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Do you live in the Toronto area and you are moving to Montreal? Or are you staying in the Montreal area and you moving to Toronto? You are in the right place!   Moving from Toronto to Montreal or other Canada city sometimes can be a hard decision. If you were living in one city for a long time, you may be leaving great memories, friends or family behind. We are able to offer you services that meet your needs, based in particular on the budget you plan to allocate to this event. Among the important events that occur in life, we can note the move.   It’s a bit like meeting the unknown, thrilling and exciting, except that we do not control all the parameters, stress or anxiety that await at the turn. The move occurs in many contexts, different from one case to another: the family is growing, we bought a house, we want to allow a new start, we changed the work station, we get closer to a particular person …   Whatever the reason for the move and the destination, the important thing is to experience a move with as little trauma as possible. And so it is always recommended to use professional movers even when it comes to local, long distance or small move.   Using a reliable professional mover allows you to be assured of the transport of your goods and furniture and to have the guarantee that they arrive at their destination in excellent condition. It is also the best way to offload all the services that it incurs while benefiting from the professionalism of the mover you have chosen.

Moving to Montreal from Toronto? Good choice!

Montreal’s greatest strength is undoubtedly its entrepreneurial spirit. The city does a lot to encourage young people to start their businesses. Another strong indicator is low-cost education. Many people want to come to Montreal mainly for the quality of life and for job opportunities. The cost of moving Toronto to Montreal depends on several reasons. If you do not have many possessions, you can move to another city easily. Buying a bus, train or plane ticket is all you need. If transportation of furniture and all the things in the apartment or house is necessary, the cost depends on the size of the place. Whether you are leaving from Toronto to Montreal or from Montreal to Toronto, our movers will be at your house at the very start of the day so your move will be completed without problems in the same day.

DEMELINA MOVING offers several moving services from Toronto to Montreal:

As a reminder, here are the services that are related to the move:

  • The packaging
  • Dismantling of furniture
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Unpacking
  • The reassembly of furniture.
If you do not have the time or experience to pack your goods and furniture, our professional movers from Toronto to Montreal will be happy to do it for you. Moving from Toronto to Montreal will be easy, as we have all the necessary equipment, we will provide packing and unpacking services and clean, well-maintained moving trucks.

Commercial/industrial moving from Toronto to Montreal

It should not be forgotten that the move can also affect commercial and industrial companies and not only individuals. DEMELINA commercial movers are the best trained and the most experienced specialists for every kind of commercial and industrial move.
Your business will benefit from our high standards of quality and from the inssurance that you are working with professional commercial movers who are prepared for any task… Our proffessionals commercial movers will also execute your relocation quickly and carefully, so your business can get up and work again.
That’s why commercial relocation services at Demelina Moving Company are available during the weekends, in the evenings and overnight. If the move is taken care of by professionals, each of your goods and furniture is covered by insurance.
Entrusting professional movers with your move from or to Toronto saves you time but also energy to devote yourself to other activities. We move all size of apartments, houses, condos, and we take care of commercial move, office, business and corporation. We are restaurant and hotel moving experts.
Also, we move from Montreal to Toronto your upright or grand piano; we offer a special moving service for pool and snooker tables.

Our moving trucks

We provide you different sizes of moving trucks(22, 20 and 18 feet) that are regularly inspected, and meet the highest requirements of the trucking industry and meet the norms of the Quebec Commission of Transport.

We also provide you all the necessary equipment and moving supplies for a successful move:

  • Blankets
  • Dollies
  • Straps
  • Wardrobe box (clothes storage)
  • Cardboard box (for mirror, tableware etc)
  • Plastic packaging
  • Tape
  • Mattress bag (different sizes)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Bubble wrap

Piano Moving Services Toronto to Montreal

We are experienced in providing high quality long distance piano moving services from Toronto to Montreal or to Toronto from Montreal. We are a professional piano moving company that meets all of your piano needs! Our professionals movers are specially trained to move all types of pianos and have the necessary equipment to protect and move your piano safely and securely. We can move all types of pianos, from uprights to keyboard to grand pianos. Pianos are heavy instruments and it’s important to protecting them from anything that may constitute a danger to them but also to protecting the other surrounding structures from their impact. Each type of piano has a different ideal methodology when it comes to moving them. Our proffessionals movers will protect your piano with cushioned moving blankets and then stretch wrapped with protective plastic wrap to protect it from moisture and humidity during transport.

Pool Tables Toronto to Montreal . Moving and Install Service

If you’re moving a pool table, you should even consider hiring professionals to do the job. Why? Because moving a pool table is no joke. Not only is a pool table one of the heaviest items a person can own, but it also requires a long and tedious disassembly process when moving. Pool tables can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. Their bulkiness and weight make them a particularly difficult item to move. For these reasons, it’s especially important to get as much help as you can when moving a pool table. We strongly recommend hiring professional movers to handle all aspects of the disassembly, moving and reassembly of the pool table. Our Toronto and Montreal pool table movers and installers have the skills and experience and will provide the care, know-how, and attention to detail. Contact us at any time for more information about our piano and pool table movers.

Student Moving

If you are a student and you want to move and you don’t have a lot of money to spend, call us and we will give you an affordable quote for your moving. Our team of professionally trained move experts will handle every last detail for you, so you can just relax while we do the heavy lifting. We’ll sort, pack, load, transport, unload, unpack, and place all your belongings just the way you want them. Our professional moving service takes the moving stress away from the students. DEMELINA Moving offers student moving discounts in Montreal and long distance moves to other cities such as Toronto and Quebec. Give us a call 438 989 8639 and find out how we can assist with all of your student moving needs today!

Moving Services for Seniors

Moving is not easy for anyone. First, it is a project that requires a lot of investment, both in terms of planning and administration. The emotional dimension of an elderly person’s move should also be considered. Indeed, admitting that we have to leave our living environment to go and live in a place that, however, will ultimately please us, is not easy. Professional movers who listen to your needs One of the benefits of using our professionals is knowing you are in good hands. We want to satisfy our customers, and this is among other things what contributes to our good reputation.

Discounts on your move for the Golden Age !!! We offer discounts for seniors who move. It is therefore worthwhile to inquire and obtain a quote.
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What’s the cost of moving from Toronto to Montreal?

The cost depends on several reasons. Call us 438 989 8639 to get best rate for your move. Make your moving day less stressful with professional movers! When choosing Toronto to Montreal movers, make sure to ask lots of questions about moving price not to run into any surprises later on. Reputable long distance moving companies will let you know upfront about all of the costs, so be wary of moving companies that try to hide something from you. The price of longue distance moving services or moving in general also fluctuates throughout the year. Price for moving services is cheaper during the offseason in winter and gets pricier in the spring, so be conscientious about your budget, and all the tariffs involved. Long distance moving companies in Canada with low prices are less likely to be professional movers and may try to stretch out time, or inflate the rate halfway through the move. To avoid paying more for residential moving companies than you expect, make sure to get the tariffs you are quoted in writing. Our goal is to offer our customers better value for money. Our commitment to them is solid and it sets us apart from the competition. In addition, there will be no “hidden” costs added to the prices given to you, as we do not abuse our customers. Don’t forget that you can save money with DEMELINA Moving by moving between the 10th and the 20th of each month!

Take advantage of our Montreal – Ottawa – Toronto – Cornwall – Kingston moving service NOW at competitive prices !!!

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