Montreal Prestige Moving

Montreal Prestige Moving – it’s the most complete moving. We take care of the quasi-integrality of your move. Your involvement in your move is very limited, which is ideal for clients who have little time to devote to their moving.

On the charge of the movers

  • Dismantling and reassembly of furniture;
  • Protection under bed covers;
  • Packaging and unpacking your fragile objects (large frames and paintings, mirrors, statues, lamps, televisions, computers);
  • Undercover coverage of all your furniture;
  • Installation of furniture according to your requirements in your new home;
  • Loading, transport, forwarding and unloading.
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Montreal Residential Moving

Additional options included

  1. Packing and unpacking recycled boxes, your fragile objects (trinkets, glassware and small frames);
  2. Packaging and unpacking (recycled plastic boxes) of your dishes;
  3. Packaging and unpacking your non-fragile items (books, CDs, DVDs, toys, household linen);
  4. Packaging your non-fragile miscellaneous items and personal belongings (papers, small linen, linen);
  5. Disconnection and connection of computers, wi-fi and television;
  6. Unpacking of clothes on hangers;
  7. Recovery and recycling of all materials and packaging.

On the charge of the customer or option modifiable on request:

  • Unpacking cartons « non-fragile items and personal belongings »;
  • Fixing frames and tables to the walls.