Organize a commercial or business moving in Montreal

Are you planning to organize a commercial or corporate moving in Montreal in the near future? There are different factors that involve an office moving. In particular: increase in workspace, too expensive rent, or premises not suited to the activity of the company. Whatever the reason for the moving, it doesn’t have to be stressful at all. Then if you plan and organize ahead, you’ll get around with peace of mind. It will not disrupt the activities of employees or your business. Here are some solutions for getting organized and successfully moving your business in Canada.

A good opportunity to sort things out

You probably have electronics or other items in your office that you no longer need. It would be a shame to carry all these unnecessary items during a move. Also, a move allows documents to be stored on the shelves according to their importance. If you want to replace some furniture, now is the perfect time to do it.

Start packing things in an organized way

Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing. Start by packing the things that you use the least. Avoid making boxes that are too heavy. Make sure you identify them to make it easier to find important documents. In addition, you can write the word fragile on the boxes, so that more attention is paid to the move. Provide a box for your essential and / or precious documents.

Take pictures of electronic connections

Connections from all devices in the office can give you headaches. So take a picture so that you can reproduce these connections in the new location.

Change address and subscriptions

If you want to avoid losing or delaying your mail, change your address a few weeks before your moving. It is very important to inform your Internet provider of the change of address to ensure that the connection will be operational as soon as you reach the new address. If these details are not anticipated, they can have serious consequences for your business.

Inform employees of the moving

Communication with staff is very important and is the key to a successful move. This way they will feel important and taken care of.

Plan to inform customers of the change of address

Do your customers visit you at the company address? So don’t forget to let them know about this change.

Organizing a long distance moving in Montreal

Opt for the services of a professional commercial moving company

You are not equipped to move your business to Montreal? So hire a serious moving company with reliable movers who specialize in commercial moving. Even if this involves additional costs, you will avoid injury to yourself or damage to furniture or other items. The advantage of hiring professional movers in the Montreal area to move heavy furniture and fragile equipment is that they have experience in commercial moving and that they are very well equipped.

By using moving companies such as Déménagement Demelina, you will be reassured that the move is taking place in the best possible conditions. They can handle it from A to Z and at a good price-performance ratio. Namely, they can pack everything in sturdy cartons so that they are well protected. Very quickly, they will load, transport and unload everything in the new office. Remember that if it is not possible to access the new location, Déménagement Demelina can offer you a suitable storage space.

Take advantage of the best commercial moving price

Prices for commercial moving services vary depending on the time of year. If possible, choose the moving date outside of “high season” to benefit from a reduced rate.

We hope you will find the tips we have given you on moving the business useful. But if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 438 989 8639. You will receive valuable and free consultations.

Good moving !