make sure the moving company has all the necessary insurance

A fairly important factor in choosing the moving team is insurance. So don’t be embarrassed to inquire about the value of insurance offered when moving. It will be easier to take advantage of the insurance in case the mover damages the furniture.

With confidence in this adventure – the move!

In short, gather information, ask questions, compare quotes and only then you will find the best mover. Finally, take the time you need and don’t rush into choosing a supplier.

Choosing the best moving services

We hope you take these tips into account when choosing a mover.

If you need more information about the move, please do not hesitate to contact Demenagement Demelina.

It is a registered and insured company that offers many low cost moving services, delivery and assembly services.

5 steps to choosing the best moving services