Eco-friendly moving with Demelina Moving: Reduce your carbon footprint with our eco-friendly movers

At Demelina Moving, as a Montreal-based moving company, we firmly believe in a greener future. We’re proud to introduce our unique eco-responsible moving approach, reducing your carbon footprint during the transition to your new home.

As responsible Montreal movers, we understand the challenges, including last-minute relocations in Montreal. That’s why we offer comprehensive moving insurance for your peace of mind.

Why choose an eco-fiendly move with us?

Moving is a significant moment in your life, whether it’s a residential or commercial move in Montreal or beyond. However, it can have a significant impact on the environment, whether it’s a short-distance move in Montreal or a long-distance move to Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, New Brunswick, or other destinations. Every step, including fuel consumption, packaging and waste management, can increase your carbon footprint. However, Demelina Moving offers eco-friendly options for a quality and cost-effective move. We are committed to providing affordable residential and commercial moving services throughout Quebec and Ontario.

Our eco-friendly movers at your service

Our residential and commercial movers go beyond being just professionals. They receive special training to handle your belongings carefully, reducing the risk of damage and optimizing space in the moving truck. Whether it’s a small move in Montreal or a larger one, their expertise results in fewer trips, fewer emissions, and a smaller carbon footprint.

At Demelina Moving, we understand that trust and the cost of moving are essential when choosing movers. That’s why we are committed to providing trustworthy movers at the best prices in Montreal. We are proud to be one of the most economical moving companies in Montreal, offering quality services at competitive rates. Whether you need residential or business movers in Montreal, we are here to provide you with reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly service.

Use of environmentally-friendly packaging materials

We offer comprehensive and partial packing services in Montreal, performed by our professional packers because we understand that quality packing is essential for a stress-free move. Our Montreal moving company is committed to providing high-quality and affordable packaging that meets all your needs.

We exclusively use recyclable packaging materials to protect your belongings during transport, whether it’s furniture or household appliances. Cardboard boxes are made from recycled materials, and our packaging is designed to be reusable, significantly reducing unnecessary waste. With our Montreal packing professionals, your move can be environmentally friendly without compromising service quality.

Eco-friendly transportation

eco-friendly moving trucks

At Demelina Moving, we offer budget-friendly moving trucks driven by industry experts because we know that selecting professional movers is vital for a stress-free move. Our trucks feature the latest eco-friendly engines and come at competitive prices

Whether you need to move furniture and appliances or are looking for a home furniture delivery solution in Montreal, our team of professional movers is here to serve you. We are committed to delivering high-quality service while reducing our carbon footprint through our eco-friendly trucks.

With Demelina Moving, you can move with peace of mind, knowing that environmentally-conscious experts are handling your move.

Sorting, reuse, and recycling

When planning your residential or commercial move, responsible management of your belongings is crucial. As an experienced moving company, we prioritize sorting, reusing, and recycling for an eco-friendly move in Montreal.

For an affordable and eco-conscious move, consider these steps:

First, during the sorting process, you can choose to donate or recycle items you no longer need. Whether it’s furniture, appliances, or special items like pianos or pool tables, our specialized movers are here to help. We understand the value of these items and are committed to handling them with care.

By collaborating with our experienced moving company, you will receive expert advice on how to efficiently sort your belongings, reducing the quantity of unnecessary items you take to your new home. This not only reduces clutter but also contributes to minimizing your overall carbon footprint.

Group moving: Reduce your impact

To achieve an economical and environmentally friendly move, consider the option of group moving, also known as groupage moving in Montreal. Whether you are preparing for a local move in Montreal or a long-distance move to other destinations, this option allows you to significantly reduce your environmental impact while saving on moving costs.

By collaborating with our experienced movers, you will share the same route with others undergoing similar moves. This collaboration reduces the number of trucks on the road, thereby reducing air pollution and contributing to the preservation of our planet. Furthermore, this intelligent approach also leads to reduced prices for long-distance and local moves, resulting in reduced costs for participants in long-distance moves.

Our Montreal movers have received special training to coordinate these group moves, whether for local moves in Montreal or long-distance moves to other regions. They ensure a smooth process from planning to execution while optimizing efficiency.

Opting for group moving in Montreal is not only an environmentally conscious decision but also an economical option that reduces moving costs for all participants.

Energy savings in your new home

Once you are settled into your new home, whether in Montreal or elsewhere, we encourage you to adopt energy-efficient practices. Choose LED bulbs, install a programmable thermostat, and ensure your home is well insulated. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also lower your energy bills.

The benefits of our eco-friendly approach

  1. Personal satisfaction: You move knowing that you are making a positive contribution to protecting the planet.
  2. Financial savings: Fewer trips mean lower fuel costs and a lighter moving bill.
  3. Protection of your belongings: Our expertise in eco-responsible moving means that your belongings are in good hands, whether it’s furniture or appliances delivery.

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Eco-friendly moving
Eco-friendly moving

With Demelina Moving, an eco-friendly move becomes a reality, a meaningful gesture for the planet.


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