5 things to do before the movers arrive

We want to help you have an organized and quick move, so we recommend 5 things to do before the movers arrive.

Have you determined your moving date and selected a qualified, affordable moving company that is a member of the Commission de transport du Québec?

Well done! The first and most important step has been taken.

The movers will do most of the work. You will only have to prepare the house so that the movers can work easily and quickly and guide them through the moving process.

If you want to benefit from a cheap qualitative move/economic move, you have to take care of some tasks.

In addition to moving costs, plan a small moving budget to purchase professional packing materials, such as boxes, tape, paper.

But as the packing of the boxes takes a lot of time, you have of course the possibility of entrusting it to the movers, thus benefiting from a top-of-the-range service (turnkey service).

Note that the more involved you are in the move, the more you reduce moving costs. But you will also save time, which will allow you to get to your new accommodation more quickly.

What should you do before the movers arrive?

5 things to do before the movers arrive

1. Pack moving boxes efficiently – pack anything that can be packed.

First of all, before packing, take an inventory of the things you don’t need so that you only take what you need to the new home. Choose boxes of different sizes and hardnesses: small boxes for fragile and heavy objects, large boxes for bulky objects, large bags for clothes, hard plastic boxes for tools, dishes, etc.

Also use bubble wrap and crumpled paper to wrap and protect fragile objects: glass objects, paintings, mirrors, lamps.

Do not overfill your boxes so that they are easy to lift from the ground and do not break during transport. Indicate on the boxes (on the side) their destination room, it will be easy for the movers. Also, put a *fragile* and *heavy* label on the boxes that require it.

Before the movers arrive, put all the boxes closer to the front door of the house. This will allow movers

to save time.

2. Disassemble your furniture.

To start, it is important to empty the dresser drawers and all the cupboards. This will not only reduce the weight of the furniture, but also avoid the risk of unbalancing the mover.

After that, dismantle bulky furniture or furniture that does not go out or fit through the door, for example: beds, large wardrobes/PAX, modular furniture, etc. You can put the screws in a zip lock then put them in one of the drawers to avoid losing them or getting them tangled.

To speed up the process, remove anything attached to the wall, such as wall shelves, wall bed, curtain rods.

Empty and unplug the fridge, the freezer (reconnect them 24 hours after transport), the dishwasher, the washer, the dryer.

3. Clear hallways and entrances.

Notify neighbors of your moving plan. In this way, they will organize themselves and not interfere with entrances and exits. Clear the main entrance and the hallway so that the movers can easily move around to transport furniture and objects.

In the case of the winter period, it is extremely important to ensure that the entrance and the exterior stairs are cleared of snow so that the movers can work safely.

4. Book the elevator and a parking space for the moving truck.

When moving, time is very precious. If your accommodation is located in a building with an elevator, plan to book it.

In the same vein, if you want to save time, consider providing safe and strategic parking spaces for the moving truck, ideally as close as possible to your apartment, house or business.

If necessary, apply for a parking permit from the city for the moving truck, or ask the neighbors at the departure and arrival address to offer you parking spaces for the day of the move. If you live in the city center, it is important that this is not overlooked.

5. Remove the front doors.

There are many cases where a piece of furniture fits easily through the door of one house, but in another house it cannot enter at all.

You can measure your furniture and objects and also the places where they will have to pass. If necessary, remove the front doors. This will make it easier to move large objects. Have no fear, the doors are easy to put back in place.

Sometimes, due to very narrow entrances, corridors, stairs, transporting furniture can be difficult or even impossible. This can easily ruin the moving day. But fortunately, professional movers, such as those from Déménagement Demelina, for example, can help you with this complex operation by transporting bulky furniture through the window.

Finally, go around all the rooms and make sure you don’t forget anything.

In short, stay calm and prepare the move in advance, do not leave everything for the last minute. Thus, good planning and a team of experienced movers will make the moving period enjoyable, which will mark the beginning of a new adventure in a new house.

Happy moving!