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Are you planning a moving Sainte-Rose?

Recently, more and more people are moving from Montreal to Sainte-Rose. And that’s because they bought a house or changed jobs. Either they want more peace of mind. Or they love the atmosphere of small villages and ancestral homes in Quebec. In addition, the fact that the Sainte-Rose district is located quite close to Highway 15 and Boulevard des Laurentides, makes it quite attractive even for those who live in Sainte-Rose and work in Montreal or vice versa.

We realize that you are eager to move into your new home in Sainte-Rose. But for everything to go well and to remain calm throughout the moving, it takes more than enthusiasm. Firstly, you need a list of essentials and a moving plan. Secondly, you need a kit with the essential moving tools and materials. For example: boxes, bags, bubble wrap etc. Finally, of course, it takes time and patience to be able to organize properly.

Moving to Sainte-Rose with a specialized moving company

You have thought carefully about each point of your plan ? You have decided to stay in good shape both psychologically and physically and to contact movers specializing in moving ?

We can assure you that you made the right choice. Because how a moving professional from Déménagement Demelina organizes and executes the Sainte-Rose moving, no one can do it.

You can therefore choose whether you want a complete/all-inclusive moving or an economical moving. Both offers will have a guaranteed good price. The movers we hire in our company have at least 3 years of experience in the field of residential, commercial and long distance moving.

They are more than movers. They are punctual, always in a good mood, good organizers of time, respectful and understanding with customers, etc.

In addition, they treat each moving as their own and therefore offer the best possible service. The greatest satisfaction for them is the positive feedback on Google but also the customer’s recommendation.

Efficient and Safe Moving Services in Sainte-Rose, Laval

The Demelina Moving team specializes in various residential moving services : furniture, houses, chalets, apartments, commercial moving : business offices, restaurants, daycare centers, moving heavy and bulky equipment, etc.

For maximum success, we use the most efficient and modern furniture moving equipment. For example: moving blankets, 2 or 4 foot boxes, wardrobe boxes, mattress bags, bubble wrap, straps removal tools, trolleys for safe transport, etc.

In addition to moving services, our movers are also experts in dismantling and assembling kitchen furniture, living rooms, dressing rooms, beds, bedside tables and more.

They are also competent in moving and assembling pool tables, gym equipment, moving upright or grand pianos, etc.

We provide fast services, with the highest security standards and the best value for money on the market. Moving day will be one of the best days, only with Moving Montreal Demelina.

Competitive prices for moving to Sainte-Rose, Laval

Who doesn’t like low prices? Without realizing it, we are programmed to react to offers of very low moving prices. But we realize later that we did not make a cheap choice at all. Here the conclusion is obvious. Today, it is no longer common to only run after low moving prices. Try to prioritize quality and you will automatically change your attitude towards low prices and misleading offers. And besides, you will not encounter unexpected situations.

At Montreal Demelina Moving, a registered and insured company, we take care to responsibly set the prices for our services and offer the best deals to our customers. When we say good offers, we mean that we have very good moving prices in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore compared to other moving companies in the Quebec region.

We have no hidden prices or details that we don’t want you to know and we objectively set the amount you will have to pay at the end, without tricks or secrets.

Benefit from a good price as well as efficiency and tailor-made moving solutions, whether you are an individual or a contractor.

Long distance moving from or to Sainte-Rose, Laval

We offer a wide and varied range of long-distance moving services from Sainte-Rose to Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Moncton, Gaspésie, Sherbrooke, etc. All these services are built to meet the needs of our customers.

The price of a long distance moving is low, affordable and linked to the quality of the services rendered. It depends on the following factors: the distance between addresses, the volume and weight of the objects, the number of movers needed.

In most cases, to transport furniture over a long distance from Sainte-Rose, it is necessary to dismantle it for transport in good conditions. Disassembled furniture will be wrapped in special materials and protective covers. The reassembly of the furniture is also the responsibility of our movers.

We will choose the moving truck according to the volume of goods to be transported, thus assigning a truck of 22, 24 feet or 20, 18 feet.

Demelina Moving is the most advantageous alternative when it comes to local Montreal moving or long distance moving, from the initial address to the final address.

Our satisfaction comes from the successful completion of your moving projects.

Depending on your requirements and needs, as well as the time you want to devote to moving in Montreal or long distance, we will find the most effective moving solution together.

Contact us now for a free moving quote from Sainte-Rose or to Sainte-Rose, Laval.