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Discount For Students

It is known, the student budget is tight and finding economical solutions to move is not a luxury! If you are a student looking to move, calling movers who adapt to small budgets is the optimal solution and at low cost! At Demelina Moving, we work every day to provide students with simple, complete and economical solutions! Whether you are moving to a student residence, a shared apartment or a studio, it is easier to hire professional movers, because they will take care of everything, at a very competitive price! Moving companies adapt to this specific request and offer you all-inclusive packages that allow you not to worry about packing materials, truck rental or even access difficulties. In addition, the know-how and experience of the mover will allow you to move your goods safely and save time.

How to reduce your moving costs?

Demelina Moving  informs you about the different possibilities available to you in order to adopt simple and economical solutions. For several years now, we have been offering students solutions adapted to their budget to better and better meet their needs. Choose a date during the week rather than at the weekend: the prices are more affordable. Prices for movers are particularly high in summer. If possible, avoid this period if you use a service provider. If you choose the economic formula, you reduce the cost of labor, since the movers will only take care of loading, transporting and unloading your goods. The packaging of cartons, the disassembly and reassembly of your furniture will be your responsibility. You will have the inssurance of a serene move, organized by professionals who will take care of your business, who will master the techniques of loading and unloading and who will ensure the safety of your goods.

Group move

An advantageous solution in terms of cost for a student move is group travel. This type of transport allows you to combine several moves located in the same direction as yours. The transport costs are shared between the customers which induces a considerable reduction in the cost of your move. By combining an economic formula and a type of group transport, you will get a move at an attractive price. A professional solution for every budget.

Price for a student move

Many students choose to move on their own by renting a van and helping their loved ones, but that doesn’t mean there are no costs! On the contrary, as with any move, transport and logistical costs will have to be taken into account. Hiring a pickup truck is sometimes more expensive than moving it out with the help of movers who will take care of it faster. You save time and money!   * We have liability insurance for the transported goods.

How to calculate the price of your student move?

The cost of a student move depends on several factors:
  • The volume to be moved
  • The distance to travel
  • The floors (presence or absence of the elevator)
  • Additional services: transport of heavy objects such as a piano …

Long distance student move

It is not always easy to move alone if you have to travel long distances! Likewise, are you counting on your friends to help you, but do they withdraw at the last moment? Or are you moving from Montreal to Toronto, Quebec or to Ottawa? In this case, it is much more advantageous to use professional movers, to take care of your move, they will execute it quickly, without having to worry about all these logistical and administrative aspects.

Controlled budget and practical service make Demelina Moving, a committed partner for student moving!
  So don’t wait any longer and contact us now to take note of our multiple service offers and to obtain more information on your student move, or last minute move, small move, long distance move or even an assembly or installation .

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