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Are you a student and do you have a small budget to move? Demelina Moving, thought of you! Take advantage of our package specially for you, and move at a low price! For your move from Montreal to Toronto, our team of specialists guarantees you a quality service that meets your expectations. Between your lessons and your student evenings, can’t you find time to pack dishes, books, television, or bulky items? No problem, our moving company takes care of everything. Our movers are recognized for their quality services, their speed, their respect for places, their good, meticulous service and their courtesy. Rest assured of a simple and carefree long distance move.

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Moving is not easy for anyone. First, it is a project that requires a lot of investment, both in terms of planning and administration. The emotional dimension of an elderly person’s move should also be considered. Indeed, admitting that we have to leave our living environment to go and live in a place that, however, will ultimately please us, is not easy. Professional movers who listen to your needs One of the benefits of using our professionals is knowing you are in good hands. We want to satisfy our customers, and this is among other things what contributes to our good reputation.
Do you live in the Montreal area and are you moving to Toronto? Or are you staying in the Toronto area and moving to Montreal? You are in the right place!   Among the important events that occur in life, we can note the move. It’s a bit like meeting the unknown, thrilling and exciting, except that we do not control all the parameters, where does the stress or anxiety await at the turn. The move occurs in many contexts, different from one case to another: the family is growing, we bought a house, we want to allow a new start, we changed the work station, we get closer to a particular person …
Whatever the reason for the move and the destination, the important thing is to experience a move with as little trauma as possible. And so it is always recommended to use professional movers even when it comes to local, long distance or small move.   Moving to Toronto? Good choice!   Toronto is the best city in the world to live by six important standards: business environment, cost of living, habitability, security, food security and democracy. The first row represents the combined score of the six indices.

Here are the highlights from each of the categories that contributed to ranking first overall in Toronto.

  1. Toronto benefits from Canada’s business-friendly environment
  2. Toronto’s cost of living remains relatively low
  3. Toronto named North America’s safest city
  4. Toronto enjoys Canada’s world-class food safety system
  5. Canadians enjoy political rights and freedom
Moving is not always easy to manage. But moving more than 300 km away is an additional stress. Entrusting your Montreal – Toronto move to professional movers is an interesting solution and allows you to carry out your move in the best conditions. Using a reliable professional mover allows you to be assured of the transport of your goods and furniture and to have the guarantee that they arrive at their destination and in excellent condition. It is also the best way to offload all the services that it incurs while benefiting from the professionalism of the mover you have chosen.   A long-distance move involves a change of address to a place more than 300 km from your current place of residence. It is not easy to live and manage such a distance since there are several parameters to consider such as transport costs, including tolls or fuel. Managing a long-distance move by yourself can face several problems …
How to ensure that it does not cost too much?
Trust a professional mover for your move from Montreal to Toronto   Entrusting your Montreal – Toronto move to moving professionals is a very interesting option. Our teams agree to support you in each stage of your move and will give you the best advice (choice of service, choice of dates, necessary formalities, etc.).

To reduce the costs of your move from Montreal to Toronto

You can take various initiatives to reduce the costs of your Montreal – Toronto move, including:

  • Book your moving company as soon as possible and plan your move well. This may save you many costs associated with resources deployed at the last minute;Bring only the goods you will need with you.
  • Why not make a garage sale or make a donation before you start packing your stuff? The smaller the volume of your goods, the less expensive your move should be.
  • Avoid weekends, school vacation periods and public holidays;
  • Avoid moving companies that require payment in cash and do not accept other payment methods, or those that require payment of the balance before the move;
  • Avoid moving companies that do not have liability insurance.

GROUPED MOVING for a Montreal – Toronto move

Are you planning to move to Toronto and you find that you have just a few things to transport? So maybe the grouped move could save you a lot. The principle: associate yourself with other people with little property to move. We are ourselves who, at your request, can try to find a person who wants to go to the same area as you, at the same time as you. We also take care of the organization of the big day, the time at which we will pick up your goods and furniture, etc. This will allow you to separate the costs of the move with someone who is in the same situation as you. The distance to be covered, the starting point and the volume of goods shared will however influence the total of the invoice. If you don’t want to pack, we understand. You can hire our movers to manage all your packaging. Need to store your things? We can help you with that too. If you don’t take everything with you when you move, or if you don’t have room for all your personal belongings in your new location in town, we can help you find the local storage center that’s right for you. If you’re moving out of town, our connections to self-storage facilities will help you find a quality location at a great price. Contact us to find out more about storing your items during or after your move.

If you move without driving one of your vehicles, our movers can arrange for your vehicle to arrive at your new location safely. Our service is fully insured and our commitment to ensuring that your valuables arrive in the state they were in also applies to your car. We put all our experience and know-how to make your life easier. We will pack all your goods with the utmost care, without breakage or damage thanks to our suitable and resistant packaging material.Whether you are leaving from Montreal to Toronto or from Toronto to Montreal, we will accompany you at all stages and are at your disposal 7 days a week, even on public holidays, to adapt to your busy schedule. We offer you a completely personalized move, whatever the nature and volume of the goods to be packed and transported, as well as the distance to be covered.

As a reminder, here are the services that are related to the move:

  1. The packaging;
  2. Dismantling of furniture;
  3. Transportation;
  4. Storage;
  5. Unpacking;
  6. The reassembly of furniture.

If you do not have the time or experience to pack your goods and your furniture, our professional movers from Montreal to Toronto will be happy to do it for you.It should not be forgotten that the move can also affect commercial and industrial companies and not only individuals. These companies can also benefit from a high-end move with regard to their move.   If the move is taken care of by professionals, each of your goods and furniture is covered by insurance. In addition, entrusting professional movers with your move to or from Toronto saves you time but also energy to devote yourself to other activities.

Essential Moving Equipment

We provide you with moving trucks that comply with the standards of the Commission des transports du Québec that meet the highest requirements of the trucking industry. We offer you different sizes of trucks: 22, 20 and 18 feet, clean and well equipped with everything you need for a successful move:

  • Cardboard box (for mirror, tableware etc)
  • Wardrobe box (storage for clothes)
  • Plastic packaging
  • Tape
  • Mattress bag (different sizes)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Covers

We also have all the necessary equipment to move fragile goods, such as pianos, pool tables, works of art …

When moving pianos and heavy objects, it is very important to protecting them from anything that may constitute a danger to them (scratch, breakage, etc.) but also of protecting the other surrounding structures from their impact.   It should be noted that it is recommended to provide  professional movers with as much information as possible about departure and destination addresses. Informing them in this way allows them to determine the tools to use throughout the move.   Our goal is to offer our customers better value for money. Our commitment to them is solid and this sets us apart from the competition. In addition, there will be no « hidden » costs added to the prices given to you, as we do not abuse our customers.
Don’t forget that you can save money with Demelina Moving by moving between the 10th and the 20th of each month!
Take advantage of our Montreal – Ottawa – Toronto – Cornwall – Kingston moving service now at competitive prices !!!   Traveling to Toronto has additional questions to ask. Ask everything in writing, email or text.
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