Furniture assembly in Montreal with professional assemblers

Best furniture assembly service in Montreal

Furniture assembly is often a difficult task that can create a nervous breakdown but also requires a lot of knowledge and patience.

However, make your job easier by calling on the assembly, dismantling and installation services of furniture and offices from Déménagement et Assemblage Demelina. Your items will be packed easily and practically the next day, at a time that suits you. In addition, our turnkey service will take care of missing or defective parts, if any.

So you don’t have to sacrifice your precious weekend to assemble IKEA furniture or Wazo Supplies, Brick, Brault et Martineau, Structube, Costco.

Price of furniture assembly in Montreal

The price of assembling a desk or other piece of furniture in your home or business is $45/h for 1 assembler, $75/h for 2 assemblers and $115/h for 3 assemblers, for a minimum of 2 hours of work and 1 hour of transport. You can book our service for the assembly of any type of furniture, whether purchased online or in store.

Rest assured that the furniture will be assembled and disassembled by our qualified technicians. Simply contact us to discuss the work to be done and to confirm all the details, including the date and time when it is convenient for you to carry out the work. Our assembly experts will therefore be available the next day.

Payment for the assembly service will only be made after the work has been carried out.

Most often we assemble the following pieces of furniture:

  • Assembling bedroom set, kitchen, chest of drawers, small furniture
  • Installation and assembly of office furniture
  • Assembly and disassembly of PAX-cabinets
  • Furniture installation at home or business
  • Urgent or last minute furniture assembly.
Furniture assembly Montreal
Home office assembly

Due to the current pandemic situation, we are all spending more and more time at home. Additionally, many have started working from home. Also, the children receive an education at home. So it’s time to equip yourself with a new comfortable desk to work with pleasure.

Regardless of the type of desk you choose and the difficulty of the task, Demelina assemblers will be equipped with all the necessary materials to quickly assemble the table, chair and bookcase you need. This way, you will enjoy your workspace as quickly as possible.

Note that our assembly service is also offered to businesses. Whether you are buying new offices for your employees or moving from one location to another, benefit from the assembly and moving experience of Demelina Moving. We will put all your furniture back on its feet, regardless of the type or model. Our expertise in assembling and dismantling furniture is our best asset.

Installing and assembling Pax

Our technicians are PAX assembly specialists. Whether it was custom-made, purchased online or in a furniture store, we assemble it in record time. Being expensive furniture, trust only specially trained assemblers for this type of installation.

Garden furniture assembly

Not being a professional, the assembly of garden furniture can easily steal a few hours. But why not cook up a BBQ and call your friends over to visit while we put the furniture together.

Assembly of car shelters/carport

Know that we install and uninstall all types of temporary winter car shelters. We install the structure, as well as the canvas, the wirelock bindings and the flap. If you do not have enough space, we offer you one of our secure warehouses. You will be able to keep the shelter there until the installation of the next season, at minimal costs.

Installing furniture

You wouldn’t want cabinet doors installed the wrong way round! So, for a guarantee of quality, entrust the assembly of your furniture to the professional installers of Déménagement Demelina.

Delivery of Ikea, Brick, Costco, Maison Corbeil, Economax furniture

We offer the delivery service of small and large furniture for both residential and commercial as well as for long distances.

Moving Services

In addition to all furniture assembly services, we also offer moving services in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Brossard, Quebec, Toronto, New Brunswick, Gaspésie. We offer the best fixed or hourly prices for residential, commercial, senior moving, student moving, last minute moving, luxury moving. We also have promotions/discounts outside of the moving season. This is why you should contact us immediately.

Moving heavy objects

Need to move a heavy or bulky object like a piano, a safe or pool table? Demelina movers are ready to meet all your expectations. Because the security of all your items that we transport is at the heart of our business.

Why choose our assembly and moving services?

Because we want more people to benefit from our services, we travel throughout Greater Montreal, South Shore and North Shore.

Have you been convinced that you should contact us to assemble and move furniture in Montreal and anywhere in Quebec or Ontario?

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